2017: The Year in Review – Part 2

Our year in review continues, and this entry encapsulates four months, including the big summer break I took for the first time since this website was created in 2003. While it’s a labor of love, it’s still a labor, and that break was integral to its survival. Plus, you won’t even notice that some of July and all of August are missing, will you?

April 2017 ~

The oft-promised full-frontal Zac Efron nude photos

Madonna likes to get wet, and we love listening to it. (Almost always.)

Trevor Donovan gets gratuitous, while Simon Dunn gets naked again ~ (like Nyle DiMarco).

I love a Kimpton, especially if it’s in Chicago

My Twitter profile pic looks less salacious than it once did, but I’m still not wearing any pants.

Miss American Pie

All Aprils, no fools. (Well, maybe one…)

Lava lamp light.

Don’t be daffy.

Beauty may be found in New York City, if you know where to look and when. 

A reunion two decades in the making

Let’s skip the crucifixion deal though. (You love to see me frightened.)

Betty Buckley sounds more beautiful every year

Andy makes a delicious dinner

Glenn Close returned to ‘Sunset Boulevard’ in thrilling fashion

Seventeen years later, I returned to the scene of my heartbreak. Chicago remained as dramatic and beautiful and challenging as ever. There were beautiful belugas beneath the blue, a second row trip to ‘Hamilton’ and memories old and new that snuck up on me in unexpected ways. I did a lot of touring on my own, but there was solace in solitude, and beauty could brighten the dullest day if you only let it. 

Mysteriously vanishing men. (And a missing bird.)

I learned how to stuff it good

Hunks for April included Joseph BoydAlistair Brammer, Aaron Lee SmithFabio Fognini, Andrew Harris, Jake Jensen, Parker Young, Alex BowenAlexander AbramovGeorge ShelleyTelly Leung, Trevante RhodesDavid Hernandez, Ryan HintzeFrancois Imbeau DulacAaron Renfree, and Charlie Carver.

May 2017 ~

One of my favorite months of the year, May is perennially magical, even when mud is involved.

Lilac art, bright white bedding, and the magnificent Matisse. All in a year

A new favorite watering hole in Boston

One of my favorite productions of this past year

Those Darren Criss Speedo shots

Now bring us some figgy perfume!

The magic of Pietro Boselli in tight white briefs. And a few other sexy GIFs.

For some of us, May means a wedding anniversary: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight, Part Nine

I should have just posted this one link instead of typing all the above. Lesson learned. 

A man slowing down.

A banner NYC visit for Mother’s Day: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six

Looking back on my delusions, Part One and Part Two, before the last part of the Flower Bomb Balm.

All delusions must come to an end, and the end of all ends is not such an end after all.

Hunks of May included Matt AllardChristiaan SmithSteven Wenslawski, Josh GrobanEuan Morton, Douglas SillsGleb SavchenkoNicholas Belton, Lucas Steele, Colt Prattes and Cory Zwierzynski.

June 2017 ~ 

The bromper (or male romper), doing it doggy-style

A shirtless Gus Kenworthy, a smutty Saturday, and a sexy Sunday.

Fresh, fresh, super fresh, and back in the pulpit.

A naked James Franco.

My kinky boots were pink, and high as my thigh.

Our annual almost-summer baseball trip with Skip. Baseball and gay pride rolled into one spittingly good time

Suzie will always be older than me

Losing a beloved father-in-law and friend

Flowers for calm, and how beauty remains.

One more time around the Boulevard. For Andy. And for the very last time.

Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812‘.

The humble hosta, a fuchsia hurricane, and some pink lavender

A very naked Julian Edelman (and some bonus GIFs) and Tom Daley in a Speedo.

Hunks of June included James Blunt, Scott Nevins, JJ YoshNathan Lee GrahamBryce EilenbergKarlo MartinezAndrew Rannells, Milan Christopher

July 2017 ~

Not everything… not yet.

Friendships glow brighter in the summer. 

A naked Gus Kenworthy. (And a bit more here.)

The end of ALANILAGAN is in sight – far sight.

Life & death in the summer

Naked shower. (I don’t do it any other way.)

More naked Julian Edelman, and some new nudes of Ben Affleck.

Boston summer respite, and Boston beauty.

A tree worth coveting.

A risky Tom Ford gamble pays off for the beach

Getting prickly, getting beautiful, and getting some rest at long last

Before a brief goodbye, a reminder of how exciting life could be

The Madonna Timeline was back for one last entry before the break, and it was a doozy.

A hunky collection to last the rest of summer

Hunks of July included Justin TherouxDenevin MirandaCristian RomeroRenaud LavillenieNathan HopkinsonJavier Baez, Chris Pine and Sean Sarantos.

Waving through a window before my first summer break.

{One more installment of 2017 to come…}

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