2017: The Year in Review – Part 1

If we are go by the social media monstrosities of Twitter and FaceBook, and the wretched state of political affairs in this country, 2017 was a dark and grim year, best left in the dust in the hope of a better 2018. Throughout the madness, I’ve striven to keep this small section of the internet a peaceful respite of beauty and tranquility, fun and frivolity, with the occasional dose of serious intent thrown in for good measure. I’m not sure I’ve succeeded, but let’s look back anyway. It’s the only way to move ahead. Besides, some of my favorite people appear here, and that’s always soul-enriching. 

January 2017 ~ 


Madonna, Inside Out


Eat my banana.


Tyson Beckford’s naked ass.


Pain in the neck.

Mobster music.

Man in Motion

The Delusional Grandeur Tour returned for its final few months (that old thing?), picking up right where it left off: Flower Bomb Balm Part Three, Part Four, Part Five

Hunks for January included Ray Edwards Jr., Joss Mooney, Daniel Lukakis, Dan Bevan, Daniel Newman, John Legend, Douglas Booth, Ashley McKenzie, Romain Barras, Henry Licett, Lewis Tan, Jeffery Self, Barclay Beales, Tony MilanPaolo Amores, Dylan Sprayberry, Ryan Stack, Bob Harper, and Andy Mientus.

February 2017 ~

Ahh February. The less said about you, the better.

It cuts like a knife, and I’ve got the blood to prove it. 

A happy homo-anniversary

The brilliance that is Betty Buckley.

Super Bowl jocks & jockstraps on parade

That Zac Efron Freedom Speedo.

My family jewels almost all on display

Proof that I don’t love every single Madonna song in the world

The amazing artwork of Paul Richmond.

Color my ass excited.

Andy Cohen is Super.

Valentine Dance.

Music for the broken-hearted.

Andy as a very cute kid. (And an even-cuter baby.)

An Ilagan family dinner for Mom’s birthday

The ultimate narcissist

Love is pain and pain is art! Show me your graffiti heart!

The Flower Bomb Balm continued: Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight

Hosting Sunday brunch, with help from the Pennsylvania Dutch!

Nick Jonas baring some skin, but not as much as Joe Jonas.

Bang it like Harvey.

One of my favorite reads of the year

My brother turned 40.

Red bark, not once but twice

Hunks of February included Brian Justin Crum, Garrett Swann, Danny Cipriani, Michael Xavier, Matt Lister, Dev Patel, James Gao, Paul Richmond, Arad Winwin, Andy Cohen, Will Helm, and Amini Fonua

March 2017 ~ 

In like a lion

Ass Wednesday.

Simon Dunn gets tan and naked – then does it all over again

Still the best Madonna album ever. (And still looking good.)

I’m not afraid to look ridiculous for this blog

The forgiving frittata and a delicious lentil soup.

Rainbow bright.

Back to the boulevard after two decades. (And a reunion with an old crush.)

Boys at play.

Harry Judd, fit and fine

Snow blows.

I wanted to be Wonder Woman

#KimptonLove in NYC.

Smell my rhubarb.

Dancing beneath the moon.

A very naked Ashley Parker Angel

It’s only fair to objectify my naked ass in return

Zac Efron’s Speedo just kept giving

Hunks of March included Alan Valdez, Jordan Woods, Casey Conway, Sean William Donovan, Patrick Boyd, Jonathan Soroff, James LongmanSam Asghari, Luke Evans, Kevin SessumsAsger SkovgaardPreston Truman Boyd, Will Taylor and Connor Franta.

More of the 2017 Rear… err, Year in Review to come…


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