Like Shooting Stars


Behold, the elegance and simplicity of the Chinese dogwood. More disease-resistant than their American cousins, these beauties offer their own enchantment in the garden, particularly thanks to their later blooming season (which is just finishing up now). They make the perfect accent tree for those of us with smaller suburban homes, where they can mimic their natural understory tendencies beside a taller house.



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They’re Ready for Their Close-Ups


On a recent weekend in Boston, I got up-close and personal with a few showy blossoms. Like Ms. Desmond herself, they all but shouted to be noticed, so beautifully were they blooming. It was as if we never said good-bye last fall, as if there had been no winter – mild or otherwise. Plants can be like certain friends that way – you pick up right where you left off, without awkwardness or pause. These pretty things have caught my notice before – the rustic elegance of the Rosa rugosa, the frilly painted petals of a few rhodies, and the intricate architecture of a way-more-than-double clematis.

Caught in a focus much tighter than usual, these photos reveal even greater beauty at work than I usually notice. The markings on a white rhododendron, for example, show themselves to be a painting of stunning detail and nuance – a place where artistic masters may have learned their abstract craft.

These marvelously-shaded throats aren’t always immediately evident on examination from afar – only when you move in can you get a sense of how subtle and gorgeously-rendered nature crafts her florals.

As for that clematis, it may not be solely the work of nature. Humans can’t help but mess with things, and sometimes our efforts turn out something amazing, such as the spectacular thing you see below. Whether or not you enjoy such hybridized monsters, there is beauty in everything – even the garish and extreme. Thank goodness that it is so.

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Hunk of the Day: Jake Dalton

jake dalton 1001

Our parade of Olympic hopefuls continues on the men’s gymnastics front, with Hunk of the Day Jake Dalton. Known for his magnificent floor-work (and that doesn’t mean hardwoods) he’s hoping to turn his fancy foot-work into Olympic gold in Rio. He was at the London Olympics in 2012, and now has his eye on Rio gold this summer.

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A Pot Salad


More commonly known as potato salad, and a bastion of an American summer scene, this is my favorite dish of the season, mostly because everyone else does such a better job of preparing it that I beg until someone always delivers. While people always say it is a simple thing to make, anything that requires the added step of boiling potatoes (or boiling anything for that matter) seems like too much work for me. (I feel the same way about pasta salad.)

This one was made by Elaine, who brought it to a summer pool gathering. She does a wondrous version as so exquisitely seen here, with lots of hard boiled eggs (another step) and fresh herbs from her garden (hello, lovely dill).

I don’t know what other treasures are used in this fine side dish – it all feels like magic to me. Tastes that way too.

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Pool Tricks & Nude Teases

summer sun pool01

At the height of the day, when the light is right and the breeze is light, the pool can play tricks on one.

The sunlight, glistening off the little ripples.

The heat, rising in waves from the surrounding cement.

The green of the leaves, still bright, still tender.

The slight shimmer of chlorine, mingled with the lingering scent of shampoo from newly-wet hair, and a tinge of coconut lotion. It brings to mind the refreshing over-the-top pineapple-garnished curvy glass of a pina colada.

Like clouds of cream swirling in a crystal goblet, so does a gauzy white length of fabric wrap itself around the limbs. Water and cloth, sun and air – the simplest of elements, but taken together how simplicity can soar. A sensual tug to aqua depths, the quick intake of breath before diving under, and the arch of a back like a porpoise with purpose.

This is summer by the pool.

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Hunk of the Day: John Orozco

john orozco 100

One of the pitfalls of pre-populating this blog is that I can’t always predict correctly what’s going to happen, particularly when it comes to qualifying for the Olympics. As such, at the time of this writing John Orozco still stands a chance at making the US Olympic team, but by the time this post goes up those selection will already have been made. No matter how that turns out, Mr. Orozco is still the Hunk of the Day, and no one can take that away from him.

UPDATE: He made the US Olympic team! Congratulations John Orozco!!

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Popcorn in the Mouth Naked Strip Challenge

ac popcorn naked

We love all things Andrew Christian on this website. From his underwear, to his underwear models, to the man himself – all things AC are glorious. For your noon treat, a slightly saucy video of popcorn, underwear, and nakedness. All in an Andrew Christian day.

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A Porny Summer Read

josh sabarra 20001

Recently added to my summer reading queue is this sizzling memoir by Josh Sabarra. He’s been featured here as the Hunk of the Day, but this is one Renaissance man who will likely be seen a lot more. (As David Beckham and Ben Cohen have been quiet of late, we are on the lookout for the next hunky conglomerate.) As mentioned, I’ll be reading his ‘Porn Again: A Memoir’ on the beach this summer (and writing a review when the vacation is over), thanks in part to this powerful teaser in his own words:

“I struggled for decades to find myself and to be comfortable in my own skin.  As I approached the beginning of the second half of my life, I thought that my stories might inspire people to step into themselves and entertain at the same time.

During the writing process, I learned that I had been borrowing my sense of self for so long.  I looked to food, plastic surgery, my career, my lovers and my celebrity friendships to try to make myself appealing to other people.  I finally realized that I am enough, on my own terms.” – Josh Sabarra

In addition to his novel (and another one on the way) he’s the sex columnist for ‘Gay Times’ magazine (and I’m secretly hoping he’ll write a Special Guest Blog for this little website – pretty please with a cherry on top?)

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Hunk of the Day: Steele Johnson

steele johnson 000

My pal Skip said that if today’s Hunk of the Day Steele Johnson doesn’t make a go of his diving career (an unlikely scenario given his recent clinching of a spot at this summer’s Olympic Games) he can always go into gay porn as he’s been born with the ideal name. Cheeky porn affiliations aside, Mr. Johnson has fulfilled his dream and is heading to Rio in all his Speedo-clad glory. His diving partner is recent Hunk of the Day David Boudia. Taken together, they’re going to heat up Brazil in a few weeks. Watch out, Tom Daley.

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Mid-Day Male Model

americo neto 1001

Some guy-candy/eye-candy for your noon-time reverence. Feast your thirsty eyes upon Americo Neto. One day this man shall be crowned an official Hunk. Consider this but a preview for all good things to those who wait.

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A Summer Glory Recap

olympic gymnasts

…And then, just like that, summer was here, as if someone flipped a happy switch and everything went bright and gay. If only every week could be such a thrill. This marks the time of the year when things go a little quiet. People are starting their vacations, school is out, and the heavy posts feel out of place and lugubrious when there is so much outdoors fun to be had. To that end, you may notice these posts  getting a little lighter too. I’m still intending to give you three-a-day, but they may be a little less dense than usual. On with the recap, because I need to get back in the pool…

After a few dismal weeks of sadness and grief, the summer sun returned, the flowers were in bloom, and the perfume of the season carried on warm breezes.

The latest in the long line of Taylor Swift toys is Tom Hiddleston, in his bulging underwear.

A happy pair: Madonna & Sex.

Another happy pair, with happy tears.

Happy dahlia, stained with rain.

At long last, a couple of Broadway reviews from this year’s trip to NYC: ‘Fun Home‘ and ‘The Humans.

Is there a point to prettiness?

Summer monsters at the movies.

This is the week that many of the US Olympic trials made their decisions on who was going to represent our fair country in the Summer olympics in Rio. The featured pic, in fact, is of several of our gymnasts who flipped, dove, jumped, swung, and pommeled their way to places on the team. As for those who appeared here, we begin with Paul Ruggeri III, Alex Naddour, and David Boudia. (More are on the way…)

Speaking of the Olympics, Greg Louganis got naked and nude for the ESPN Body Issue. There is a God.

Summer hunks doffed shirts and trousers, including Max EhrichMarc Buckner, Nolan Ritter, and Alex Crockford.

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An Olympic Hero Gets Naked

greg louganis nude 100

We are but a few weeks away from the summer Olympics, and our Hunks of the Day are all coming to you straight from the Olympic trials. While Greg Louganis has already been a Hunk of the Day, and a hero, he’s showing off his fine physique without so much as a Speedo for the ESPN Body Issue (read: the Nude Issue). It is a thrill to see someone still exercise such fine form and mastery of staying in shape, but when you have Olympic blood in you, it seems to be part of life.

Mr. Louganis has made a splash here before, in ways both moving and sexy, and he does that again in this brief post. Though he was diagnosed with HIV almost three decades ago, he’s still going strong. As he recently told ‘People’ magazine, “HIV taught me that I’m a lot stronger than I ever believed I was… Also, not to take anything for granted. I didn’t think I would see 30, and here I am at 56.”

As a new crop of divers heads to Rio to prove their worth, it’s good to see an old favorite – and a childhood hero of mine – still inspiring, and jumping into the future without looking back.

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Hunk of the Day: Alex Crockford

alex crockford 101

With his #CrockFit fitness plan and workout expertise, Hunk of the Day Alex Crockford is no stranger when it comes to beautiful bodies. Not only is he a talented fitness trainer, he’s also a modelBut you don’t have to take my word for it. Mr. Crockford’s ‘About’ section on his website proffers everything you need to know about this Hunk of the Day, and in more eloquent form than I can muster. Here he is:

I am Alex Crockford; a positive, driven, focussed and highly ambitious individual who seeks to create an empowering impact on as many people as possible. I embrace life as a journey, learning and experiencing valuable lessons every day to build a passionate, high achieving life. My dream is to build a platform that enables me to help change the lives of millions of people, inspiring the uninspired to live healthier, fitter and happier lives.

I love life! I wake up every single day with absolute passion and dedication towards my dreams. I am extremely passionate about being healthy and keeping fit. In the journey to get to where I am today, I had to go through a lot of highs and lows but I have found that the most satisfying feeling has been to help and inspire others to start and maintain their health and fitness journey. This is why I have created #CrockFit, a place where people can find a suitable fitness plan to transform their body in 12 weeks and maintain healthy habits for life.

…Two of my biggest dreams have been to be a top model, and also be known as a guy who inspires people to embrace a health and fitness journey. Since a young age, I looked at the fitness models in adverts and on the front cover of magazines and thought ‘wow, I want to be there!’. This thought never left me and stayed burning inside of me for years until I took action and started to work towards this dream. Whilst personal training I began the extremely slow and competitive journey of becoming a fitness model, modelling for top international brands and eventually landing myself some major fitness magazine covers. This was amazing and seeing myself on shop windows in giant size is a feeling that I still struggle to explain.  I love being a model and am grateful for opportunities that come my way, but I wasn’t born to be just a model? Although it is my dream I knew I wasn’t satisfied.
As a personal trainer working one to one with people and helping them change their lives was so satisfying and I loved my work, but I always felt that I was being boxed in, helping just a few people in one day. I had big dreams and I felt I could achieve much more. I have the passion to not only inspire one person at a time but maybe thousands, millions.

Through my own personal journey, I started to gain more and more clarity about my passion and my purpose – to inspire and motivate millions of people across the world to be fit & healthy and most importantly, to FEEL great & be happy! With my experience as a personal trainer, I knew three things for sure:

1.     Fitness gave people freedom, confidence and transformed each part of their life.
2.     People excelled in smashing their fitness goals and staying on that path when they have support, be it with a PT, friend or a community.
3.     I had limited hours in a day as a PT and was limited to helping just few people.


With this in mind, I created my fitness brand called #CrockFit.
With #CrockFit in place, I now have an official service where I can connect with anyone across the world and deliver all the tools they need in order to change their lives. Having helped people across the world better themselves, I now truly know my purpose in life is to not give up until myself and other like-minded people have made a considerable impact on helping millions of people be fit, healthy and happy.
I have witnessed trends and niches in the health and fitness industry and something I always notice is an overpopulated help for people who are already into fitness, and an under populated help for people who haven’t started yet. It is my absolute goal to connect and inspire these people to help them be the change they are desperate to make.

My work is dedicated to the people that need help taking the first step, or have maybe fallen off and want to find their feet again, or maybe they need that extra bit of guidance to take their fitness to the next level. The fitness programs I provide aren’t just for the top elite athletes, they are also for the normal person looking to make some positive changes in their life.
Fitness and health has ultimately helped me gain the confidence and self-belief to push myself outside my comfort zone not just in the training environment, but also in other life situations too. I really would be no-where without the life skills I have gained from being active every day, eating healthily and maintaining a great lifestyle. I would love to help you create these habits, so your life can benefit in this way too!

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Summer Movie Monsters


“My life is a game of strip poker. Want to play?” ~ James Whale, ‘Gods and Monsters’

I’m not sure why I always consider ‘Gods and Monsters’ such a summer movie, but I do.

Maybe it’s the pool, which plays such an integral role to the story.

Maybe it’s the rainstorm, that has such a summer feel to it.

Maybe it’s Ian McKellen’s summery suits that reek of Gatsby and light and all things ephemeral.

Maybe it’s just Brendan Fraser, shorn of shirt, back when he was hot.

Whatever the case, this is one movie that has come to personify summer in my warped mind, so I’m recommending it when you need a way to pass the hot nights. It has a cooling, calming effect on me, despite its occasionally dark subject matter and more than a few disturbing moments. Summer can be like that. It’s not all sun and fun and splashing in the pool. But you’ll find that out in your own time.

“I’ve spent much of my life outrunning the past, and now it floods all over me.” ~ James Whale, ‘Gods and Monsters’

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Hunk of the Day: David Boudia

david boudia 1001

This Hunk of the Day goes out to my friend Sherri, who recently alerted me to the fact that the Olympic diving trials were airing. David Boudia has been here before, but this site was revamped and those posts have been lost to the ether. He’s back here, and better than ever, as he prepares to storm Rio for the US Olympic Team. Though my patriotism calls for me to pull for Mr. Boudia, if the competition ends up being Tom Daley, we may have a real dilemma in our Speedos.

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