Hunk of the Day: Henry Licett

henry licett 100

Venezuelan actor, singer and model Henry Licett is the Hunk of the Day, and he comes with a collection of fascinating titles: Mr. Handsome Venezuela, Mr. Tourism Venezuela, and Mr. Tourism of the Americas. I live for the day when these competitions are given the same import and exposure as Miss America, but that won’t likely happen in my lifetime. At any rate, here are my efforts at bringing awareness to the cause.

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Best New Yorker Cover Ever?

Trump Treason

Donald Trump is going to have his usual 6 AM Twitter tantrum when this gets released, as he’s done with the New York Times, Vanity Fair, CNN, Meryl Streep, and every other reasonable and intelligent entity the world has known. This perfectly encapsulates the multi-chinned cheeto-orange tiny-handed baby that’s about to take office. See, when you unleash a torrent of insults on everyone else you better have your own saggy ass covered. Get your diapers ready, Donald. Release your taxes. Fess up to your treason.  But keep your golden showers, because we don’t sex-shame anyone here, not for all the pee-pecadilloes in the world.

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More Semi-Naked Joe Jonas

joe jonas under01

Giving his brother Nick Jonas a run for his underwear, here are a few more photos and GIFs of Joe Jonas and that instantly-infamous Guess underwear shoot. He’s clearly come a long way since his very first Hunk of the Day post (but perhaps not as far as Nick, and the only reason I say so is to include these links). This may be the biggest underwear news since David Beckham announced his modeling gig with Emporio Armani, and I for one was caught completely by surprise. (The initial Joe Jonas underwear post was made around midnight, just after photos started showing up in my Instagram feed.) Better late than never, and now we get a few more glimpses into that hot set.

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Hunk of the Day: Romain Barras

Romain Barras 0

French decathlete and Olympian Romain Barras nabs another prize as he gets the Hunk of the Day honor. It’s been a while since we’ve spoken about the Olympics, and it seems like the summer games happened a lifetime ago. This is a pleasant and pretty reminder of those all-too-brief weeks when we celebrated the fittest in the world. See the three-part Rio recap here: Part One, Part Two & Part Three.

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Enough Tea for Two


But this cup is just for me.

It’s my twofer, the big-ass cup I keep at my work desk so I don’t have to make a second trip to the kitchen for green tea. Whenever I feel a bit stressed out, I pause and realign my concerns. Swirling the teabag, I watch as the water turns a beautiful shade of rust. It is a meditative moment, brief but integral to the happiness of a day. These little things matter.

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Sunrise Splendor


The Hudson River reflects the glory of a January sunrise, and suddenly Downtown Albany glows with a rare and wondrous beauty. Driving down Albany-Shaker Road, on the way to work, this sight raises the spirits, and reminds me that the sun still comes up in the morning, and that there will be another summer… at least, we hope there will be. Hope must be enough for now.

The colors here last but for a few minutes. The richness of the salmon bleeds quickly away as the sun rises and brightens in the sky. All too soon, the harsh white light has faded everything around it. While I’m glad that the sun is simply out, I wish we could hold onto the saturated hues of those first moments a little bit longer.

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Hunk of the Day: Drake Abshire

drake abshire 101

With an exquisite Instagram and personal website, Drake Abshire has supplied a number of inspirational moments for his salivating fans over the years, but this marks his first appearance as Hunk of the Day, something that should have been done long ago. he is here now, and more than making up for his absence with a very hot spread of photos. Fitness professional, model and actor, Abshire wears the usual collection of hats for someone that good-looking and talented. Now he can add HOD to that curriculum vitae.

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The Golden Hour Continues


This will be a light day, pun-intended, as I may be away for the weekend. In the meantime, more photos taken in the golden hour, from my hometown of Amsterdam, NY. I like the fire hydrant, a small but potent focal point.

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Backyard Beauty Illuminated


It’s not always apparent how much beauty is in your own backyard. Sometimes, though, the sun comes out in the late afternoon, and reminds us that there is indeed something special to be found there. I braved the cold for these shots in the golden hour, and it was worth the minor discomfort.

This is one of our hydrangeas, which came into its own this year thanks to the chopping-down of a cherry tree that had been sapping its water and light. It rewarded us with blooms that lasted well beyond summer, and it’s still supplying beauty to this winter scene.

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Hunk of the Day: Two-Time Honoree Ashley McKenzie

Ashley McKenzie 1

Judo Master and Olympian Ashley McKenzie earns his second Hunk of the Day honor thanks to this selection of striking images. He was first crowned HOD a while back, but we always like to give additional credit when it is due. Congrats to Mr. McKenzie on making it into the two-timer club.


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Trevor Donovan in a Speedo

trevor donovan speedo1

Some posts are self-explanatory, as in this midday treat featuring Trevor Donovan in a Speedo. Mr. Donovan has already been a Hunk of the Day, and there’s not much more to say. Enjoy! (Bonus: these naked Trevor Donovan shots.)

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That Stunning Madonna Layout

mad harpers 7001

Yesterday’s return of the Madonna Timeline is fortuitously timed to coincide with her latest Harper’s Bazaar cover story. It’s easily her best photo shoot in years, reminiscent of her ‘Bedtime Stories’ period, with a lace-filled, bead-addled soft sensuality that revels in its own sumptuous beauty. This is the Madonna that many of us like best – gorgeous, sexy, and slightly provocative, with a feel that’s both new and nostalgic. It’s a tough hat trick to pull off, yet she’s been doing it for three decades. There are tantalizing hints of a new album, but the new movie she’s set to direct (‘Loved’) sounds like it will be her next creative endeavor.

There’s an exquisite video snippet of this photo shoot that Madonna recently posted as well, and it’s insanely beautiful. She remains, as ever, her own living work of art. I love when she embraces her glamorous side. There is enough ugliness in the world today. We need beauty. We need art. We need a government with a heart!

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Hottest Joe Jonas Photo Shoot Ever

joe jonas underwear 01

That’s a bold title for a post, particularly when one has seen the many wonders and levels of male nudity that Nick Jonas has exhibited over the past two years, but for Joe Jonas I feel it’s a safe bet. Here he is in his Guess underwear, something that was previously only hinted at. But they were grand and gratuitous hints, and this looks like the big delivery.

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Hunk of the Day: Douglas Booth

douglas booth 101

London-native Douglas Booth makes for a relatively heavily-clothed Hunk of the Day, but in some ways the Brits are more graciously reserved than we American counterparts. (Not so much when it comes to male nudity, but I deliciously digress.) Mr. Booth has starred in ‘Great Expectations’, ‘Romeo & Juliet’ and ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’, and is set to begin filming ‘A Storm in the Stars’ this year.

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Austin in the Buff

austin nude 00

A very naked Austin Armacost comes very close to earning another Hunk of the Day honor, but since we’ve already had one today, he’ll have to settle for this special feature instead. He’s shown up sans clothing before, and as mentioned earlier this is his first Hunk of the Day spread. This time his Instagram feed provides some additional eye-candy.

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