Finding Beauty in New York – Part 2

Even on a subway ride, there is beauty to be found, as seen in the artwork featured above. These are the pockets of peace I find in the crush of people in Times Square – a necessary evil when you’re going to a Broadway show. With my impending attendance at ‘Sunset Boulevard’ the second day in New York dawns with promise and purpose. Having toyed with the idea of ordering a massage at the Muse, I opt instead for an activity that brings me almost as much peace and tranquility: shopping.

For some, that is the antithesis of a calming moment, but for me it is a little glimpse of heaven. Yesterday’s brief stop at Tom Ford was the perfect illustration of how one can step off of a New York City street, climb a winding staircase, and enter nirvana. That’s one of the greatest tricks of New York – the way that each doorway can be a portal to another world. It applies to hotel rooms and shop-fronts, apartments and mansions, theaters and museums – and it’s one of the most charming aspects of the city. It’s the promise of possibility.

On this day, I try to go easy on my American Express card, selecting a polka-dot tie in orange and lavender, and a couple of bracelets with beaded tassels, but nothing more. I don’t know if it’s a more mature restraint, or laziness in not wanting to carry another bag to the train the next day. Regardless, it’s a wise decision, and I return to my hotel to prepare for an evening that was twenty years in the making

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