Boston Wedding Anniversary #7 – Part 2

Arriving in the rain (because there was no other way to arrive) we hustled into the Hawthorne Bar, just a few doors down from our dinner destination, Eastern Standard. The Hawthorne is one of my favorite spots in Boston, and the perfect cozy spot for a rainy evening. On hand is a unique list of specialty cocktails, along with recommendations for whatever spirits you favor. I continued the Eastside kick I’ve been on of late, and Andy tried out the Hemingway daiquiri once I assured him it did not come in a big-ass daiquiri glass with a rod of fruit sticking out of it. We were equally pleased with our choices.

After our cocktails, and the requisite Instagramming of said libations, we hurried down the street to Eastern Standard. Despite the years I’ve been in Boston, and the years that ES has been around, this was the first time I’ve made it into the place. It was worth the wait, with its handsome interior, and another list of glorious cocktails. My mind was more intent on the oysters you see here – roasted for a switch, and amended with breadcrumbs and good stuff to give it just the right slant for a cold night.

They also sent out a pair of glasses filled with sparkling rosé wine for our anniversary, the very best sort of surprise when one is visiting a restaurant for a special occasion. It was a lovely cap for our first dinner, and we piled back into a car despite the fact that the rain was letting up. (Alas, it was but a tease, and the rain would continue into the next day…)

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