Boston Wedding Anniversary #7 – Part 6

After our wedding ceremony seven years ago, our dear family friend Elaine took us out to the Bristol Lounge at the Four Seasons for a wedding lunch. The meal was divine (they are known for some impeccable burgers) but what took it into stratospheric heights was a sky-high/mile-high/heaven-high chocolate cake. It was a multi-layered decadent experience that must have required its own course for how to slice it – so high did it rise. It was more than enough to feed every member of our party.

Ever since that moment, when we each took a piece of this decadent chocolate goodness, we’ve been seeking out such sweet salvation, but everything has proven elusively out of reach. Andy has come close a couple of times, but nothing could match the towering magnificence of that cake. It has remained a delicious memory all this time.

For our anniversary lunch, I settled in for an oceanic-slanted treat, beginning with the raw oysters you see here, and following it up with a lovely lobster roll (and truffle parmesan fries). We were slated to have a meaty dinner at Boston Chops later that evening, so I stayed seaside for my selection. Andy went with a spicy chicken offering for his choice. We looked out over Boylston to the Boston Public Garden. The rain had started up again, and our timing worked out perfectly. Not so much for the couple that was also trying to get married. Their party stood huddled beneath a makeshift white tent. (I will always be grateful for the beautiful day we were lucky enough to have had.)

As we were putting aside our napkins, our server appeared with the towering delight you see here. Someone had gotten wind of how much we had enjoyed this cake the first time around, and had been good enough to send out a new one for our anniversary. The Four Seasons has some fiercely impressive customer service, and I have to put out this public note of thanks and gratitude for such gracious and thoughtful gift. (I also sent them a traditional hand-written thank-you note because that’s my style, and it was the least I could do for such a wonderful treat.) We are not worthy, but we will spread word of this goodness as far and wide as we can.

It was a highlight of our wedding weekend, and it was a highlight of our 7th anniversary. Boston has always made us feel loved.

Our stomachs more than satiated, we walked back to the condo to prepare for our evening: an early showing of ‘The Bridges of Madison County’ at the SpeakEasy Stage Company, followed by cocktails in the South End, then dinner at Boston Chops. The perfect Saturday plan…

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