Boston Wedding Anniversary #7 – Part 1

It began in the rain, but that’s usually an auspicious sign, particularly for wedding-related items, such as 7th anniversaries. We traveled to Boston to celebrate ours, and arrived in a downpour of badly-needed wet stuff. For me, it was mostly an annoyance, and it was so heavy that my Friday shopping plans were put on hold. Instead, we padded around the cozy condo before it was time to head to drinks and dinner.

There were cheese and crackers, and a pear that was just ripe enough to eat. There was also a perfect peony just beginning to open up on the table, left for us by my Mom. Somehow, and often in the most unlikely of ways, the peony returns to help us celebrate this weekend. This one was almost magical in the way it unfurled its color-shifting beauty – gradually shifting from the deep pink hue you see here to a range of gorgeous shades that I’ll reveal as we go along.

A special night calls for a special statement necklace. The statement I wanted to make, however, didn’t shout, so I pulled just a few strands of turquoise stones from the pile. It’s so much better than a tie.

As Cole Porter standards played on the stereo, and the light inside became brighter than the fading light outside, and the continuous sound of rain pittered and pattered on the windows, Andy ordered an Uber to bring us to Kenmore for our dining adventures. Our wedding anniversary weekend had begun…

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