Summer Sabbatical


If all goes according to tentatively-scheduled plan, my summer sabbatical blog break will begin about a week from today, and run for two months. While some of you have been on summer vacation for a few weeks now, I’m only just about to begin. Next year, it may be longer. Or shorter. We’ll see how this one goes. For all I know, I may return for a day and close the book on this website in one fell swoop. I’ve done less surprising things time and time again, and one of the greatest thrills I get out of life is the ability to surprise people even this late in my career. Send in the clowns.

How shall I occupy my time away from this place? I’ll tell you later. We will have so much to discuss come September. For now, I invite you to float. Just float. On a pink flamingo. On the wings of desire. On a screeching hawk. On a stick of cotton candy. It’s summer. Let’s enjoy it. Let’s make the most of it. It will end all too quickly.


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