A Non-Shirtless (But Pantsless) Profile Pic

It’s not a big secret that showing some skin gets a lot more notice than not showing skin. That’s basically what has fueled this website for the past decade and a half. [See ‘Hunk of the Day’.] When people kept telling me to put my shirt on in my Twitter profile, I scoffed at their insistence and laughed at their tens of followers. There’s a method to my naked madness. One doesn’t reach 14,000 followers with a non-descript egg as their profile photo. Still, I like to transform from time to time, taking cues like a chameleon, donning different guises that include more than skin.

When I was ready to change things up, people were still telling me, in ways far from polite, to put some clothes on, so I kept the shirtless pose up simply on principle (and my own admittedly annoying stubbornness). It was more fun to ask them why they kept looking than to kow-tow to foolish supposed propriety. And again, traffic. Hits. Followers. Skin is always in. Yet I was getting bored with it, and as soon as the complaints stopped, I did it on my own. (Oddly enough, I quickly gained a couple hundred followers once I lost the nipple. Go figure.)

PS – I may have my shirt on, but rest assured I was NOT wearing pants.

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