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A Recap in the Midst of Chicago

ryan nude 001

While our Chicago journey pauses for the traditional Monday morning recap, we also pause for spring cleaning. I’ve filled 40 lawn bags of yard debris – a typical number for what it takes to rid our yard of a year’s worth of growth. There is still much to be done – lots of mulching and amending the soil, along with some ruthless editing to keep everything in check. I find my sanity, what little is left of it anyway, in the garden. This year proves no exception. On with the past…

It began in glorious fashion with Zac Efron in a Speedo.

The joy of a tulip.

Easter with the Ilagan twins.

Betty Buckley sings several beautiful stories.

A cheeky artist gets serious.

Fry me a river.

My review of the ‘Sunset Boulevard’ revival.

For inspiration.

The Lenten Rose.

On the last legs of a last tour.

My kind of town.

The call of Chicago.

Beneath the blue water of the belugas.

Windy City revolution.

Chicago, 17 years later.

Hunks of the Day included Telly Leung, Trevante Rhodes, David Hernandez and Ryan Hintze (the gentleman featured in this post).


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Anemone At Night

041717 247

In the bubbling saltwater aquarium of my youth, the anemone unfurled its flowery tentacles in the night.

We didn’t know about protein skimming and biological filtration back then, and in a month or two that poor anemone succumbed before I could find it a companion clownfish.

It died alone, far from its home, surrounded by skeletons of coral and bone-white sand.

The night haunts…

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A Spring Tour Stop


The Delusional Grandeur Tour: Last Stand of a Rock Star is closing in on its final dates. I’ve extended it and drawn it out for as long as possible, not wanting to let it all go. Yet we are very near the end, and after a dramatic visit to Chicago (which came with its own moment of closure – and a surprise second-row visit to ‘Hamilton’) it’s almost time to put an end to this final journey. First, though, the Windy City.


We were entering spring.

As I entered Chicago, I realized I was entering the past.

Dangerous territory. Treacherous traveling. The tricks of the mind.

Seventeen years ago I left the only man I’d ever lived with up to then in the city where we’d moved.

This was the first time I would go back.

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Inspiration, Provocation


When a current project dies down, I look around in the ground.

Often enough, inspiration has sprouted up surrounding the ashes of an old one.

If there are no upstarts, I simply wait.

It used to make me antsy. Sometimes, I probably forced things to happen sooner than they naturally would have.

Nothing good is forced.

Well, maybe paper-white narcissus.

But not art.

This time, I may have found the next batch of inspiration in Chicago…

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Post-Egg Recap


It’s Easter Monday, chickens!! We had a tiny Easter Sunday massacre, but I’ll divulge the details in another post. For now, our traditional Monday morning look back on the last week, in case any of you want to hang onto the weekend one wee bit longer. I know I do…

Food glorious food, because it’s almost margarita season.

All my Aprils.

A peek, a warning.

A lavalier…?

Worse than a wedgie.

Floral mayhem.

The rabbit among cacti.

Some rabbits are sexy, some are just dicks.

A New York adventure seeking closure

finds beauty along the way.

A happy ending two decades in the making.

I did not get into a fight at the grocery store. I did not.

Easter was in the air.

And with its arrival, Easter brings terror.

Floral cheer.

Hunks of the Day included Parker Young, Alex BowenAlexander AbramovMatthew Noszka, and George Shelley.

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The Annual Easter Fright

Easter 4-11 - Copy copy

I’ve got to get some new Easter pics.

Maybe another crucifixion scene.

Or some Playboy bunny bit.

Until then, it’s the posting of the annual terrorize-your-kid-with-a-ridiculously-terrifying Easter bunny photo that so many people love so much.

Happy Easter.

(And don’t do this to your kids or they’ll turn out like me. Fair warning.)

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What Are Your Easter Traditions?


My Easter traditions have changed and evolved over the years. Unlike Christmas Eve or Thanksgiving or New Year’s, which have more or less remained the same, Easter has proven far more malleable. We used to go to Gram’s in Hoosick Falls. In our starchy plaid suits and clip-on ties, my brother and I would fidget for the entire hour-long ride over, but the Easter baskets and Gram’s welcoming embrace were always worth it.

After that we ended up at my parent’s home, and then my brother’s in-laws one year, and finally I decided that Andy and I needed to do our own thing and we went to Boston to exorcize my bunny issues. It was one of my favorites, and the night before we watched ‘Easter Parade’ to set the scene for the next morning. It has since become a new tradition, and seeing Judy Garland in all those glorious costumes and hats always puts me in an Easter mood.

Tomorrow, we have no morning plans, so we’ll watch that again, and maybe make a Ramos Gin Fizz (it has an egg white in it – the reason for the season). Anyway, I hope your Easter Sunday is fabulous.

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A Sexy Rabbit Shot, and a Scary Rabbit Shot


Let’s get the frightening one out of the way first thing: Sean Spicer as the White House Easter bunny (and long before he transformed into the Mouthpiece of the Anti-Christ.) I’ve read reports that this year’s White House Easter egg hunt is being bogged down in confusion and ineptitude – the perfect embodiment of this joke of an administration.

Far more preferable to the devil in the bunny suit is the sexy shot below of a shirtless Andy Cohen getting chummy with an anonymous Easter bunny. This is still the stuff of nightmares (or fantasies, depending on your kink-level preference). Mr. Cohen makes a fine companion to that lucky bunny. Here comes Peter Cottontail indeed.

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The Bunny Trail


Hippity hoppity Easter’s on its way!

The holiday I dread, with all its accompanying images of fright, is almost upon us.

Here we have a bunny from Arizona hopping down the bunny trail.

Stayed tuned for far scarier variations on this theme.

(And I don’t like it any more than you do.)

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I Hate A Wedge


In certain specific circumstances, a wedge of fruit is appropriate. A small one to slip into a bottle of Corona. A chunkier one for squeezing into a gin and tonic. But for instances where it’s mainly a garnish, and even when it’s used for fragrance and flavor, a wedge is simply too much. It’s obnoxious. Overbearing. Rude. The worst sort of look for an elegant cocktail.

A twist is much preferable.

A twist makes all the difference.

A twist can change your life.

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Cool Hued Lava


Once upon a time I had a lava lamp. It was in the basement, in our little make-do recreation room where I’d watch soap operas and paint hieroglyphics on the walls. A brown vinyl beanbag provided a malleable surface for marble mazes. A tattered set of plaid furniture from upstairs formed the seating area, and we covered a lightweight wooden storage crate with a small blanket to make a coffee-table. A throwaway coffeemaker stood on a pedestal; I would put potpourri into it and the hot water would spread the scent throughout the small space. The gay boy in me would always find a way. (I’m not sure that my Uncle, who lived on black coffee and cigarettes, was as impressed by the double-duty of said coffeemaker, but he never said anything about the floral coffee that would later result.)

The lava lamp of my youth was a standard red and yellow version, glowing warmly on its stand, unlike the modern-day version you see here. I’m not sure which appeals to me more – each has its merits, each conjures and conveys a different mood. I’ve seen riveting purple versions, and if I were to get a new one, it would probably be that. Not that I’m getting a lava lamp. Some ships are better off not returning to port.

Yet they remind me of that crazy childhood basement room, where extra pieces of unused carpet made for a patchwork floor, and a fold-up cot was mounted on a former kitchen cabinet, rising almost to the ceiling in fun, if slightly dangerous, fashion. We were kids then, and my brother and I didn’t care about cohesive design or sensible furniture. Instead, I worked to create little pools of beauty – in a bouquet of dried flowers, a swath of colorful fabric, or the psychedelic bubbles of a lava lamp.

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Peeks & Tweaks


A few posts in the works: my recent trips to New York and Chicago, reviews of ‘Sunset ‘Boulevard‘ and ‘Hamilton’, and all kinds of closure and emotional mayhem. Somehow, I also need to begin the spring cleaning of the yard, a task that usually requires 40 lawn bags by the time it’s done. Spring is technically here. The air is warm, for now. Excitement is in the atmosphere.

The bad news? Mercury is once again in retrograde. Hang on to your hats.

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Aprils Gone By


Tricky month you are, April. Trying us with your incessant showers, keeping us hanging on with your promise of future flowers, why do you tease and displease so? All we want is some sun and fun, and maybe we’ll find some sooner rather than later. I’m due back from Chicago, so this post is a tidy little place-stopper until I resume real-time blogging. Hang on, little tomatoes.

Last April, not unlike this April, was all about The Delusional Grandeur Tour.

April 2015 was all about the Hunks (and a nearly-nude Zac Efron).

Minneapolis provided the backdrop for the bulk of posts from April 2014.

Cocktails, flowers, and shirtless guys – all the usual for April 2013.

April 2012 was more of the same – Madonna and bulges and the like.

Finally, all that remains from April 2011 are Madonna and Tom Ford. The way it should be.

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Praying for a Sunny Recap

17jakejen nude01

Our first full week of April has come and gone, and if early predictions of temperatures today are correct, we seem to be skipping straight to summer. Ahh, the roller-coaster ride of the Northeast. And they wonder why I’m moody as fuck sometimes… On with the recap!

Simon Dunn exposed his naked ass to get things off to a rollicking start.

The Madonna Timeline returned with a whimper at first, with this unimpressive ditty.



Call me.

Zac Efron and the dreaded camel toe.

Nyle DiMarco exposed his naked ass too. (I’m sensing a theme…)

Spring in a single photograph.

Seth Fornea churned butter in nothing but an apron, and it must have simply melted.

My shirt was on, but my pants were off for a new profile pic.

Say a little prayer.

A few final tour stops.

Holding onto the delusions a little while longer.

The Madonna Timeline returned again, this time in good, old ‘American Pie’ fashion.

The ivy without the poison.

Hunks of the Day included Aaron Lee Smith, Fabio Fognini, Braeden WrightGuillaume Cizeron, Andrew Harris and Jake Jensen.

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All Ivy, No Poison


When pressed for a tablescape for a recent dinner (an admittedly first-world problem, but since I don’t live in the third-world we’ll just have to make do), I bypassed the traditional flower bouquets and went with two small pots of ivy. We need green more than ever right now, as winter refuses to limp away. There are dirty patches of snow everywhere, and even with all the rain nothing is getting those eyesores to budge. This was a bandage on that, and it lasts longer than any ten-dollar bunch of flowers.

Soon I will see if I can force some cherry branches, or possibly a dogwood, to hasten spring along. Some things are better rushed.

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