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Another Naked Olympian, In the Snow

The only point of this post is to show off this photo of a very naked Gus Kenworthy. He’s been here sans clothing before, and hopefully he will be again. Whatever the Olympic outcome, a nude Gus Kenworthy will always be a champion in these parts, for a number of reasons. See here and here.

[This blog owes a world of thanks to the ESPN Naked Issue, which seems to bring out the best by taking off the rest. That stunning spread of a completely naked Julian Edelman comes to mind, but they’ve also exposed Nathan Adrian, Michael Phelps, Rob Gronkowski and Conor McGregor to fine effect.] But back to the Olympian on hand – Gus Kenworthy – who is headed to the Olympics to hopefully find some gold, silver or bronze hardware to go with that hard body. Mr. Kenworthy is a cheeky sport to represent our country, and I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do next month.

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Hunk of the Day: Casey Spooner

Sometimes all it takes to be named a Hunk of the Day is a decent head of hair. That alone would have won Casey Spooner this coveted honor, but Mr. Spooner backs it up with oh so much more, beginning with that banging body. (His nipples alone deserve an Instagram profile. That hair deserves another.) Beyond the superficial is the talent and uncanny ability to capture the zeitgeist before it even arrives, giving this Hunk of the Day extra pizzazz. His contributions to Fisherspooner have ensured that band a place in the history of electroclash glory. (Watch for their newest release ‘Sir’ very soon, and check out a sneak peek of the first video ‘Have Fun Tonight’ below.) 

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Hunk of the Day: Diego Arnary

Diego Narváez Rincón, perhaps better known as Diego Arnary, has been named the Hunk of the Day thanks to a portfolio of smoking-hot shots, only a delectable few of which are seen here. Check out his Instagram account (under @diegoarnary) for more heat. (And check out my Instagram for the polar opposite.)

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Hunk of the Day: Rikk York

When I returned to blogging last month, I vowed not to necessarily clean things up but be a little more respectable in certain ways. That doesn’t mean we are losing the provocative edge that keeps the clicks coming. Case in point is today’s Hunk of the Day, Rikk York. Unabashedly a gay-up porn star (straight-up is so last century), and inciting a fan frenzy wherever he goes because of it, Mr. York puts his all into his work. Bonus points for his world-renowned hairy heinie. This should quench the thirst of several requests in one fell swoop: gay porn, hairy butts, tattoos and sultry looks. 

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Hunk of the Day: Karlo Martinez

Gentlemen, a seasonal word of warning to those looking to go overboard in the manscaping department for beach season: don’t do it. Put down the razor, the Nair, and the lasers and just own your natural state of hirsute manliness. Follow the lead of Hunk of the Day Karlo Martinez, who poses in his hairy skin to the delight of many.

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Hunk of the Day: Dan Murphy

Some Hunks of the Day are simply better in black and white. Some look more vibrant in color. If you compare and contrast those artistic options, you’ll find that Dan Murphy looks good either way. It was, and is, Saturday night, so I guess that makes it all right. What have you got to lose?

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A Face & Body of Pretty

Bryce Thompson has been a Hunk of the Day twice already, and though this isn’t quite his third time, it certainly paves the way for such an honor. The first time can be found here, and the second one right here. For now, this post will stake his claim for the third one. (Even if he’s got some serious competition.)

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Hunk of the Day: Alexander Abramov

The hint of a jockstrap is often hotter than the absence of a jockstrap itself. Case in point is the Hunk of the Day, Alexander Abramov, who offers both takes. Decide for yourself. There’s also something to be said for a walk in the woods. Naked as a jaybird.

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A Very Naked Nyle DiMarco

If you thought these almost-naked photos of Nyle DiMarco were sexy, feast your eyes on what is coming up below. Wet and wild shower shots certainly flatter Mr. DiMarco, as does a simple white towel (though many would argue the latter is superfluous at best, bothersome at worst). For DiMarco’s debut as Hunk of the Day, it was all about shirtlessness and body oil, and no one was complaining. For another post, it was all about his underwear. Tonight, it’s about wet nudity.

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The Full-Frontal Shot of Zac Efron

It is on this day that the elusive photo of Zac Efron’s full-frontal nudity surfaces in all its veiny glory.

Mr. Efron has gotten naked here before, and more than once, but never quite exposed his package.

Today is your lucky day.

But before we deliver the goods, a little build-up (Speedo-style) to the full-frontal Zac Efron nude shot you’ve been clambering for.

Let’s begin with these Speedo GIFs, because there’s nothing better than a naked Efron in motion.

Even guys that look somewhat like Zac get a Hunk of the Day post through sheer proximity.

Those who show their asses get some of the glory too.

Those who shake their asses get even more.

But all this butt talk is just distraction and hesitation.

You came here for the good stuff.

Wait for it…





























And though most of you are wise to my full-frontal disguise, I know at least one or two will ream me out for doing this, and it will be worth it for you: Happy April Fool’s Day! 

Pump it up baby!!!

(Don’t feel bad – there’s still quite a lot to be seen on these other April first posts.)

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Hunk of the Day: Veselin Doknic

Actor, model and Instagram sensation Veselin Doknic makes his debut as Hunk of the Day. There’s no other reason for this than the pictorial evidence displayed herein. You know I’m right, it’s there in black and white…

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Show Us Your Ass

Happy Ass Wednesday!! Traditionalists would call this ‘Ash Wednesday’ but why in hell would we celebrate ashes over asses? I’ll never understand that kind of fuckery. Instead, we are celebrating the butt, the booty, the banging caboose – you name your euphemism, we’ll bend it over. Here is our beautiful butt brigade, the behinds of the scene that make this website what it is.

Let’s begin with Nico Tortorella, who recently gave us a glimpse of side-ass, a teasing and titillating view that may have you craning to see more.

Two bodaciously-bottomed classics return here: David Beckham and Ben Cohen, who have had a friendly rivalry on this site. I’d say it’s a sexy draw today.

Chris Salvatore released an underwear line a while back, but the general consensus is that he looks much better without a stitch of it on.

Ginger madness is right around the corner, so here’s an advance preview: a naked Greg Rutherford and a nude Greg Rutherford. Both are lovely options of Olympic stature.

One more glimpse of ginger hotness is found in Seth Fornea, another favorite from this blog’s storied past.

A pair of butt-baring beauties in the forms of Joshua Michael Brickman and Philip Olivier.

Stan Wawrinka was one of the ESPN Body Issue boys, and his tush ends this post… almost.

Oh wait, how did that get in here…? Who is responsible…? Oh well, what’s good for the goose…

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Hunk of the Day: Jonathan Guijarro

Hailing from Madrid, Spain, the Hunk of the Day is Jonathan Guijarro. If anyone is wondering why he was crowned Hunk of the Day, just scroll down. You know I’m right, it’s there i black and white!

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Hunk of the Day: Joss Mooney, Double-Time

It’s hard to believe that Joss Mooney could have gotten any fitter than he was for his first crowning as Hunk of the Day, but this photo shoot would seem to indicate that this is indeed the case. Hence his current two-time stand as Hunk of the Day. Sometimes all it takes is the proper photo shoot to catapult you back to the top. Congrats to Mr. Mooney on a rare two-time honor.


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My Ball(s)

Calm down.

You know the big ball doesn’t drop until New Year’s Eve…

All good things to those who wait.

If you’re with me, next year will be the perfect year.

As Valentino said, it takes tiles to tango.

Am I losing my mind?


That time of year.

Keep your eye on the ball.

The really big ball.

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