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Birthday Suit Mayhem


A lot of nudity goes on here – nothing full-frontal or all that flagrant, but enough. Of late, though, it hasn’t been me (and you can verify by going through the last few months of posts by clicking the ‘Older Entries’ option barely used or seen in the lower left when you scroll down). That bodes well for the future of this site, in which, despite the name, attention has shifted slightly to other things. For a final birthday post, however, a few more birthday suit shots, per request. Hope you stick around to see how 41 unfolds…

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Birthday-Suited Butt Boy


My forty-one-year-old ass is ready for its close-up.

Get DeMille on the line and fire up the Isotta-Frascini.

The pool is ready, willing, and able.

I’ve got my birthday suit on, much like last year.

And any other year for that matter.

What are you waiting for?


A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman birthday but never remembers her age. ~ Robert Frost

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A Tour, and Body, Laid Bare


The Delusional Grandeur Tour may be even more delusional than originally thought, as my traveling seems to have diminished greatly. When you only have to step out your back door to an 87-degree pool, and back inside to a cool 70-degree house, travel seems largely unappealing. That said, I still enjoy a jaunt out of town, and this tour is still in full-effect until I say it isn’t. Hence this bonus tour post, which recalls the Hotel portion of the Tour book. Rather than trouble you with further discussion, here are a few links to bring you back to one of my favorite hobbies: staying in hotels.

“I’m more at home with my backpack, sleeping in a hotel room or on a bus or on an airplane. Than I am necessarily on a bed. It’s weird being here. It feels like I’m standing next to my real life.” ~ Henry Rollins

There’s a distinctive shift that comes over me when I’m in a hotel room. A sense of safety in anonymity, the possibility of being unknown and untouchable. Ensconced in a lofty space high above a city, or on the ground floor of some seaside retreat, I find comfort in being a transient stranger.

We are all known in our own circles, and that can be incredibly wearying.

As much as we strive to be known, to be recognized, to be seen, we sometimes forget that it comes with its own set of burdens and responsibilities.

I long for a different kind of freedom, something that can only be found when you go away.

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Famous Nude Guys

nude male celebs 1001

In the aftermath of Orlando Bloom’s more-than-just-a-dick-slip photos, it seems fitting to pause for further reflection and reminiscing over those male celebrities who have bared their assets for all the world to see. Male nudity is the final frontier, it seems, for prurient America, and in this wretched election year let’s turn our attention to the staffs at hand.

A is for Austin Armacost, who has graced these pages with his boffo bod, ever-improving over the years. These latest shots prove that Armacost has focused on his very best parts, and shown them off to their greatest potential.

B is for Bloom, as in Orlando, who started this resurgence of male nudity with this collection of racy fully-nude photos. It also stands for Bieber – Justin Bieber – who continued the streak, quite literally.

C is for Chris Salvatore, whose musical prowess is as magical as his disrobing.

D is for the delicious David Gandy, eye-&-man-candy, and deliriously-sexy Dan Osborne.

E is for Epke Zonderland, one of the very first naked Olympians we ever featured on this site, back in the Summer Olympics of 2012.

F is for Fusco, as in one of our most popular Hunks of all-time, Philip Fusco, who has been charming our pants off by taking his pants off for years.

G is for gingers, like Greg Rutherford – and the red carpet matched the red drapes.

We’re just going to skep ahead to Z, because it’s summer, I’m tired, and there’s more than enough naked male celebrities for you to fawn over until tomorrow.

Z is for Zac Efron, who went bottoms-up in this memorable post, and has teased us tantalizingly ever since.

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Shadows & Obscurity


Unseen, across the landscape of light, a morning approaches. Unbidden, because there are certain nights you don’t want to end, it presents itself matter-of-factly. There it stands in front of you: the day. Unpretentious, indisputable, and always just a little inscrutable, it awaits further instruction. Which way will you go? Where will you take it? How would you like it to end?

Obscured by the changing lens of life, it looks a little different to everyone. Distorted by the stories we tell ourselves, and the tales we choose to hear, it bends and refracts and ricochets like light. Yet as tricky as it sometimes seems to be, there is something reassuring about the whole scene: a tacit understanding with the day that we will do it together.

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An Olympic Hero Gets Naked

greg louganis nude 100

We are but a few weeks away from the summer Olympics, and our Hunks of the Day are all coming to you straight from the Olympic trials. While Greg Louganis has already been a Hunk of the Day, and a hero, he’s showing off his fine physique without so much as a Speedo for the ESPN Body Issue (read: the Nude Issue). It is a thrill to see someone still exercise such fine form and mastery of staying in shape, but when you have Olympic blood in you, it seems to be part of life.

Mr. Louganis has made a splash here before, in ways both moving and sexy, and he does that again in this brief post. Though he was diagnosed with HIV almost three decades ago, he’s still going strong. As he recently told ‘People’ magazine, “HIV taught me that I’m a lot stronger than I ever believed I was… Also, not to take anything for granted. I didn’t think I would see 30, and here I am at 56.”

As a new crop of divers heads to Rio to prove their worth, it’s good to see an old favorite – and a childhood hero of mine – still inspiring, and jumping into the future without looking back.

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Hunk of the Day: Ross Worswick

Ross Worswick 101

Though his pal Joss Mooney’s ample ass makes a Special Guest Appearance in some of these pics (scroll down for the fuller version) this is Ross Worswick’s Hunk of the Day honor, and the MTV sex symbol more than proves his hunky merit in his own right.

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Nick Bateman Bares His Naked Ass

nick bateman 16001

The title of the post pretty much sums up the assets on display. Nick Bateman has been a Hunk of the Day before, but it clearly due again. In the meantime, he just posted a naked butt shot on his mega-popular Instagram feed. For those who are hungry, here’s something to whet the appetite.

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Naked Saturday


It wouldn’t be fair for me to do a post catechizing other guys to take their pants off if I’m not going to do my part and be brave too, so here’s the nude preamble to today’s posts. Truth be told, I haven’t been as unclothed here as everyone seems to think I am, but that’s what happens when nudity is involved – everything gets thrown out of whack and blown out of proportion. The false puritan notions of America, bogged down by hypocrisy and hyperbole.

This site has long been a bully pulpit for self-expression and a shame-free zone for the naked human body. While there is no full-frontal nudity (I don’t mind the NSFW label we get, as long as I know it’s not true) there’s just about every other sort, and one man’s backside is another man’s treasure. Now we’re slipping into Debbie Reynolds talk, and I’m pretty sure Carrie Fisher would hardly approve. Come back later for hotter guys similarly lacking in attire.

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Gus Kenworthy: Naked at Noon

gus kenworthy 001

Gus Kenworthy has become one cheeky Olympian, and no one is more glad than the visitors here. His naked ass first appeared in his virgin Hunk of the Day post, and since then it’s been popping out all over Instagram. Apparently no one’s complaining about another nude Gus Kenworthy shot, so scroll down for more. And to think we go crazy when male celebrities go shirtless – this is whole new level of swooning.

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Happy World Naked Gardening Day 2016

garden naked 101

The first Saturday in May has been dubbed “World Naked Gardening Day” and this year it couldn’t have fallen on a better date. The merits of gardening without clothing are questionable at best, dangerous at worst, but so highly entertaining it seems the powers-that-be have made an unofficial holiday of it. Though it’s been far too cold and dreary to take any new shots (and my winter body fat has yet to be shed) I’ve been naked in the garden before, so go here for a look back at my backside. For this post, let’s have a gander at some other asses.

And in case anyone still thinks it’s just a nude pose, check out these gardening links:

Bend and snap!

Zen zone.

At least three cheers.

Cherry popping.

Don’t cry for me, Larix decidua.


Sweet ruff.

The tree peony.

A mantle of a lady.

The celadon poppy.

Do not mock this.

Screaming loud.

Lace it up.

The rays.

A bunch of pricks.

And if it’s the guy below you’re into (or want to be in to), here’s Paddy out of the woods.

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Sunday Shirtcocking

16 shirtcockin 01

There may not be a dictionary definition for shirtcocking yet, but if Donnie Rust has anything to say about it there should be. The act of wearing a shirt and no pants is the very loose description of it, as illustrated by all butt one of these shots. (Yes, that ‘butt’ was entirely intentional; there are no accidents here.)

 “The terrible poetry of human nudity, I understand it at last, I who tremble for the first time in trying to read it with blasé eyes.” ― Rachilde

“Beware of the naked man who offers you his shirt.” ~ Navjot Singh Sidhu

“I think on-stage nudity is disgusting, shameful and damaging to all things American. But if I were 22 with a great body, it would be artistic, tasteful, patriotic, and a progressive religious experience.” ― Shelley Winters

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Mid-Day Ginger Treat: Burning Bush

kevin long 100

Though we already have a Hunk of the Day picked out for a bit later, I’m giving you a bonus post of Mr. Kevin Long. Based on this photo shoot alone, there’s a good chance that Long will be featured in his very own Hunk of the Day feature in short order. In the meantime, enjoy this ginger-themed one-off for this very hot St. Patrick’s Day.


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Hunk of the Day: Bryce Harper

bryce harper 101

Much has been made over his miraculous feat of doing squats while balancing precariously atop an exercise ball, but Bryce Harper more than earns his first Hunk of the Day crowning simply through his baseball-playing prowess and accompanying body. It’s on display here and is ample justification for this honor. Here’s hoping he poses for another Naked Body Issue very soon.

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Hunk of the Day: François Sagat

François Sagat 01

The bold celebration of gay porn that this site has recently embodied comes to a tattooed head with this Hunk of the Day, François Sagat. This rugged Frenchman with a scalp tattoo had been delighting audiences for his entire career, and only a couple of years ago did he announcement from the porn industry. Luckily, he’s been immortalized in shots like these.

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