Hunk of the Day: Matthew Camp

At first glance, you might think he’s nothing but a go-go boy, but Matthew Camp somehow manages to be so much more. Artist, model, fashion plate, dancer – he’s one of those Renaissance men that does so many things so well there’s no reason to confine his goals into something as small as a single label. (He can add the prestigious ‘Hunk of the Day‘ title to that list.) It’s a vain complaint that the beautiful among us have their own difficulties as well, but it’s no less true, and sometimes being seen as being beautiful – and nothing else – is a trap worse than all the lashes of the ugly whip, and more insidiously hurtful. Luckily, Mr. Camp embraces both his beauty and his charms, and has a good time whatever he’s doing. Case in point would be his modeling sessions with photographer Edwin Pabon (who took the photos here).

When he collaborates with Mr. Pabon, something magical happens, and that elusive alchemy between photographer and model crystallizes into something that transcends a few sexy images. Mr. Pabon may be his greatest chronicler, the Herb Ritts or Steven Meisel to his Madonna, and together they craft photographs that contain both instant beauty, and something deeper – an invitation to a story, a glimpse into a beginning, or an ending, and the mythical in-between leaves just enough to the imagination.

The beauty of a man is a curious thing. So often we demand that it contain strength and brutality, raw and naked energy, brute force and rough edges. Personally, I prefer a picture that offers a sense of vulnerability, a softness in the gaze, a friendliness in the eyes, the subtle crinkle of a smile. I also like something with a slightly raw edge, a nerve slightly exposed, leading to a jolt of electricity. Mr. Camp exemplifies this, with a playful wink in every pose, and Mr. Pabon captures it with a knowing click of the shutter.

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