Naked & Sunny Counter-programming

On a day following the first snowfall of the season, I am filled with enough anti-snow sentiment to reach way back in the archives for some sunny pre-skinny-dipping photos. Here is the pool in all its splendor, backed by some blooming black-eye-susans and filtered by the leaves of a cherry tree. It is the bare personification of summer, and I miss it.

This is far too early to have snow, especially since the colorful leaves are being ripped from their branches and everything is bent over beneath the weight of the frozen stuff. A ten-foot-tall clump of fountain grass has been felled – especially tragic as that is the main point of interest in the winter garden. All of our dogwoods are groaning and touching the ground with their burdened branches. The hydrangeas are a weeping mess.

Worse than all of this? The first appearance of Christmas commercials. Best Buy you are so over.

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