The Definitive* Sexy Ben Cohen Post

* Definitive until Mr. Cohen deigns to take his shirt off and drop trousers again, which will hopefully be soon…*

Ben Cohen has proved fine fodder for the sort of sexy posts that populate this wayward blog, and if I’ve pushed him more than, say, David Beckham (whose turn will come tomorrow) it’s because Mr. Cohen is also a staunch straight ally, standing up for gay men and women the world over, and standing behind his anti-bullying efforts with hard work and dedication. His hirsute bearish looks certainly don’t hurt his cause, and that’s a good part of why he’s featured here as well.

Here are a few links wherein we featured the looks, and half-dressed sexiness, of Ben Cohen:

This may have been Ben’s first appearance here – way back in 2010.

It is said that he has an enormous hose.

He seems to enjoy boxer briefs.

And regular briefs, in blue.

He likes to strip to his underwear for video too.

It’s the hair, isn’t it?

Actually, it’s probably his butt.

Is he sexier than David Beckham?

He just may be.

Especially if he goes full-frontal first.

But shirtless Ben is more than just fine.

Especially when getting ready to dance.

The best part of Ben, however, may be his Attitude.

And the fact that he’d give you the shirt off his back.

Nah – it’s the way he fills out these white briefs.

With these gargantuan balls.

David Beckham returns the sexy volley tomorrow…

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