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Nude and Not-so-Nude Male Celebrities on Display

nude males 51601

The naked male celebrity gets more than his fair share of attention in these parts, but there are those who keep their clothes on occasionally, and this is a nod to them. Not that we’ve completely gone off nudes – and there are a few here to keep you interested, but every now and then I enjoy a complete ensemble that encompasses more than someone’s underwear and cologne and odd piece of jewelry.

Let’s begin with Chris Evans, who has appeared in these pages in far less clothing than he’s got on here. (You especially like it when he pulls his pants down.) A nod to his star-making turn as Captain America, he’s got the bull’s eye, and the eyes of America, upon him.

Nick Jonas has also graced us wearing much less, but here he offers a little glimpse of arm pit action, which is always appreciated by some of you.

Tom Daley may not be wearing more clothing in this post, but nor is he wearing less. It’s his standard Speedo attire, a look that has yet to grow tired, and one that he’ll be flaunting in Rio this summer. Who’s ready for another Olympic games? [Raises hand.]

Rob Gronkowski recently bared a bit of his butt for this pec-tacular post, but here’s his full-on backside in a shot that won’t make any paper editions of GQ stateside.

And bringing up the finest rear this post has to offer is Bear Grylls, frigidly baring his backside to end this post on a bare-ass note.

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Gus Kenworthy: Naked at Noon

gus kenworthy 001

Gus Kenworthy has become one cheeky Olympian, and no one is more glad than the visitors here. His naked ass first appeared in his virgin Hunk of the Day post, and since then it’s been popping out all over Instagram. Apparently no one’s complaining about another nude Gus Kenworthy shot, so scroll down for more. And to think we go crazy when male celebrities go shirtless – this is whole new level of swooning.

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Hunk of the Day: Alexander Skarsgård

Alexander Skarsgård

Based on the requests, this is one Swedish meatball you all wouldn’t mind devouring. Taking his bow as Hunk of the Day, Alexander Skarsgård is perhaps best known for his role on the defunct but beloved HBO vampire series ‘True Blood’ – of which I have yet to see a single episode. Mr. Skarsgård is also in the new reboot of Tarzan, and he looks just as good in long hair and loincloth. Neither are an easy look to pull off (I think only Casper Van Dien was able to do it well) but Alexander does it with practiced finesse.

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Rob Gronkowski: In A Speedo… And Even Less

rob gronkowski butt speedo 100

Making a splash for the summer season, this is Rob Gronkowski‘s new GQ spread, in which he poses like a peacock in a Speedo and just a towel. It certainly plays up his bad-boy/frat-boy/party-boy image (eventually I had to give up on cropping out all the gratuitous bikini gals) and re-establishes his status as football-fun-guy. He’s been a little more naked here before, and has no problem with doffing his clothes for photos, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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Hunk of the Day: Ashley McKenzie

ashley mckenzie 100

According to the internet, “Ashley McKenzie is an English judoka.” I had to look that up, but it basically means he’s a master of judo, so much so that he was in the Olympics for his talents. At 5’4″ and 132 pounds, he packs a powerful punch for such a small package, but good things come in small packages. This is sounding far dirtier than originally intended. Even when we try to get on the path to innocence, all roads lead to the gutter. Congrats to Mr. McKenzie on being named Hunk of the Day.

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Hunk of the Day: Billy Reilich, a.k.a. Nick

Billy Reilich 100

Perhaps best known for his stint as Ellen’s sexy and oft-shirtless ‘Nick the Gardener’, this is Billy Reilich, now named the Hunk of the Day. Mr. Reilich has come a long way since those green-thumb days of working out Ms. Ellen’s land, as can be seen in the progression of shots below. That last one is living proof that hard work pays off. (I just don’t have it in me to begin that journey.)


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Hunk of the Day: Jason Derulo, Nude Again

jason derulo 12000

Sweaty R&B sensation Jason Derulo already got buck naked for his first Hunk of the Day crowning way back in February 2014, but he more than deserves a second honor thanks to a steamy new music video (fittingly titled ‘Naked’) in which he goes nude again. I’m sure everyone’s eyes will be glued to the bottom of the screen to see just how low Mr. Derulo will go. Dibs for what got left on the cutting room floor. This is a case of cropping as infuriating tease, something we know quite a lot about on this racy but never vulgar blog. The hint of cock will always be greater than a glimpse of the whole schlong.

As for Mr. Derulo and his naked ass, it’s a definite bid for immortality in these butt-baring parts.

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Double Hunks of the Day: Will & Colby

will and colby101

A rare double-hunk treat for your weekend pleasure is brought to you by Will Wikle and Colby Keller. Each has appeared solo as Hunk of the Day (Wikle in this bit of butt-baring fun and Keller in these artistic shower shots). Together, they form a porn-tastic power duo soon to light up their own adult flick.

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Happy Ass Wednesday

ass wed 100

The gluteus maximus gets much of the glory on this website, and in honor of Ass Wednesday it gets another day in the sun (or in the flurry-flecked gray, as the case may be). Some may find something profane about the whole butt-play on a religious day like Ash Wednesday, some may cry foul at the mention of naked male booty just as the Lenten trudge to Easter begins, and some will just click on this post and scroll down to the nude male celebrity butts and links that follow. I know which camp I’m in…

We begin with the meaty backside of Tom Hardy, who recently had a full-frontal river romp splashed across these wireless frequencies. (Well, not these particular ones, as full-frontal male nudity is a frontier we have yet to conquer here.)

The aptly-named Stuart Reardon is proof that more male athletes need to pull down their drawers for photo shoots like these. (He’s also the butt-naked guy dunking the basketball in the featured photo for this salacious post.)

Click-bait warning: we move onto the ample assets of Ryan Reynolds, who reportedly has a naked wrestling match in his new ‘Deadpool’ movie opening this week. I was going to see it regardless, but this is a happy bonus. He’s only shirtless here, but his bottom is on flagrant show in this post.

Below is the beauteous backside of Simon Dunn, which can also be seen in all its glory in this post. (And a bit more of him can be found here.)

Two more words: Orlando Bloom. Who knew the elves had such hot asses?

Bringing up the tail-end of this post rather spectacularly is Matt Bomer, in full motion, and also seen in greater glory here, but not here.

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Hunk of the Day: Donnie Rust ~ The Naked Busker

donnie rust 100

For those brave souls who have the courage to get naked and go their own way, I usually like to do an extensive write-up honoring them in some way as Hunk of the Day or some other celebratory-type post. In the case of Donnie Rust and his first Hunk of the Day honor, I’ve decided to let him speak (well, sing) for himself. Known as The Naked Busker, he gets quite a bit across in a single song. Listen to his ‘Scrapbook’ below.

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Zac Efron’s Naked Ass in Motion

zac efron naked butt 100

Sometimes when you get home early from work you stumble upon something as golden as these GIFs of Zac Efron and his naked butt. A nude Zac Efron is a sight to behold, especially when he’s shaking his naked booty for all the world to see. Apparently these are from his new movie with Robert DeNiro. No word on whether the latter joins in the nude fun. These scenes were apparently filmed at the same time these almost-nude photos of Mr. Efron were taken.

More Zac Efron naughty bits here.


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Hunk of the Day: Adam Driver

adam driver 000

There’s something seriously sexy about the dark side. Take Kylo Ren in the new ‘Star Wars’ movie. Yes, he offs his father and countless other innocent people in the quest for power and world domination, but he does it while sleekly wardrobed in shiny black, and that gorgeous red accent of a lightsaber. It’s enough to grant the man who played him, Adam Driver, a second turn as Hunk of the Day. Riding high on his ‘Star Wars’ turn, Mr. Driver recently appeared on a decent episode (or so I’m told) of ‘Saturday Night Live’ and even did a parody of gay porn. (I only watch that show when Madonna is on it, so I haven’t seen it in years – and I missed her Justin Timberlake appearance). At any rate, Mr. Drive makes a quirky Hunk, but that’s what makes the world go around. Difference is celebrated here. Quirkiness is welcomed. And the extraordinary beats the ordinary every single day.

PS: Bonus nude butt shot for those who really just came here to see Adam Driver naked.

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Hunk of the Day: Cody Simpson

cody simpson 101

He is probably the ant-thesis of what I find hunky – too young, too blonde, too bland – but somewhere there’s a market for the Hunk of the Day Cody Simpson. Teenage girls strike me as the target audience, but as Mr. Simpson grows up, I’m guessing he’ll gain a few more admirers. In the meantime, here’s for that early crop of infatuated lasses and lads. (He gets bonus points for exposing his bare ass in an online moment that he didn’t quite snatch back soon enough. The indiscretions of youth.)


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A Gratuitously Nude Tyson Beckford

Tyson Beckford

Every now and then one must begin the day with a superficial bit of man candy. Not an official Hunk of the Day (he’s already been that here), but a sexy tribute nonetheless. For today’s opening, we have the naked Tyson Beckford, who recently posted (then quickly deleted) the bottom photo. When Tyson Beckford bares his naked ass, that’s more than enough for a blog post of its own.

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The Naked Zac Efron Pics

zac efron naked alms 00

They’ve already been plastered all over the internet, but this blog would be remiss if it didn’t include, for posterity, these naked glimpses of Zac Efron.

This isn’t the first time Mr. Efron has flirted with nudity, but it may be the most graphic. I won’t see whatever movie it’s from, but clips will leak soon enough. In the meantime, a look back at some of Zac’s shirtless and pants-less posts from this place.

It began with his very first Hunk of the Day crowning (which was actually rather late in the Efron game).

There was this quick look at him in his wet tighty-whiteys.

A simple shirtless post with some shirtless GIFs.

The very first naked Zac Efron post, legit.

In this post, he stuck his hand down his pants and the world went ‘ahh.’

Even more shirtless Zac Efron GIFs.

When riding a steed, he doffed his shirt too.

And here he is grabbing another guy’s junk, for real.

Yup, some more shirtless Zac pics.

More photos from the promo shots used for what’s below.

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