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Hunk of the Day: Ryan Dungey

Ryan Dungey1

The ESPN Body Issue is a gift that just keeps on giving, as evidenced by these photos of Ryan Dungey, who is the Hunk of the Day. I don’t think we’ve ever had a Motocross champion as an HOD until now, so this is a long-overdue honor for Mr. Dungey. He clearly knows how to handle any hog, and that’s a boon this blog has not seen in some time. Congrats to Dungey on this honor.

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Thanks to the Hunks

hunk collect01

On this very special day of thanks, let us show a little gratitude to the Hunks of the Day who have come before but whom you may have missed. Hunks like Benjamin Godfre, who merges art and salaciousness in erotic alchemy, as seen in his first crowning as HOD.

Across the pond, Shayne Ward sang his way into stardom, and the naked shots in his turn as Hunk of the Day kept that star burning. On the same continent, Chris Mears strutted his Speedo-clad stuff with Olympic caliber style.

Striking new levels of hunky bodaciousness, David McIntosh is like a juicy apple prime for the picking.

Danish male model Ken Bek strikes several scintillating poses in his Hunk of the Day feature. Recent rumors had Idris Elba hooking up with Madonna, which is a practically perfect match made in heaven, and just a little too good to be true.

As the last Hunk in this brief encapsulation, Phil Fusco is a fan favorite for reasons scorchingly apparent in his first HOD post.

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Hunk of the Day: Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Mark-Paul Gosselaar 100

For better or worse, Mark-Paul Gosselaar will always be known to many of us as Zack Morris – the hero of ‘Saved By The Bell’ – and that’s ok, but you’d be missing out on the best years of his life, as this turn as Hunk of the Day will easily prove. Mr. Gosselaar has come a long way from his days at Bayside High School and calming Jesse Spano down from her caffeine-pill-addiction. His graduation into Hunk of the Day has been a journey worth watching. (And the naked and nude pics & GIFs are super cum laude.)

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Hunk of the Day: Jake Arrieta (Again)

Jake Arrieta1

All praise and glory to the ESPN Body Issue, which once again featured one of the hottest current baseball luminaries on the cover of its naked-ass issue. This is Jake Arrieta, a Chicago Cub who is right now as we speak embroiled in a World Series, taking his second bow as Hunk of the Day. His first featured a sneak-peek of this nude cover, and some of his underwear modeling work. I’m not sure which is more inspiring. Readers/voyeurs?

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Hunk of the Day: James Marsden

james marsden 100

By all rights and any sense of justice, James Marsden should have been named a Hunk of the Day long ago. His woefully-tardy Hunk party begins today, however, and just on the heels of his naked scene on ‘Westworld.’ A little side-ass never hurt anyone’s career, and in Mr. Marsden’s case it’s resulted in this Hunky honor.

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Nick Jonas Shows Off His Naked Butt

nick jonas sexy 01

It’s been far too long since Nick Jonas gave us a peek at his cheeks, but that gets corrected in this post. If you’ll recall, Mr. Jonas was once all about the nude scenes, and he’s back at flashing his naked backside in this capture from the new James Franco film ‘Goat.’ I probably won’t go see it – Mr. Franco’s work appeals to me on absolutely no level whatsoever. (I’m just not a ‘Pineapple Express’ kind of guy, and I never will be.) That doesn’t mean I don’t like the guy. Anyway, this was about Mr. Jonas and his naked ass, so without further ado

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Tom Brady Nude (For Real)

tom brady nude

Despite what we might feel about invasion of privacy, here is Tom Brady doing some naked sunbathing. If this is how Mr. Brady prepares for a new season (even if he is on a little break), I should have been born a football player. Anyway, we are headed into the pigskin season, and based on this peek at a naked Tom Brady, I say Go Pats!


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Hunk of the Day: Tyler Hilton

Tyler Hilton 100

Sometimes all it takes to make it into the vaunted realm of the Hunk of the Day is one stunning bare-ass photo, such as the one seen below of first-time Hunk Tyler Hilton. He’s continuing on tour later this fall in support of his latest release ‘Indian Summer’ which sounds like a more complex journey of contemplation:

Ultimately, Indian Summer will be a hand-crafted coming of age exploration into early manhood, family, and home life. “I’ve been getting more in touch with myself as ‘the man’ instead of the boy, or the person, or the guy.  It’s the first time I’ve really wanted to be a man as opposed to anything else, and country music has always lent itself to those kinds of heroes.  As the anger from Forget The Storm dissipates, I’m living a more grounded life, looking inward, and I’m in the first steps towards manhood.  This record is going to be a companion to that experience.”

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Matt Bomer’s Sexy Stripper Moves

matt b butt 01

Matt Bomer has bared his beautiful butt a couple of times on this blog. He was a Hunk of the Day, and a member of the ‘Magic Mike’ butt brigade. Here are a few fun GIFs and photos of said posterior, for your afternoon/evening viewing pleasure.

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Hunk of the Day: Cheyenne Jackson Comes Again

cheyenne jackson 301

In honor of the return of ‘American Horror Story‘ (where this Hunk made such a naked splash last year) here is Cheyenne Jackson, marking his second appearance as Hunk of the Day. While I have yet to be won over by the new season of AHS, I’ll give it another go next week as more popular actors make their re-appearance on the Ryan Murphy anthology. Hopefully that includes Mr. Jackson.

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Hunk of the Day: Lewis Bloor

lewis bloor 1000

British television star Lewis Bloor, lately of ‘The Only Way is Essex’ and ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, is the Hunk of the Day. His exhibitionist streaks and full-frontal nude peeks have put him front and center of the Twitterverse and FaceBook Kingdom. His naked ass is below, just keep scrolling.

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The Great Gratuitous Greg Rutherford Post

g rutherford 000

Greg Rutherford has been one of the most popular figures featured here, and thanks to this sizzling collection of photos the reasons are quite apparent. It doesn’t get hotter than a super-fit ginger who has been an ally to the LGBT community for his entire career. Cheeky photo-shoots that emphasize his ass don’t hurt either, and he has just the right amount of body ink to be both elegant and a little edgy. Here, we present some of his finer shots in honor of his long-jump endeavors at the Rio Summer Olympics.

Mr. Rutherford’s history here goes back a while, with his initial Hunk of the Day feature, wherein he posed and pulled his pants down just enough to whet the appetite for more.

He got a little more naked here for a butt-baring GIF that I’ll repost below for good measure.

On Twitter I posed the question of whether Christoph Harting was the hottest ginger at these summer Olympics. A resounding ‘NO’ was also accompanied by the simple proclamation that it was Greg Rutherford. Who am I to argue with Twitter?

In addition to his features, Rutherford also helms a number of miscellaneous posts, such as this one, where he adds his powerful back-end to the naked likes of Orlando Bloom, Justin Bieber, and Epke Wonderland.

His most nude post maybe this sexy recap where he joins force with a naked Dan Osborne for some British Booty Exhibitionism.

Even when he’s a minor, albeit-crotch-grabbing, part of a post, he still burns bright, even in black-and-white.

Congrats to Mr. Rutherford for making it to another Olympic Games. Here’s hoping this is just the beginning of many more fabulous photo shoots. Go Gingers!

{And if you want to see his biggest ass-baring photo, it’s right here in this post.}

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Justin Bieber: Totally Naked

bieber naked 0001

Everyone seems to be getting naked this summer, and Justin Bieber was one of the biggest stars to go nude a few weeks ago in Hawaii. While I’ll never be a Justin Bieber fan, some of you are, and who am I to deny a few shots of Mr. Bieber’s naked ass? You’ll have to look elsewhere for those full-frontals though; this joint is clean.

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Famous Nude Guys

nude male celebs 1001

In the aftermath of Orlando Bloom’s more-than-just-a-dick-slip photos, it seems fitting to pause for further reflection and reminiscing over those male celebrities who have bared their assets for all the world to see. Male nudity is the final frontier, it seems, for prurient America, and in this wretched election year let’s turn our attention to the staffs at hand.

A is for Austin Armacost, who has graced these pages with his boffo bod, ever-improving over the years. These latest shots prove that Armacost has focused on his very best parts, and shown them off to their greatest potential.

B is for Bloom, as in Orlando, who started this resurgence of male nudity with this collection of racy fully-nude photos. It also stands for Bieber – Justin Bieber – who continued the streak, quite literally.

C is for Chris Salvatore, whose musical prowess is as magical as his disrobing.

D is for the delicious David Gandy, eye-&-man-candy, and deliriously-sexy Dan Osborne.

E is for Epke Zonderland, one of the very first naked Olympians we ever featured on this site, back in the Summer Olympics of 2012.

F is for Fusco, as in one of our most popular Hunks of all-time, Philip Fusco, who has been charming our pants off by taking his pants off for years.

G is for gingers, like Greg Rutherford – and the red carpet matched the red drapes.

We’re just going to skep ahead to Z, because it’s summer, I’m tired, and there’s more than enough naked male celebrities for you to fawn over until tomorrow.

Z is for Zac Efron, who went bottoms-up in this memorable post, and has teased us tantalizingly ever since.

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Orlando Bloom Goes Full-Frontally Naked

orlando bloom naked 0000

In what can only be a publicity move of bold proportions, Orlando Bloom just went paddle-boarding with Katy Perry… and without a stitch of clothing (save a hat, since he seems to be concerned with covering at least one head). A full-frontal shot of Orlando Bloom won’t find its uncensored way to this blog – sorry, folks – but here’s what we can show you, and it’s NSFW enough. Mr. Bloom has already busted out his naked butt in these parts, and to much acclaim, so he looks to recapture some of that nude glory today.

I do my fair-share of disrobing on this site, so I’m all for a little free-willy freedom, especially when water and sun is involved – and for a male celebrity to get so flagrantly naked in public I have only accolades and encouragement to give. “Nude male celebrities” is a trend that needs to happen more often. Bloom, baby, Bloom.

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