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The Great Naked Male Celebrity Post

nude male celebs 1001

One of the more popular categories of this site is the ‘Naked Male Celebrities’ section. It’s pretty self-explanatory: photos of nude male celebrities. Not so heavy on the full-frontal scenes (despite what Amtrak may think of the NSFW nature of this site) we do feature ample ass for those who like the butt. Nude male celebrities will always garner a bit more attention than, say, non-nude male celebs. So feast your eyes upon those who have deigned to drop trou for this site.

We begin with a blast from the archived past: Ryan Reynolds. He showed off a perky rear-end in his younger years, before he got all Green Lantern on us. He should definitely put some new work out there.

Self-proclaimed gay A-lister Reichen Lehmkuhl put his shelf on display in several shower shots, while his former boyfriend Rodiney Santiago gave him a run for his booty-shaking money. Their co-star, Austin Armacost, had a bit more meat to show, so he did.

Football season is but a dim memory, but Rob Gronkowski’s naked ass lives on.

When it comes to a battle of the butts, nobody’s back-ends duked it out like Channing Tatum‘s and Joe Manganiello‘s. Bringing up how own rear in ‘Magic Mike’ was the Oscar-winning Matthew McConaughey. (Not to mention Matt Bomer’s banging ass.)

One of the more bodacious backsides to ever be featured here belonged to Milo Ventimiglia, of ‘Heroes’ fame.

Two words that have always signified something hot and usually naked: Nick Youngquest.

Harry Judd has been naked a lot of late, but I think this was the first time he was featured here showing off his clenched coin slot.

Before he had his underwear line, Chris Salvatore appeared here sans any underwear at all.

Sadly, Justin Bieber’s naked butt was also here.

Finally, a few of the racier gentleman who have bared a bit more over the years, and we owe them a round of applause for that. The sultry shots of Benjamin Godfre, the awesome ass and assets of Will Wikle, the magnificence of Jack Mackenroth’s pee-a-boo booty, and one of the finest specimen’s of butt beauty that has graced this site, the sexy stuff of Stuart Reardon (who couldn’t be contained in one single post.)

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That Naked Harry Judd Cover, Minus the Censor (& With Video)

harry judd naked cover 17

Attitude Magazine has a way of getting the hottest guys to take off all their clothing, particularly if a cover shot on their 20th Anniversary Issue is involved. This is Harry Judd, who we’ve been celebrating in a few naked posts of late, but none quite as buck-ass butt-naked as this one, in which the writing is off his butt for an unobstructed rear-entry view. You’re welcome, Harry-lovers.

I’m not saying this is how he would fuck a cake, but that seems to be the gist of the GIF here…


Oh, and there’s video…

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Hunk of the Day: Chris Meloni

chris meloni 101

Someone who has a sense of humor about his own beauteous gluteus maximus is Hunk of the Day Chris Meloni. Previously known for baring his butt on the prison series ‘Oz’, he reportedly responded to a question of whether he’s surprised by his gay fan-base by cheekily saying, “With the ass that I’m sporting? No.”

Such well-deserved pride in one’s backside is always a treat, especially to watch and witness.

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Harry Judd, Naked For Real

harry judd nude 101

In celebration of Attitude’s 20th Anniversary, Harry Judd gets naked for their cover, and it’s a doozy of a photo spread, so to speak. Mr. Judd has been nude here before, and no one complained then, so here he is again. That ass just won’t quit.

Previous Harry Judd Posts:

First Hunk of the Day Appearance

Second Hunk of the Day Crowning

Attitude Briefs Cover

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Hunk of the Day: Olly Barkley

Olly Barkley 100

Another rugby player with the powerful lower-body the sport demands, this is Olly Barkley (though for the life of me I don’t know why he wouldn’t hang onto his given name Oliver – it was good enough for Mr. Twist.) Ball players of all sports are always a welcome sight here (Hello David Beckham, Ben Cohen, Stuart Reardon, Nick Youngquest, Sandor Earl, Sacha Harding & Ben Foden.) Mr. Barkley plays at fly-half (yeah, who doesn’t) and makes a fine addition to that illustrious list.

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British Bums: Cohen, Daley, & Judd

british bums 1

While the cock may have gotten a bit of notice lately, this site has always been about the butt. More specifically, the British bum, those across-the-pond glory-holes of Ben Cohen, Tom Daley, and Harry Judd – each of whom has been featured here before. Sometimes Mondays demand a more leisurely entry, like through the back-end.

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Hunk of the Day: Jason Beitel

jason beitel 1000

Most recently appearing in the Cirque de Soleil ‘Love’ show in Las Vegas, this is Hunk of the Day Jason Beitel, perhaps best-known in gay circles as one of the back-up dancers for a Kylie Minogue tour or two. His website has him listed as a Cirque performer now, which is very exciting (it’s the only thing I found slightly worthwhile in Las Vegas.)

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Hunk of the Day: Anton Hysén

Anton Hysén 100

This is the super cute, and super naked if you scroll down below, Anton Hysén – a gay soccer player from Sweden who just signed with the Myrtle Beach Mutiny (which is apparently an American team. Despite a somewhat fanatical devotion to David Beckham, I remain largely ignorant of soccer/football.) At any rate, we welcome Mr. Hysén to these shores, where he will provide some badly-needed heat to the East Coast. This continues the gay soccer kick we’ve been on of late. Congrats on being named the Hunk of the Day!

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New Jake Gyllenhaal Naked Pics

jake gyllenhaal nude

If it feels like we just featured Jake Gyllenhaal naked on this site, you are not losing your marbles. But when new photos of a nude Jake Gyllenhaal make the internet rounds, it’s my duty to feature his naked ass again. The hair is decidedly questionable – what’s with all the Jesus manes of late? – and the body is less-toned than some of us are accustomed, but I can’t fault him for that. (God knows my tummy has seen slimmer days.) Anyway, here’s nakey Jakey…

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Another Naked Olympian

louis smith 00

Louis Smith has already been featured as a naked Hunk of the Day, but here’s a bonus post for those who didn’t get enough that first time around. (As if there was such a thing as enough male nudity.) As you may know, naked Olympians are nothing new here, and there’s always room for new shots. As for Mr. Smith, I can’t imagine the dismount that followed that last photo…


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The Ass Menagerie

christian bale shirtless

If you’ve been coming here for any length of time, you’ve have noticed that there is never any full-frontal male nudity on this site. Mainly because I don’t want this to turn into a porny free-for-all, and full-frontal shots can be found any other number of places. As compensation, however, I have offered ample ass shots – my own and others. For some reason rear nudity is not as frowned-upon as cock shots. It’s a fine line. Very fine. And we each have to draw it where we feel most comfortable. In my own life, I’m pretty free-for-all. For public consumption, however, I put the penis away.

To that end, we focus on the other end. The tight end. The perky end. The happy end. Notable butts featured here have included the following:

Christian Bale and his bounteous maximus on shower display in ‘American Psycho.’ If it takes turning into a psychotic to get a body like that, I don’t ever want to be sane.

Ryan Phillippe, who has come a long way from his ‘Studio 54′ days, and I’d say his butt has markedly improved.

Another Ryan – Ryan Reynolds – just edges out Mr. Phillippe in the hot ass department.

Working it out better than anyone’s back end, see Scott Herman.

A whole slew of bottoms stripping in ‘Magic Mike’ – and this beautiful Battle of the Butts. (I’m still partial to Matt Bomer’s epic ass work in that Oscar-robbed film.)

The magnificent backside of Nick Youngquest in all its glory.

The cheeky Ass-List shenanigans of Austin Armacost.

Rhymes with man-candy, male model David Gandy.

Wearing his own underwear, but taking just enough off to model his own ass, Todd Sanfield knows how to thrill.

Royalty, okay? Prince Harry’s fine ass.

Kellan Lutz in some sort of sexy planking.

And bringing up the rear of this end-heavy post, not-so-wee Will Wikle.

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Hunk of the Day: Daniel Radcliffe, Naked Again

daniel radcliffe shirtless

Ever since appearing in the Broadway buff in ‘Equus’, Daniel Radcliffe has all butt erased any lingering Harry Potter baggage,  and continues to do so with these stills from a recent movie, in which he’s getting his gay sex scene groove on (I’ve omitted the racier photos, sorry.) Mr. Radcliffe has been naked here before, more than once, and surely there are those who won’t mind him naked again. This marks his first appearance as Hunk of the Day, however, but probably not his last.

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Hunk of the Day: Todd Sanfield, A Second Crowning

todd sanfield 100

This marks Todd Sanfield’s second coming as Hunk of the Day. He saw his first crowning when I tweeted him the other night, and he noticed that it was a long time ago, so I offered to grant him a rare double hunk honor (something reserved for the truly special guys like Harry Judd, Nick Adams and Alex Pettyfer for example.) Mr. Sanfield certainly constitutes something special, being one of those exceptional male models who turned what he learned on the other side of the lens into his own underwear line ~ The Todd Sanfield Collection. Of course, nobody wears his underwear better than Sanfield himself, as evidenced by the spectacular photos that follow.

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Recap: In Like A Lion, A Naked Lion

naked male celebs 1

With this month just under way, and the old ‘In like a lion’ adage seemingly holding true, I’m doing a recap to encapsulate some highlights from all of February, for those lucky casual visitors who haven’t quite made this a daily-must-stop. (I don’t blame you in the least – on a good day I’m a lot to take. On a bad day, it’s simply too much.) Let’s get on with this wintry look back… so we can soon spring ahead. Despite swirling snow, I know it’s coming…

February was perhaps best-known, at least in these parts, for two seminal sporting events: the Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics. The former featured this supposedly-naked commercial for David Beckham, the latter featured these definitely-naked Olympians.

Along those Olympic lines (but not bound solely to winter), we featured the hunky likes of Blake Skjellerup, Greg Rutherford, Tom Daley, Matteo Guarise, Darren Criss, Andrew Christian, Christof Innerhofer, Jeremy Abbott, Louis Smith, & Gus Kenworthy.

The Gay Soiree was a smashing success, featuring a stellar atmosphere, some killer music, and the best crowd in Albany. My outfit was an intentionally over-the-top hot mess. And it showcased my ass.

Plagued by troubling dreams and meddlesome nightmares, this was not the easiest month in which to find sweet sleep, but protection was at hand, and family gatherings like this one brightened the dark days. Cooking was a comfort too, but it was the company that made the difference.

A Vietnamese dinner, half home-made (just don’t call me Sandra Lee unless you have a connection to her boyfriend, who still has yet to make equitable salary reparation to his Management Confidential employees – ahem.)

A low-key Valentine’s Day, lacking in the usual Dorothy Parker bitterness, but resonating on a deeper plane.

The adorable and amazing Kristin Chenoweth lit up Schenectady better than anything GE could ever produce.

You’ve got style, that’s what all the girls say…

A blast from the past, and the re-booting of a series that still doesn’t excite me.

Can we be brave?

All you really need to click: Dan Osborne Naked.

Wait, all you REALLY need to click: Dan Osborne & Tom Daley in Speedos.


Sucking too hard on a lollipop?

For some less-than-super-human hunks who had nothing to do with the Olympics, we showed off  David McintoshCole Horibe, Mark Wright, Marco Dapper, Pablo Hernandez, Josh Button, Ryan SteelePerez Hilton, Lucien LaviscountAlex PettyferJason Derulo, Nick Bateman, a naked Jake Gyllenhaal, a naked Stuart Reardon, a naked Tom Daley (!!!!) and the amazing Chris Salvatore bulging out of his own underwear line.

The meat and the motion, and a cool little side dish to quell the heat.

Cream… get on top!

Happy Birthday to my baby brother.

Why did my lover have to pick last night to get down?

Back to Boston, with more to come, home of the best scones ever.

A couple of recaps within a recap: some more gratuitously naked male celebrities, some ferociously hot (and bordering-on-obscene) bulges from these Hunks, and some ridiculously perfect male models. Plus, one hot naked ginger in delicious motion (the guy featured in the pics above).

And there’s always room for one more gratuitous Ben Cohen post.

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Even More Naked Stuart Reardon Shots

naked stuart reardon 1001

Starting off the morning in a very sexy way… Just when you thought there couldn’t be any more naked male hotness from Stuart Reardon, along comes this post featuring more of his namesake and strongest asset. I love when a man knows his attributes, and how to use them to best advantage. In this instance, it’s his ample ass, on display as it was in this previous post. Had I known that this is what rugby could do for a body, I’d have picked up a ball years ago, instead of just sucking on them.

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