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One More Naked Michael Phelps Photo

michael phelps nude 0

As if getting naked here a few days ago wasn’t enough, here is one more gratuitous shot of Michael Phelps nude. It’s a lazy summer Sunday, so take a look-see at when Mr. Phelps went bulge-to-bulge with Ryan Lochte, or took a shower in his Speedo, or just removed his clothes and got naked altogether. God save the Olympian.

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Hunk of the Day: Ronnie Kroell, Times Two

ronnie kroell 000

Only very special guys get to be named Hunk of the Day twice on this site, and Ronnie Kroell is definitely worthy of that rarefied air. Thanks to a dedication to a new fitness regime, he’s managed the miraculous feat of bulking up while slimming down, improving an already-practically-perfect body, and infuriating those of us who can manage neither successfully. Yet it’s impossible to begrudge Mr. Kroell for looking so good (even in nothing but a sock for his cock), as he works so hard for it. In addition, his anti-bullying efforts for the Friend Movement continue in full-force, further proof that this good-looker is also a do-gooder.

Mr. Kroell rightfully came to fame from his modeling work, which now includes some upcoming shots taken by the magnificent Devin Mitchell, such as the one seen below.

Images like this are compelling evidence that the muse is just as important as the master, and that Mr. Kroell is a Renaissance man for the ages. He evokes, he enchants, he entrances, he enthralls. In the embrace between beauty and art, he forges an emotional charge, bringing depth to a world too-often overtaken by the shallow and the superficial.

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Michael Phelps Nude for ESPN’s Naked Issue

michael phelps nude 101

(Ok, they call it the Body Issue, but it’s really the Naked Issue.) It would seem that there’s not much of a difference between donning a Speedo and donning a birthday suit, but Michael Phelps and his tan lines prove otherwise. The difference is profound, and sexy, and folks looking to see Mr. Phelps in all his glory need only pick up the latest ‘Naked Issue’ of ESPN Magazine. Said source has been supplying images of nude athletes for several years now, including Evan LysacekOguchi Onyewu, Matt Harvey, Giancarlo StantonTomáš Berdych, and the infamous Rob Gronkowski (more than once).

Mr. Phelps is no stranger to baring his body, having appeared on this site several times, notably in the shower and in his Speedo. Never before, however, have we seen Michael Phelps naked – until now. Was it worth the wait? You tell me. I will say this much: tan lines are back.

UPDATE: A better look at Michael Phelps nude.

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Gratuitous Harry Judd GIFs

harry judd gif 1000

Harry Judd has long been a favorite in these parts ~ his body, his face, and his accent ~ and now these GIFs that capture the man in snippets of motion cement that favored status. He’s rightfully been named a Hunk of the Day (not once, but twice), taken his pants off for Attitude magazine, and then taken everything off. Because a naked Harry Judd is better than any other kind.


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Miscellaneous Men, With & Without Underwear


When in doubt, smut it up. That’s the axiom of this site, and it will be for some time. In this instance, a spattering of former Hunks of the Day (and maybe one not-yet-christened guy) along with several photos of theirs that didn’t make the initial cut. The first cut may be the deepest, but these follow-ups are nothing short of fantastic.

First we have Dan Osborne, up top, who has been here many times. Count with me – one, two, three, four, five… Check the archives for the rest.

Chris Evans can always be counted on for some sexy shirtlessness, though he’s been rather stingy with it of late. Here’s hoping he returns to all his glory in the near future.

Edilson Nascimento has yet to be featured as a Hunk of the Day, but his time will come.

Austin Armacost usually likes to feature his butt, but this time it’s what’s up front that’s drawing all the focus, while Greg Rutherford amps it up for the gingers (even if you can’t tell in black-and-white.)

Another “A-Lister” – Rodiney Santiago – gives a peek of his derriere.

Finally, we have Russell Tovey, an across-the-pond hottie who has been here before.



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Hunk of the Day: Bear Grylls

bear grylls 100

Man’s battle against wilderness makes a compelling backdrop for any story, particularly when it features the rugged handsomeness of Bear Grylls, who has made a habit of pushing himself to his survival limits, often getting dropped off in the middle of nowhere to push, scratch, and claw his way back to civilization. I’ll never understand why any Hunk of the Day would want to risk everything like that, and it’s not something I find particularly fun to watch, even if he does get naked from time to time. Sexy dirty and filthy dirty are two very different things.

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Hunk of the Day: Andrew Hayden-Smith

Andrew Hayden-Smith 107

British actor and television presenter Andrew Hayden-Smith brings the gay back to the Hunk of the Day, as Mr. Smith came out way back in 2005. It’s always nice to see my tribe represented in this elite pool of hotness.

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The Great Naked Male Celebrity Post

nude male celebs 1001

One of the more popular categories of this site is the ‘Naked Male Celebrities’ section. It’s pretty self-explanatory: photos of nude male celebrities. Not so heavy on the full-frontal scenes (despite what Amtrak may think of the NSFW nature of this site) we do feature ample ass for those who like the butt. Nude male celebrities will always garner a bit more attention than, say, non-nude male celebs. So feast your eyes upon those who have deigned to drop trou for this site.

We begin with a blast from the archived past: Ryan Reynolds. He showed off a perky rear-end in his younger years, before he got all Green Lantern on us. He should definitely put some new work out there.

Self-proclaimed gay A-lister Reichen Lehmkuhl put his shelf on display in several shower shots, while his former boyfriend Rodiney Santiago gave him a run for his booty-shaking money. Their co-star, Austin Armacost, had a bit more meat to show, so he did.

Football season is but a dim memory, but Rob Gronkowski’s naked ass lives on.

When it comes to a battle of the butts, nobody’s back-ends duked it out like Channing Tatum‘s and Joe Manganiello‘s. Bringing up how own rear in ‘Magic Mike’ was the Oscar-winning Matthew McConaughey. (Not to mention Matt Bomer’s banging ass.)

One of the more bodacious backsides to ever be featured here belonged to Milo Ventimiglia, of ‘Heroes’ fame.

Two words that have always signified something hot and usually naked: Nick Youngquest.

Harry Judd has been naked a lot of late, but I think this was the first time he was featured here showing off his clenched coin slot.

Before he had his underwear line, Chris Salvatore appeared here sans any underwear at all.

Sadly, Justin Bieber’s naked butt was also here.

Finally, a few of the racier gentleman who have bared a bit more over the years, and we owe them a round of applause for that. The sultry shots of Benjamin Godfre, the awesome ass and assets of Will Wikle, the magnificence of Jack Mackenroth’s pee-a-boo booty, and one of the finest specimen’s of butt beauty that has graced this site, the sexy stuff of Stuart Reardon (who couldn’t be contained in one single post.)

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That Naked Harry Judd Cover, Minus the Censor (& With Video)

harry judd naked cover 17

Attitude Magazine has a way of getting the hottest guys to take off all their clothing, particularly if a cover shot on their 20th Anniversary Issue is involved. This is Harry Judd, who we’ve been celebrating in a few naked posts of late, but none quite as buck-ass butt-naked as this one, in which the writing is off his butt for an unobstructed rear-entry view. You’re welcome, Harry-lovers.

I’m not saying this is how he would fuck a cake, but that seems to be the gist of the GIF here…


Oh, and there’s video…

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Hunk of the Day: Chris Meloni

chris meloni 101

Someone who has a sense of humor about his own beauteous gluteus maximus is Hunk of the Day Chris Meloni. Previously known for baring his butt on the prison series ‘Oz’, he reportedly responded to a question of whether he’s surprised by his gay fan-base by cheekily saying, “With the ass that I’m sporting? No.”

Such well-deserved pride in one’s backside is always a treat, especially to watch and witness.

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Harry Judd, Naked For Real

harry judd nude 101

In celebration of Attitude’s 20th Anniversary, Harry Judd gets naked for their cover, and it’s a doozy of a photo spread, so to speak. Mr. Judd has been nude here before, and no one complained then, so here he is again. That ass just won’t quit.

Previous Harry Judd Posts:

First Hunk of the Day Appearance

Second Hunk of the Day Crowning

Attitude Briefs Cover

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Hunk of the Day: Olly Barkley

Olly Barkley 100

Another rugby player with the powerful lower-body the sport demands, this is Olly Barkley (though for the life of me I don’t know why he wouldn’t hang onto his given name Oliver – it was good enough for Mr. Twist.) Ball players of all sports are always a welcome sight here (Hello David Beckham, Ben Cohen, Stuart Reardon, Nick Youngquest, Sandor Earl, Sacha Harding & Ben Foden.) Mr. Barkley plays at fly-half (yeah, who doesn’t) and makes a fine addition to that illustrious list.

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British Bums: Cohen, Daley, & Judd

british bums 1

While the cock may have gotten a bit of notice lately, this site has always been about the butt. More specifically, the British bum, those across-the-pond glory-holes of Ben Cohen, Tom Daley, and Harry Judd – each of whom has been featured here before. Sometimes Mondays demand a more leisurely entry, like through the back-end.

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Hunk of the Day: Jason Beitel

jason beitel 1000

Most recently appearing in the Cirque de Soleil ‘Love’ show in Las Vegas, this is Hunk of the Day Jason Beitel, perhaps best-known in gay circles as one of the back-up dancers for a Kylie Minogue tour or two. His website has him listed as a Cirque performer now, which is very exciting (it’s the only thing I found slightly worthwhile in Las Vegas.)

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Hunk of the Day: Anton Hysén

Anton Hysén 100

This is the super cute, and super naked if you scroll down below, Anton Hysén – a gay soccer player from Sweden who just signed with the Myrtle Beach Mutiny (which is apparently an American team. Despite a somewhat fanatical devotion to David Beckham, I remain largely ignorant of soccer/football.) At any rate, we welcome Mr. Hysén to these shores, where he will provide some badly-needed heat to the East Coast. This continues the gay soccer kick we’ve been on of late. Congrats on being named the Hunk of the Day!

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