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Hunk of the Day: Lewis Bloor

lewis bloor 1000

British television star Lewis Bloor, lately of ‘The Only Way is Essex’ and ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, is the Hunk of the Day. His exhibitionist streaks and full-frontal nude peeks have put him front and center of the Twitterverse and FaceBook Kingdom. His naked ass is below, just keep scrolling.

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The Great Gratuitous Greg Rutherford Post

g rutherford 000

Greg Rutherford has been one of the most popular figures featured here, and thanks to this sizzling collection of photos the reasons are quite apparent. It doesn’t get hotter than a super-fit ginger who has been an ally to the LGBT community for his entire career. Cheeky photo-shoots that emphasize his ass don’t hurt either, and he has just the right amount of body ink to be both elegant and a little edgy. Here, we present some of his finer shots in honor of his long-jump endeavors at the Rio Summer Olympics.

Mr. Rutherford’s history here goes back a while, with his initial Hunk of the Day feature, wherein he posed and pulled his pants down just enough to whet the appetite for more.

He got a little more naked here for a butt-baring GIF that I’ll repost below for good measure.

On Twitter I posed the question of whether Christoph Harting was the hottest ginger at these summer Olympics. A resounding ‘NO’ was also accompanied by the simple proclamation that it was Greg Rutherford. Who am I to argue with Twitter?

In addition to his features, Rutherford also helms a number of miscellaneous posts, such as this one, where he adds his powerful back-end to the naked likes of Orlando Bloom, Justin Bieber, and Epke Wonderland.

His most nude post maybe this sexy recap where he joins force with a naked Dan Osborne for some British Booty Exhibitionism.

Even when he’s a minor, albeit-crotch-grabbing, part of a post, he still burns bright, even in black-and-white.

Congrats to Mr. Rutherford for making it to another Olympic Games. Here’s hoping this is just the beginning of many more fabulous photo shoots. Go Gingers!

{And if you want to see his biggest ass-baring photo, it’s right here in this post.}

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Justin Bieber: Totally Naked

bieber naked 0001

Everyone seems to be getting naked this summer, and Justin Bieber was one of the biggest stars to go nude a few weeks ago in Hawaii. While I’ll never be a Justin Bieber fan, some of you are, and who am I to deny a few shots of Mr. Bieber’s naked ass? You’ll have to look elsewhere for those full-frontals though; this joint is clean.

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Famous Nude Guys

nude male celebs 1001

In the aftermath of Orlando Bloom’s more-than-just-a-dick-slip photos, it seems fitting to pause for further reflection and reminiscing over those male celebrities who have bared their assets for all the world to see. Male nudity is the final frontier, it seems, for prurient America, and in this wretched election year let’s turn our attention to the staffs at hand.

A is for Austin Armacost, who has graced these pages with his boffo bod, ever-improving over the years. These latest shots prove that Armacost has focused on his very best parts, and shown them off to their greatest potential.

B is for Bloom, as in Orlando, who started this resurgence of male nudity with this collection of racy fully-nude photos. It also stands for Bieber – Justin Bieber – who continued the streak, quite literally.

C is for Chris Salvatore, whose musical prowess is as magical as his disrobing.

D is for the delicious David Gandy, eye-&-man-candy, and deliriously-sexy Dan Osborne.

E is for Epke Zonderland, one of the very first naked Olympians we ever featured on this site, back in the Summer Olympics of 2012.

F is for Fusco, as in one of our most popular Hunks of all-time, Philip Fusco, who has been charming our pants off by taking his pants off for years.

G is for gingers, like Greg Rutherford – and the red carpet matched the red drapes.

We’re just going to skep ahead to Z, because it’s summer, I’m tired, and there’s more than enough naked male celebrities for you to fawn over until tomorrow.

Z is for Zac Efron, who went bottoms-up in this memorable post, and has teased us tantalizingly ever since.

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Orlando Bloom Goes Full-Frontally Naked

orlando bloom naked 0000

In what can only be a publicity move of bold proportions, Orlando Bloom just went paddle-boarding with Katy Perry… and without a stitch of clothing (save a hat, since he seems to be concerned with covering at least one head). A full-frontal shot of Orlando Bloom won’t find its uncensored way to this blog – sorry, folks – but here’s what we can show you, and it’s NSFW enough. Mr. Bloom has already busted out his naked butt in these parts, and to much acclaim, so he looks to recapture some of that nude glory today.

I do my fair-share of disrobing on this site, so I’m all for a little free-willy freedom, especially when water and sun is involved – and for a male celebrity to get so flagrantly naked in public I have only accolades and encouragement to give. “Nude male celebrities” is a trend that needs to happen more often. Bloom, baby, Bloom.

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John Cena Nude

cena nude 101

A brief midday treat for fans of John Cena, especially fans of John Cena nude. This little GIF is worth resurrecting. As is the butt naked John Cena pic that follows.

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More Nude Nathan Adrian Pics

nathan adrian nude 0001

Because most of you couldn’t get enough of Nathan Adrian naked the first time around, here’s Nathan Adrian nude for the second time. Tom Ford once advised that tan lines like this aren’t bad – they actually give the illusion of lift. Not that Nathan Adrian’s ass needs any augmentation whatsoever… Naked Olympians are body-beautiful by nature.

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Body Issue = Naked Issue

Conor McGregor 0001

Here at, we love ESPN for one thing and one thing only: the Body Issue of their magazine. Artistically (and gratuitously) displaying athletes in naked poses, it’s probably the biggest issue of their year, and has enough cachet to have gotten the likes of Michael Phelps and Rob Gronkowski totally starkers. In this post, we see some shots of Hunk of the Day Conor McGregor in his altogether – further evidence of the power of the Body. He joins the nude ranks of Evan Lysacek, Giancarlo StantonMatt Harvey, Oguchi Onyewu, Tomáš Berdych, Greg LouganisBryce Harper, and Kevin Love. Welcome to the Celebrity Skin Jungle.

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Hunk of the Day: Jake Arietta

jake arietta body 101

ESPN Body Issue Cover Boy Jake Arietta is the Hunk of the Day, thanks to that scorching hot cover photo. The guy knows how to pitch it, and here he is in all-nude action. Mr. Arietta also modeled for Saxx Underwear, which is a gig far more interesting to most of my readers than baseball. Batter up. Drawers down.

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Hunk of the Day: Nathan Adrian

Nathan Adrian

God bless the USA, and God bless the ESPN Body Issue, which has been getting Olympians to shed their clothing and make dramatic poses for a few years – and is about the only thing about ESPN that I can stomach. This is Olympic Gold Medalist Nathan Adrian making his debut as Hunk of the Day, an honor like he’ll likely repeat when the games begin in August. And this is what Nathan Adrian looks like naked. Best tan lines ever? Ask Tom Ford.

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Patriotic Hunk of the Day: John Cena

john cena 100

It took some researching and searching through the archives here (you can do the same in those elusive search engine boxes way at the bottom of this site) but it turns out the John Cena has never been a Hunk of the Day – until now. How such an oversight occurred is beyond me, as Mr. Cena has proven himself remarkably adept at confounding expectations, particularly with his comedic abilities on flagrant display in hits like ‘Trainwreck’ in which he sends up his image and turns it on its head. Forget all of that though – when wrestling is where you entered the pop culture lexicon, you better have a banging body to back it up – and Mr. Cena does. There is no better front to that flag.

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An Olympic Hero Gets Naked

greg louganis nude 100

We are but a few weeks away from the summer Olympics, and our Hunks of the Day are all coming to you straight from the Olympic trials. While Greg Louganis has already been a Hunk of the Day, and a hero, he’s showing off his fine physique without so much as a Speedo for the ESPN Body Issue (read: the Nude Issue). It is a thrill to see someone still exercise such fine form and mastery of staying in shape, but when you have Olympic blood in you, it seems to be part of life.

Mr. Louganis has made a splash here before, in ways both moving and sexy, and he does that again in this brief post. Though he was diagnosed with HIV almost three decades ago, he’s still going strong. As he recently told ‘People’ magazine, “HIV taught me that I’m a lot stronger than I ever believed I was… Also, not to take anything for granted. I didn’t think I would see 30, and here I am at 56.”

As a new crop of divers heads to Rio to prove their worth, it’s good to see an old favorite – and a childhood hero of mine – still inspiring, and jumping into the future without looking back.

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Nude and Not-so-Nude Male Celebrities on Display

nude males 51601

The naked male celebrity gets more than his fair share of attention in these parts, but there are those who keep their clothes on occasionally, and this is a nod to them. Not that we’ve completely gone off nudes – and there are a few here to keep you interested, but every now and then I enjoy a complete ensemble that encompasses more than someone’s underwear and cologne and odd piece of jewelry.

Let’s begin with Chris Evans, who has appeared in these pages in far less clothing than he’s got on here. (You especially like it when he pulls his pants down.) A nod to his star-making turn as Captain America, he’s got the bull’s eye, and the eyes of America, upon him.

Nick Jonas has also graced us wearing much less, but here he offers a little glimpse of arm pit action, which is always appreciated by some of you.

Tom Daley may not be wearing more clothing in this post, but nor is he wearing less. It’s his standard Speedo attire, a look that has yet to grow tired, and one that he’ll be flaunting in Rio this summer. Who’s ready for another Olympic games? [Raises hand.]

Rob Gronkowski recently bared a bit of his butt for this pec-tacular post, but here’s his full-on backside in a shot that won’t make any paper editions of GQ stateside.

And bringing up the finest rear this post has to offer is Bear Grylls, frigidly baring his backside to end this post on a bare-ass note.

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Gus Kenworthy: Naked at Noon

gus kenworthy 001

Gus Kenworthy has become one cheeky Olympian, and no one is more glad than the visitors here. His naked ass first appeared in his virgin Hunk of the Day post, and since then it’s been popping out all over Instagram. Apparently no one’s complaining about another nude Gus Kenworthy shot, so scroll down for more. And to think we go crazy when male celebrities go shirtless – this is whole new level of swooning.

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Hunk of the Day: Alexander Skarsgård

Alexander Skarsgård

Based on the requests, this is one Swedish meatball you all wouldn’t mind devouring. Taking his bow as Hunk of the Day, Alexander Skarsgård is perhaps best known for his role on the defunct but beloved HBO vampire series ‘True Blood’ – of which I have yet to see a single episode. Mr. Skarsgård is also in the new reboot of Tarzan, and he looks just as good in long hair and loincloth. Neither are an easy look to pull off (I think only Casper Van Dien was able to do it well) but Alexander does it with practiced finesse.

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