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That Nick Jonas Sex Scene

nick j sex

From his television work on ‘Kingdom’ comes Nick Jonas and his first sex scene. I’m not sure how much this one will appeal to his ever-growing gay fan base, but whatevs. It’s Nick banging a hot woman in flattering lighting. He will no doubt be revealing more, because all these hints have got to lead somewhere. (And I’m guessing the purity ring is now off for good.)

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Hunk of the Day: Kevin McDaid

kevin mcdaid 101

Perhaps the only thing better than being a former boybander is being a current boybander. I’d take either, and relish the moment. Hunk of the Day Kevin McDaid had his boybander moment, but moved on to work as a photographer. A pretty nifty career shift, and one that seems to be paying off. The life-span of a boybander career is limited at best, so it’s nice to see Mr. McDaid moving on to brighter and better things.


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Dan Osborne Gets Naked, W/ Supporting Bits by Tom Daley & Zac Efron

dan os

The Great Gratuitous Sunday Morning Post. It’s a bit of a tradition here, when all you folks who can’t access this supposedly NSFW site from work have a moment to catch up on all the fun things you missed during the weekdays. This post should be no exception, featuring Dan Osborne in his preferred state of garb: naked, nude, and grabbing his junk. These latest photos were from a dare that he jump in the pool naked. Daring indeed. I would NEVER…

The rest of the post is filled out, and deliciously at that, by the shirtless and Speedo-clad likes of Zac Efron and Tom Daley. Mr. Efron likes to do a lot of things shirtless, and I don’t think Tom Daley does anything out of his Speedo – well, except for showering in the altogether.

There, that about sums up the Sunday morning nude male post. Let’s see what the afternoon brings…


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A Gratuitous Philip Fusco Pictorial

philip fusco 100

Perhaps he should have been crowned Hunk of the Day (as he hasn’t yet been so honored) but for now this is just an introductory post to Philip Fusco, because sometimes things have to be earned (or at least timed to promote a project of Mr. Fusco’s choosing should he deign to reach out to me.) I think that on a lazy October Saturday, this should be more than ample homage to Fusco, and to his back and front.

Jury’s out on which is his finest asset. Your thoughts? Opinions? Requests? We’re open to all. (And though Victoria Beckham has compared her husband’s appendage to an exhaust pipe, Mr. Fusco may be giving Mr. Beckham a run for his plumbing.)

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Hunk of the Day: Charlie King

charlie king 100

In this month of National Coming Out Day (see me in 1997) we honor Charlie King as Hunk of the Day. Mr. King recently vacated the closet, an action that gets less and less noteworthy as we advance beyond antiquated notions of sexual orientation. We’re here, we’re queer, what’s the big deal?

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Hunk of the Day: Ugo Monye

ugo monye 01

Another rugby star is crowned Hunk of the Day. This is Ugo Monye, but of far greater interest to me than the rugby part of his career is his fronting the latest Molton Brown campaign. Molton Brown makes the best-smelling shower and bath gels. I was first turned onto the British company while visiting London about a decade ago. Since then, I’ve been hooked, even if they are on the pricey side for soap. As for Mr. Monye, he’s part of their new Sport collection, which I have yet to try, but if it makes my body even slightly reminiscent of his body, then I’m giving it a go.

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Hunk of the Day: Gary Lucy

gary lucy 101

Another gift from across-the-pond, this is Gary Lucy, our Hunk of the Day. While largely unknown on these shores, he’s a major star in the land of ‘Hollyoaks‘, ‘Footballers‘ Wives’, and ‘EastEnders’ – British dramas where he often disrobed for love scenes or showers or other integral plot devices. Currently he’s starring in ‘The Full Monty‘ (where there was recently a lighting snafu which resulted in theatergoers getting to see Mr. Lucy’s, well, full monty.) The possibility of that no doubt caused a bulge in ticket sales.

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Hunk of the Day: Patrick Wilson

patrick wilson 101

From his booty-baring Broadway turn in ‘The Full Monty’ to his booty-baring role in the HBO version of ‘Angels in America’ Patrick Wilson has done more butt-flashing than many a Hunk of the Day, and so it is with great fanfare that he gets to be named a Hunk now. Recently he caused a sexy stir in his turn on ‘Girls’ – a show which I have not yet seen, but which I’m told is as sexy as most of what he does. When researching these shots, I was more impressed and delighted to learn that Mr. Wilson plays in a band with his brothers on occasion. That’s the sort of real-life experience that instantly makes a celebrity more relatable, and endearing.

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Orlando Bloom Gets Naked

orlando bloom shirtless

While he has yet to be named an official Hunk of the Day, Orlando Bloom gets his first nude feature in this post. (Perhaps we’re doing a six-degrees-of-sexiness curve, as Mr. Bloom co-starred with today’s Hunk Brad Pitt in ‘Troy.’) While I didn’t quite get the attraction during Bloom’s elvish (elfin?) stint in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ (long blond hair and pointy ears?) I came around in his ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ turn. Sometimes I prefer brunettes to blondes. Here are some stills and GIFs from his new movie, in which he appears to take on a home invader dressed in nothing but his tattoos. Regardless of hair color, the best Orlando Bloom is a nude Orlando Bloom.

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Hunk of the Day: Brad Pitt

brad pitt 101

Certain classic hunks defy the aging process, while others embrace it and revel in their maturity. Brad Pitt seems to be taking the latter route, which is in keeping with the unconventional path his career has taken. Never one to rest on his beautiful laurels, he chose many roles seemingly to break his chiseled leading-man status, getting gritty and dirty while downplaying his pretty-boy hotness.

To be honest, I was never completely taken with his physical charms. Don’t get me wrong, he’s as near perfect a Hunk as you can get, but perhaps that was the problem. Perfection has a way of detracting from raw and brutal sensuality, and I’ve often thought that Mr. Pitt recognized this and did whatever he could to retain his rough edges. There’s a great deal to admire in that.

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Steve Grand Gets Nude, Jumps in Lake

steve grand naked 0

For his twist on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Steve Grand gets naked and jumps into the nearest lake. Here’s his Instagram pic of the gratuitous goings-on. Leave it to Mr. Grand to trump us all with nothing but that itsy-bitsy towel. Don’t forget to check out his Hunk of the Day post… and seek out some hidden gems in the archives if you are so delighted.


UPDATE: Here is the video.

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A Birthday Suit Twist

nude male celeb 101

I’ve gotten into my birthday suit so many times here already (search the archives if you don’t believe me) that I’m taking this day off and letting someone else do it. A few someones, in fact, whose bodies are better than mine will ever be.  At this age I’ve given up on the six-pack of my twenties. (I’d happily settle for a three pack.) And speaking of three, let’s get down to business with this trio of pics featuring Harry Judd, who has been cheeky enough to be featured here numerous times.

Thanks to the gratuitous male nudity clause inherent in every Attitude cover shoot, Mr. Judd has displayed his wares in fetchingly-fine fashion over the years. Here is further cause for rejoicing, times three:

Let’s continue with Hugh Jackman, whose portrayal of Wolverine in the X-Men series has resulted in a few naked sequences, as seen here in a grainy GIF.

James Franco, who recently did his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge without a pair of pants, has already flashed his flesh here, but it’s always worth another look-see.

Matthew Camp looks cool while keeping it hot. He smells good to boot, which is just as important.

Finally, bringing up the rear is Zac Efron, who has been no stranger to showing off his body in these electronic pages, and here he is again giving a glimpse of those hot buns.

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The Naked Dan Osborne Ice Bucket Challenge

dan osborne nude 00 copy

I won’t pretend I didn’t consider doing it naked – for about one mortifying second – but I opted for more clothing when executing my version of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Thankfully, Dan Osborne went totally starkers, and seeing his backside bolt after getting doused is one of life’s greatest gifts to the gay male population. You’re most welcome.

Bonus butt shot for the true bottom believers:

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Hunk of the Day: Billy Magnussen

Billy Magnussen 1

One of the princes of ‘Into the Woods’, the Hunk of the Day is Billy Magnussen. Recently Mr. Magnussen appeared on Broadway, opposite Sigourney Weaver in ‘Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike.’ Such a theatrical background should bode well for his turn in the movie version of the classic Sondheim musical. I’m guessing he won’t be in short-shorts or as nude as he is here, but a fully-clothed prince is always better than no prince at all. He was rumored to have been a contender to take the domineering lead in ’50 Shades of Grey’  in the role that eventually went to the equally-nude-friendly Jamie Dornan.

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One More Naked Michael Phelps Photo

michael phelps nude 0

As if getting naked here a few days ago wasn’t enough, here is one more gratuitous shot of Michael Phelps nude. It’s a lazy summer Sunday, so take a look-see at when Mr. Phelps went bulge-to-bulge with Ryan Lochte, or took a shower in his Speedo, or just removed his clothes and got naked altogether. God save the Olympian.

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