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A Very Naked Nyle DiMarco

dimarco nude 01

If you thought these almost-naked photos of Nyle DiMarco were sexy, feast your eyes on what is coming up below. Wet and wild shower shots certainly flatter Mr. DiMarco, as does a simple white towel (though many would argue the latter is superfluous at best, bothersome at worst). For DiMarco’s debut as Hunk of the Day, it was all about shirtlessness and body oil, and no one was complaining. For another post, it was all about his underwear. Tonight, it’s about wet nudity.

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More Naked Simon Dunn

1simon dunn 001001

Simon Dunn is a gorgeous fan favorite, who has appeared here in many other featured posts, particularly the nude ones like this. Mr. Dunn has been honing his form, as so beautifully evidenced in these photos. An Olympian is by nature in impeccable shape – Dunn has surpassed that and here are the results. Feast your eyes upon them and enjoy.

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A Gratuitous Trevor Donovan Post

trevor nude 001

Trevor Donovan has already been named a Hunk of the Day, and he’s already been totally naked here as well, but the world could always use a little more of Mr. Donovan, especially if it means a little bit of butt cheek. Mostly he’s just shirtless, and in various states of underwear, but there are a few glimpses of more. Scroll down and enjoy.

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The Full-Frontal Shot of Zac Efron

17full frontal zac 0001

It is on this day that the elusive photo of Zac Efron’s full-frontal nudity surfaces in all its veiny glory.

Mr. Efron has gotten naked here before, and more than once, but never quite exposed his package.

Today is your lucky day.

But before we deliver the goods, a little build-up (Speedo-style) to the full-frontal Zac Efron nude shot you’ve been clambering for.

Let’s begin with these Speedo GIFs, because there’s nothing better than a naked Efron in motion.

Even guys that look somewhat like Zac get a Hunk of the Day post through sheer proximity.

Those who show their asses get some of the glory too.

Those who shake their asses get even more.

But all this butt talk is just distraction and hesitation.

You came here for the good stuff.

Wait for it…





























And though most of you are wise to my full-frontal disguise, I know at least one or two will ream me out for doing this, and it will be worth it for you: Happy April Fool’s Day! 

Pump it up baby!!!

(Don’t feel bad – there’s still quite a lot to be seen on these other April first posts.)

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Simon Dunn’s Insane Tan Line (And Naked Ass)

1naked simon dunn 01

Let’s not mince words and waste time, as this previous post has all the Simon Dunn links you need. Here are some more naked shots from his scorching DNA spread by the ever-amazing Christian Scott. Search words: “Simon Dunn naked” or “Simon Dunn nude” . What more could you want for a Friday morning? Tan lines, nude dude – I think we’re all set.

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A Very Naked Ashley Parker-Angel

ashley parker-angel 0000

When you work out and hone your body as much as Ashley Parker-Angel, it’s only right that you should show off a little on Instagram or whatever pictorial outlets that are on hand. Thankfully, this Angel has been doing just that, supplying a steady flow of delicious images, some of which can be seen here without a stitch of clothing to block the good bits. Mr. Parker-Angel has been a Hunk of the Day before, and likely will again. For now, we’ll hold the page with a couple of cheeky nudes.

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Simon Dunn Sizzles (Nude)

12simon dunn 100

Simon Dunn has been featured here a number of times, sometimes totally starkers, and sometimes just in his underwear. This post has a little of both, by the inimitable Christian Scott at DNA. Mr. Dunn is the sexy sledder from Australia, who was first crowned as Hunk of the Day here, and followed that up with this repeat performance. If he continues appearing in photo shoots like this, he’ll likely win the ultra-rare Three-Time HOD Honor.

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Show Us Your Ass


Happy Ass Wednesday!! Traditionalists would call this ‘Ash Wednesday’ but why in hell would we celebrate ashes over asses? I’ll never understand that kind of fuckery. Instead, we are celebrating the butt, the booty, the banging caboose – you name your euphemism, we’ll bend it over. Here is our beautiful butt brigade, the behinds of the scene that make this website what it is.

Let’s begin with Nico Tortorella, who recently gave us a glimpse of side-ass, a teasing and titillating view that may have you craning to see more.

Two bodaciously-bottomed classics return here: David Beckham and Ben Cohen, who have had a friendly rivalry on this site. I’d say it’s a sexy draw today.

Chris Salvatore released an underwear line a while back, but the general consensus is that he looks much better without a stitch of it on.

Ginger madness is right around the corner, so here’s an advance preview: a naked Greg Rutherford and a nude Greg Rutherford. Both are lovely options of Olympic stature.

One more glimpse of ginger hotness is found in Seth Fornea, another favorite from this blog’s storied past.

A pair of butt-baring beauties in the forms of Joshua Michael Brickman and Philip Olivier.

Stan Wawrinka was one of the ESPN Body Issue boys, and his tush ends this post… almost.

Oh wait, how did that get in here…? Who is responsible…? Oh well, what’s good for the goose…

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A Smorgasbord of Hunks


On this late February date, let us take a moment to take a quick look back at some of the hunks that have been celebrated here. Winter is hanging around for a bit, despite what a couple of days of 70-degree weather would have us believe. (But oh, they were glorious…) Here’s a different way to warm up, thanks to several shirtless male celebrities and models. (A couple of nude male celebrities to boot!)

We begin with a very popular Hunk of the Day, Simon Dunn, who has made a number of sexy splashes here. A very naked Dunn can be found here, and that booty was bodacious enough to be featured again here.


Charlie King covers his nude bits with his hand, while letting more of himself out in this post. He was also naked on this bed. Derek Hough had his first crowning as Hunk of the Day relatively recently, considering he’s been dancing for a number of years now.

Todd Sanfield scorched this site with his underwear posts, such as his first Hunk of the Day feature.

Perennial favorite Tyson Beckford has been steaming up his Instagram feed of late, something not wholly-unexpected for a male model with a body that looks this good naked. A Speedo-clad Nathan Adrian is making his own steam right out of the pool. Some might prefer these nude Adrian pool shots instead. Who am I to argue with a naked Nathan Adrian?

 Justin Timberlake is seen bouncing his butt on this bed, as he did previously here. Timberlake is better naked than in this vintage bathing suit, but he still rocks a traditional suit and tie like nobody else. Joshua Michael Brickman brings a very happy ending to this post, and it appears he’s been growing his hair out as much as he’s been working on his banging body.

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Naked Tyson Beckford GIFs


On a mid-January evening in the first third of winter, you might need a warm and cozy pick-me-up. Or maybe you need something more. Here’s Tyson Beckford, a favorite male model in these parts, in various states of undressed motion, thanks to some scintillating GIFs. The GIF may be the greatest gift the internet has given to us, and Mr. Beckford’s nude ones below are substantial proof of that. For another naked Tyson Beckford shot, check out this previous post. Or go to this one where he’s also missing his clothes.

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Jude Law’s Naked Bum

jude nude 01

This one goes out to all those gentlemen who make a blessedly regular habit of pulling down their pants and showing off their pert bums in film or television. Previous trouser-dropping do-gooders include Ryan Phillippe, Matt Bomer, Harry Judd, Channing Tatum, and Jamie Dornan.

Today’s featured backside belongs to someone well-versed in disrobing for his various roles: Jude Law. He’s been starkers here before, and likely will again. When you’ve worked so hard to sculpt something like that, you want to show it off. At least, some of us do, and we’re nothing if not grateful. (Still holding out for David Beckham and Ben Cohen.)

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Hunk of the Day: Two-Time Honoree Ashley McKenzie

Ashley McKenzie 1

Judo Master and Olympian Ashley McKenzie earns his second Hunk of the Day honor thanks to this selection of striking images. He was first crowned HOD a while back, but we always like to give additional credit when it is due. Congrats to Mr. McKenzie on making it into the two-timer club.


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Austin in the Buff

austin nude 00

A very naked Austin Armacost comes very close to earning another Hunk of the Day honor, but since we’ve already had one today, he’ll have to settle for this special feature instead. He’s shown up sans clothing before, and as mentioned earlier this is his first Hunk of the Day spread. This time his Instagram feed provides some additional eye-candy.

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Hunk of the Day: Joss Mooney, Double-Time

joss mooney 170001

It’s hard to believe that Joss Mooney could have gotten any fitter than he was for his first crowning as Hunk of the Day, but this photo shoot would seem to indicate that this is indeed the case. Hence his current two-time stand as Hunk of the Day. Sometimes all it takes is the proper photo shoot to catapult you back to the top. Congrats to Mr. Mooney on a rare two-time honor.


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Chris Pratt’s Naked Ass

christ pratt nude 01

Sneaking in one final bit of male nudity before the year is over, Christ Pratt delivers two butt-baring scenes in his new movie ‘Passengers’. It’s been a good year for naked male celebrities, and this one is a very happy addition. (Some others, not so much.) At any rate, check out Mr. Pratt’s first Hunk of the Day post, and prepare for his second as soon as the GIFs of these scenes arrive.

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