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The First Recap on the 2nd of March


The snow-covered tundra of upstate New York greets this crazy month with, what else, some more snow. Poo-poo to that frou-frou. I’m still recovering from the tornado that was having my niece and nephew stay over on Saturday night. Yes, it takes that long. Remind me never to serve French toast or anything that requires syrup again as the entire house was sticky for the whole next day. But enough about that, onto the recap…

The week began with the somewhat surprising hunktitude of Calvin Harris. Did that come out of left field, or do I just not know how baseball works?

Another surprise was the unhyped and unheralded return of the Madonna Timeline with this hush-hush song that instantly brings to mind the first guy I ever kissed.

The last week of February marked my brother’s birthday.

Madonna was dragged down but did what she does best: got back up and rose like the phoenix. You can’t keep a good woman down.

The great crepe caper.

For the first time ever, there was a three-time Hunk of the Day ~ Ronnie Kroell – as voted on by you. (And me.)

Other notable hunks included Serge Ibaka, Jay Khan, Levi Stocke, and Stephen Amell.

Flowers can lift the darkest days, and that’s a very good thing at this time of the year.

Fashion can do that too, and when in an emotional pinch I head to the closet and find something like this to cheer me up.

Mark MacKillop is still promoting (and perfecting) his latest book, Rm. XIV.

The Special Guest Blog is still going strong, with this entry by one of my besties, Ann Agresta. (Applications for your own Guest Blog are currently being accepted – just do it!)

The month of March is still wild.

And Tom Daley is still in a Speedo.

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Hunk of the Day: Stephen Amell

stephen amell 100

A request and a promise fulfilled, this is Stephen Amell, the Hunk of the Day. Mr. Amell’s cousin Robbie was recently featured as a Hunk here, so it’s only fair that Stephen be given his due. In fact, Stephen has the edge when it comes to onscreen male nudity, but I hate to pit family against each other (unless it’s the Jonas brothers - and we all now that Nick left them all in the dust with these photos). In the meantime, check out Mr. Amell’s offerings.

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Hunk of the Day: Ronnie Kroell ~ A Trifecta

ronnie k 301

The very first triple-time crowning of Hunk of the Day goes fittingly to Ronnie Kroell, whom readers chose as their favorite from a quick Survey Monkey poll. I have to admit, I voted for him too, but my vote doesn’t count any more than anyone else’s, so Mr. Kroell won it fairly and of his own merit (and a rather wide margin). The greatest Hunks aren’t just those with physical gifts and attributes – they contribute to society or lead stellar lives in ways other than the superficial. Beauty certainly counts for something, but it’s not everything, and that’s why Mr. Kroell deserves this honor.

He just made a stunning, sweet, and sexy appearance as the Tin Man in Kenyth Morgan’s fantastical ‘Unlock Your Heart’ video – and it’s a perfect melding of character and charm for the original King of Heart.

Kroell has long championed artists and charitable causes, often blurring the line between beauty and charity in the most hopeful of ways. His Friend Movement is testament to this. Offering “a multi-media arts company that celebrates friendship, builds confidence, and prevents bullying,” the Friend Movement is based on these core values: Forgiveness, Respect, Inspiration, Education, Nurturing, Dreaming.

Ronnie Kroell had been individually working on creating a grassroots movement that would aim to celebrate our diversity and prevent bullying, but more importantly it would focus on the things we all share in common. He merged his ideas and worked with his friends to conceive Friend Movement.

Today Friend Movement offers a wide variety of services not limited to, but including: Motivational Speakers, Consulting Services, and The New F Word Photo Campaign.  Ronnie Kroell continues to nurture and cultivate relationships with a wide array of organizations along with an impressive catalogue of celebrity support.  Friend Movement continues to pursue its founding values and ideas as it advances into the future with the support and dedication of an incredible team of creative individuals and the unconditional support of countless individuals worldwide that keep the momentum going.

We are living in a time where social networking has become a part of daily life; integrated into all aspects of what we do as human beings.   Friend Movement’s constant evolution on how we view media and the needs of society, coupled with our core values and our mission statement, gives us incredible opportunities to be innovative, creative, and playful with our art and ideas. ~ FRIEND MOVEMENT

He recently posted the following poem on his website, and it offers a peek into the psyche and vulnerability of what’s behind the pretty face:


By Ronnie Kroell 

We’re born naked and awake,

But slowly our eyes are coaxed shut.

Fear and limitation created for power’s sake,

Not a mystery why we fall in a rut.


We’re not all that different you and I,

But in our mind we draw the lines.

I fit here, you fit there, but do we ever ask WHY?

We dare not step outside the confines.


Life is about living our truth,

Embracing the light and dark.

We strive daily to grasp the magic of our youth,

Working diligently to leave our mark.


The secret is to let go and simply “BE”;

Nothing in life is black and white.

So, let us take a lesson from a tree,

Standing still and embracing its might!


We are all connected under the sun,

But before we can know PEACE —

An inner battle must be won.

Gratitude must prevail and ego must cease.


Ready, set, GO!

This is your day to truly shine.

Don’t let their no be your no;

Work hard and trust the stars will align!






Congratulations to Ronnie on this triple achievement! It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy – and for once I can say that without a bit of snark or sarcasm. Good guys bring that out in me – and everyone else. For more information on Ronnie and his Friend Movement, check out his website here.

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50 Shades of Male Nudity

nude celeb 001

Maybe it doesn’t quite add up to fifty, but there are at least five nude male celebrities in this post, and that’s to count for something. Kicking it off is Channing Tatum, who will be appearing in the sexy sequel to ‘Magic Mike’ as discussed here. That’s fairly safe fare for summer, but Mr. Tatum provides some badly-needed heat for winter fun right now, particularly in the trio of GIFs below. Scroll down… (and keep your eyes peeled for Matt Bomer in the background.)

Another favorite who’s appeared on this blog many times over is Dan Osborne. From his cute diving stint with Tom Daley to his steady flow of underwear pictorials, Mr. Osborne provides regular fodder for eager eyes. Here’s a shot from his latest Attitude photo shoot.

One more across-the-pond hottie comes in the form of Harry Judd from the band McFly. Clearly the most fit of that group of lads, Mr. Judd also likes to engage in some naked horseplay. Can’t fault the man for that.

Speaking of naked horseplay, here is Jake Gyllenhaal in his nude glory. Well, almost nude, as his hand protects what little modesty is left.

Last but most certainly not least is Jamie Dornan, Mr. Fifty Shades himself. He got naked before that movie (as can be seen in the last shot here) and he got naked in it (as can be seen in the next to last shot). There are some full-frontal nudes of Mr. Dornan floating around elsewhere, but you won’t find them here. (Unless they slipped by me in the Archives, but you’ll have to dig deep. Very deep.)

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Channing Tatum Gets Butt Naked

magic mike 01

Much ado has been made of Channing Tatum’s new poster for the sequel to ‘Magic Mike’ ~ ‘Magic Mike XXL‘ ~ and its full-frontal ‘Coming’ tease, but it’s his ass that features here. (By the way, does one need to have seen the original to get much more out of the sequel? Am I the only one who’s only seen GIFs of the movie?) Anyway, this is Channing Tatum’s naked butt. It’s been on display here before (particularly in this booty-throwdown with fellow hunk Joe Manganiello), but I find such things deserve a second look, especially when it wiggles like that.

An alternate, but more succinct and powerful take on ‘Magic Mike XXL’ was given by my hero Louis Virtel, who had this to say:

“When the hell do we get what we deserve? When do we get the frontal nudity? It’s 2015, I’m watching a trailer for ‘Magic Mike XXL’ and I’m pretending to be scandalized by humping motions. I’ve got news for you: I see at least one penis every day of my life. Sometimes more! The idea that we’re about to watch another ‘Magic Mike’ movie that congratulates itself for being edgy without even offering up a well-lit frame of a single dick is stupid and annoying. Do the cool thing, Channing! Wink and whip it out. Done! You’re done! Just do it. The title ‘XXL’ is promising, but I’m hoping it’s a response to our very, very reasonable demand for an actual damn johnson in this lacquered-up smutfest. Amen and praise be.”

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Hunk of the Day: Chris Salvatore, For the Very 2nd Time

salvatore 000

Joining the elite group of Hunks who have been hot enough to merit a second Hunk of the Day Honor, here is Chris Salvatore. Anybody with their own underwear line is near and dear to my heart, and Mr. Salvatore continues to produce some of the finest skivvies on the market (which are both fashionable and comfortable, as my butt and balls will attest.) He was recently featured in Attitude Magazine’s Naked Issue, hence the two nude photos at the bottom of this post. For that alone he gets this double nod as Hunk of the Day. (Be sure to check out his first feature here, because he looks just as hot in his underwear as he does out of them.)

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This Is NOT Justin Timberlake Eating Out Someone’s Ass

justin timber0001

It’s his way of announcing that his wife is pregnant with their child, so I assume it’s him kissing her stomach – at least, I’m hoping it is. But it does look exactly like he’s giving some analingus to a big old pasty ass, right? Besides, the idea of a rim job by Justin Timberlake is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Talk about bringing Sexy Back… Anyway, congratulations to the proud parents-to-be!

For those who wanted Justin Timberlake’s ass to be involved in this post, I don’t want to let you down, so here’s a naked Justin Timberlake giving some gluteus maximus. He’s been naked here before, and he’s gotten his cock out here as well, so add this to the nude Justin Timberlake collection.

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A Hunky Look Back

15 hot men 101

Sometimes, out of laziness or boredom or a greedy wish for a spike in hits, I do something like this. The gentlemen featured in this post have all been Hunks of the Day at one time or another, but are more than worth another look, hence this mini-compilation. First up is one of your favorites, Quinn Jaxon. Noted for his modeling work with Andrew Christian, Mr. Jaxon has also been working on his dancing and acting career in the sunny hills of Hollywood.

Next up is… wait a second. No, this can’t be right. Apologies. There seems to be some confusion, as Justin Bieber was a Non-Hunk of the Day. Sorry, kid. Attitude kills it every time.

Back into the swing of things with Shayne Ward, a musical hunk from across the pond. He should more the make up for that naked Bieber snafu.

And last but not least are the beauteous buttocks of Russell Tovey, who’s come a long hunky way in the last few years. Shake it, shake it!

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Hunk of the Day: Rob Gronkowski

gronk 000

Sometimes a guy hasn’t been named a Hunk of the Day because in the back of my head I’ve already put him in that category. Such is the case with Rob Gronkowski, who’s appeared here several times previously, most notably in this nude spread and that naked post, but never as an official Hunk of the Day. Well, today is the Gronk’s lucky day, as he gets his first christening as the honored Hunk.

It comes at a good time, as the Patriots gear up for their Super Bowl run, and Mr. Gronkowski just had his pants pulled down on national television (another reason to watch Sunday football). Hopefully he’ll pull a few more tricks of similarly-revealing nature out of his pants before the season ends. In the meantime, a few classic naked Gronk shots from that infamous ESPN nude body issue.

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More Hunks Than You Can Shake a Dick At

fine men 100

Fresh off a pair of posts that collected the collections of sexy and often-nude male celebrities we’ve posted in the past, is a tidy gathering of posts that came prior to 2014. Remember, this dusty corner of the internet has been posting naked men for over a decade. That’s a lot of sexy guys, and is likely the reason most of you are here today. On with the show (but do come back for a spirited post on the evolution of one man’s taste in cologne.)

First up is a quick Hunky retrospective that was really about one thing and one thing only: Colby Melvin in a jockstrap.

Speaking of jockstraps… here you go.

A battle of the underwear bulge, between David Beckham and Mario Lopez. Or a battle of the butts, between David Beckham and Tom Daley.

For a group scene, check out this post featuring the likes of Justin Timberlake, Taylor Lautner, Sacha Harding, Scott Herman, Columbus Short, and Stuart Reardon.

The erection recollection.

An anonymous trio of posts, beginning with this fine group, finds various men in shirtless or nude form, to fill a Saturday with fantastic specimens in various stages of nudity.

Finally, a two-parter that starts with the very visible penis line of Nick Youngquest, continues with a naked Andy Samberg and a shirtless Harry Judd, ultimately ends with the biggest collection of naked ass men that’s ever been posted on this blog in a single photo.

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Man to Man and Hunk to Hunk: A Collection of Collections- Pt. 1

hunk collect 001

While many of the Hunks of the previous year were featured on Rounds One, Two, and Three of the Year in Review, a few major collections went unheralded. I’m all for a linky-linky-link-fest, so linky-linky-do and say ‘I Love You!’ Click on the following to see more, MORE, MORE!!!

It begins with this brief collection of Hunkdom, featuring the likes of Ashton Kutcher and Chris Evans, but more notably the running GIFs of David Beckham and the shirtless GIFs of Chris Hemsworth.

Carrying on with this stunning group of gents from Josh Wald to the semi of Sandor Earl, the links continue to grow (as evidenced by what’s in Mr. Earl’s wet underwear.)

More begets more, and Hunk begets Hunk as this post of male models from last February proves in spades. David Gandy, Noah Mills, Tyson Beckford – it’s a veritable super-super of sexy-sexy.

This very hot encapsulation of previous male nudity is worth a glimpse for its GIFs of Chris Evans and Joe Manganiello naked.

A grand group of generous gingers gives up some great gratuitous moments with Seth Fornea leading the red-hot fiery charge.

Broadway bares its triple-threat hunks in this post fueled by the Broadway Bares excitement and nudity.

Male celebrities in their underwear is the theme of a gratuitous post featuring Russell Tovey, Justin Bieber (!), and an almost-obscenely hot photograph of Jack Mackenroth and his gorgeous junk.

And speaking of the magnificent Mr. Mackenroth, click on this post to see more of his other side, along with glimpses of a shirtless Mario Lopez and Speedo-clad Novak Djokovic.

The DILF Post. Look it up.

Classics never go out of style, especially when they go out without their clothes.

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That Nick Jonas Sex Scene

nick j sex

From his television work on ‘Kingdom’ comes Nick Jonas and his first sex scene. I’m not sure how much this one will appeal to his ever-growing gay fan base, but whatevs. It’s Nick banging a hot woman in flattering lighting. He will no doubt be revealing more, because all these hints have got to lead somewhere. (And I’m guessing the purity ring is now off for good.)

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Hunk of the Day: Kevin McDaid

kevin mcdaid 101

Perhaps the only thing better than being a former boybander is being a current boybander. I’d take either, and relish the moment. Hunk of the Day Kevin McDaid had his boybander moment, but moved on to work as a photographer. A pretty nifty career shift, and one that seems to be paying off. The life-span of a boybander career is limited at best, so it’s nice to see Mr. McDaid moving on to brighter and better things.


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Dan Osborne Gets Naked, W/ Supporting Bits by Tom Daley & Zac Efron

dan os

The Great Gratuitous Sunday Morning Post. It’s a bit of a tradition here, when all you folks who can’t access this supposedly NSFW site from work have a moment to catch up on all the fun things you missed during the weekdays. This post should be no exception, featuring Dan Osborne in his preferred state of garb: naked, nude, and grabbing his junk. These latest photos were from a dare that he jump in the pool naked. Daring indeed. I would NEVER…

The rest of the post is filled out, and deliciously at that, by the shirtless and Speedo-clad likes of Zac Efron and Tom Daley. Mr. Efron likes to do a lot of things shirtless, and I don’t think Tom Daley does anything out of his Speedo – well, except for showering in the altogether.

There, that about sums up the Sunday morning nude male post. Let’s see what the afternoon brings…


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A Gratuitous Philip Fusco Pictorial

philip fusco 100

Perhaps he should have been crowned Hunk of the Day (as he hasn’t yet been so honored) but for now this is just an introductory post to Philip Fusco, because sometimes things have to be earned (or at least timed to promote a project of Mr. Fusco’s choosing should he deign to reach out to me.) I think that on a lazy October Saturday, this should be more than ample homage to Fusco, and to his back and front.

Jury’s out on which is his finest asset. Your thoughts? Opinions? Requests? We’re open to all. (And though Victoria Beckham has compared her husband’s appendage to an exhaust pipe, Mr. Fusco may be giving Mr. Beckham a run for his plumbing.)

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