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The Naked Olympic Figure Skater: Matteo Guarise

Representing Italy in the pairs figure skating category, this is Matteo Guarise, our first naked figure skater of these games. The opening ceremony is tomorrow night, and this is the best way to start things off. Nothing better than a naked Olympian. Guarise began as a professional roller skater. Why didn’t anyone tell me there was such a thing? I would have taken those Saturdays at High Rollers way more seriously. (And spent more time on the rink as opposed to the place where they sold the fries.) Here’s to the next naked Olympian, whomever he may be…

UPDATE: My increasingly-musty memory has failed me again: an astute reader just pointed out that I had already done a post on Mr. Guarise when he was named Hunk of the Day here. Oops, I did it again. 

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Justin Timberlake Gets Super Naked

The last time Justin Timberlake was at the Super Bowl, he was aiding Janet Jackson in the wardrobe-malfunction heard ‘round the world. I’m not sure why they played it off like that; he clearly ripped off the tear-away patch of fabric covering her pierced boob in a move obviously choreographed to the minute. “Gonna have you naked by the end of this song,” indeed. He came out of that relatively unscathed – it was a different time then. Only the owner of the exposed nipple got all the outrage. I’d love to see what would happen if they repeated that scene this year.

That’s not going to happen, as JT’s star has risen to the point where he has to play it safe or risk alienating the adoration and love of the mainstream pop culture world. Tonight’s Super Bowl Halftime show will likely prove what a stellar performer he is, and even if it pales in comparison to the epic production that Madonna brought to her Patriots’ game, I’m confident he can pull off a compelling performance.

In honor of the really big show, here’s a look back at some of Timberlake’s memorable posts, beginning with this magnificent manspread moment. He probes a little deeper in an amazing crotch grab gif here. Let’s not forget the cock-centric crowning he achieved as Hunk of the Day. Meanwhile, the simplicity of Timberlake’s naked ass is on display to fine effect here. Recently he heralded his beast meat in the new ‘Filthy’ single. If there are any Madonna fans out there, they will remember her collaboration with Timberlake here. Finally, a larger version of the naked butt GIF below can be found here, because a naked Justin Timberlake can never be too big. 

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Another Naked Olympian, In the Snow

The only point of this post is to show off this photo of a very naked Gus Kenworthy. He’s been here sans clothing before, and hopefully he will be again. Whatever the Olympic outcome, a nude Gus Kenworthy will always be a champion in these parts, for a number of reasons. See here and here.

[This blog owes a world of thanks to the ESPN Naked Issue, which seems to bring out the best by taking off the rest. That stunning spread of a completely naked Julian Edelman comes to mind, but they’ve also exposed Nathan Adrian, Michael Phelps, Rob Gronkowski and Conor McGregor to fine effect.] But back to the Olympian on hand – Gus Kenworthy – who is headed to the Olympics to hopefully find some gold, silver or bronze hardware to go with that hard body. Mr. Kenworthy is a cheeky sport to represent our country, and I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do next month.

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Hunk of the Day: Casey Spooner

Sometimes all it takes to be named a Hunk of the Day is a decent head of hair. That alone would have won Casey Spooner this coveted honor, but Mr. Spooner backs it up with oh so much more, beginning with that banging body. (His nipples alone deserve an Instagram profile. That hair deserves another.) Beyond the superficial is the talent and uncanny ability to capture the zeitgeist before it even arrives, giving this Hunk of the Day extra pizzazz. His contributions to Fisherspooner have ensured that band a place in the history of electroclash glory. (Watch for their newest release ‘Sir’ very soon, and check out a sneak peek of the first video ‘Have Fun Tonight’ below.) 

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Hunky Turkey Coma

If you’re like me, at about 8 or 9 pm you’re coming out of a turkey coma and ambling into the kitchen for round two. When we were kids, Suzie, my brother and I would usually sneak down the back stairs of her old Victorian while the adults spoke in animated tones in the red-velvet-wallpaper-buffered living room in the hours after dinner. The bustle of the day had subsided, but no one wanted to depart. We ate a small second dinner, then headed back upstairs to prolong things as much as possible.

These days, I’m all about getting home and winding down in quiet. Some of us have to work tomorrow. For those who need a little break, here’s a look at some former hunks to end the holiday with a sweet treat. Guy candy gay ahead.

First up is Chris Salvatore. Wet or dry, he’s a sight to behold

Harry Potter alum Daniel Radcliffe and Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham make a couple of splashes on their own. 

Colton Haynes, fresh off his bum-pounding turn on ‘American Horror Story: Cult’, bares a manicured chest here. 

Pietro Boselli does what he does best: pose and pause in the skimpiest of outfits. 

Finally, bringing up the very beautiful rear is Gus Kenworthy in this naked shot from his ESPN issue

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Hunk of the Day: Davood Ghadami

Those British sudsers definitely know how to get their casts out of their clothing, and the more outlandish reason the better. Here we have Davood Ghadami making his debut as Hunk of the Day, thanks in large part to his nearly-nude scene excerpted below. Best known for his role on ‘EastEnders,’ Mr. Ghadami strikes a few poses here that are likely to melt hearts world-wide. {See also Gary Lucy.}

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Another Naked Alan

My pants hat goes off to any Alan who spells his name correctly. Case in point is Alan Ritchson, who returns my pants-less favor with these smoking-hot GIFs of his naked ass. I thought he’d been here before in similarly-revealing fashion, but my memory seems to be faulty (or that post was deleted with the great revamp of 2012). For now, it’s enough to witness the wonder you see here, and prepare yourself for the Hunk of the Day honor that is surely coming his way.

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Hunk of the Day: Vernon Davis

We are either in or about to be in football season, so let’s kick things off with Vernon Davis in his first turn as Hunk of the Day. Mr. Davis is a tight end for the Washington Redskins. Turns out that’s an actual position, not just a description. Some of us have been practicing for years. Congrats to Davis on this cheeky way to start off the season. 

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Nyle Gets Naked

This brief but gratuitous post is all about Nyle DiMarco and his naked ass. He’s hinted at nudity before, but now he turns the other cheek to the whole thing, and no one is complaining.

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Naked Ass Male Celebrities

For those who have missed the cheekiness that this site once afforded so abundantly, here’s a glimpse-filled post featuring some nude male celebrities in motion, with the naked likes of Chris Evans, Russell Tovey, and Colton Haynes.

Guy candy like this is what makes this site go round. Spin, spin sugar. {For a more comprehensive collection of studs in the altogether, check out this post, and then this one.}






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Another Ultimate Hunk Collection

A slutty-sister post to the original Ultimate Hunk Collection entry, here are a multitude of additional Hunks of the Day to keep you in stock for the rest of the summer. Pages like this are meant to be bookmarked and perused while I’m away, a blessed little retreat to which you may return time and time again until a fresh batch of Hunks begins their parade in the fall. God bless.

Greg Rutherford

David McIntosh

Mark Wright

Andrew Christian

Marco Dapper

Christof Innerhofer

Jeremy Abbott

Louis Smith

Gus Kenworthy

Pablo Hernandez


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The Ultimate Hunk Collection

Bookmark this page for those sultry days when you need some summer eye candy when this blog has already gone dark for the season. Here is the kinkiest and linkiest post of some of the gentleman who have graced this blog with their physical prettiness and presence. The Hunk of the Day feature is what will likely be missed the most until I return to posting in the fall. Until then, however, check out this not-quite-comprehensive listing of all the Hunks who have come before… and come back for more because you can’t possibly click all those delicious links in one sitting.



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Another Naked Ben Affleck Shower Shot

He earned his Hunk of the Day entry with a fleeting dick-glimpse in ‘Gone Girl’, but the shower butt shot of a nude Ben Affleck inexplicably got left on the cutting room floor. It’s a shame – there was nothing else worth seeing in that dreadful ‘Batman vs. Superman’ fiasco. Anyway, it’s here now, along with a throwback to the first.

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Hunk of the Day: Chris Pine

He was easily the best part of the new Wonder Woman film, at least his naked lagoon scene was. Chris pine, son of the guy who played the head honcho on ‘Chips’ makes his Hunk of the Day debut, and just in the nick of time. That nude scene alone was worth the price of admission. Here’s hoping for some slutty outtakes.

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Julian Edelman Naked Again

A few more shots from the ESPN Body Issue, this time of the ever-naked Julian Edelman. A nude Edelman is something that must be seen to be believed, so here he is in the altogether again.

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