First-Time Full-Frontal Friday

 This site has long hinted at the big reveal of full frontal male nudity. Previously, I’ve veered away from even an artful penis pic because full-frontal nakedness is too much of a distraction. Then there’s the post-full-frontal hangover that comes from having seen it all and realizing that we’re all basically the same human stuff underneath it all. Of course that doesn’t quell the desire to see what everyone’s packing, so here are some reveals for some full-frontal Friday fun. The only question is who has been brave enough to let it all hang out…

Let’s take a look at the hottest contenders, the classic guys from whom everyone wants a gratuitous cock-shot. We begin with none other than David Beckham, who’s teased his ass for the longest time. Will he be the one to turn around today?

Or maybe it’s Ben Cohen, who is a fan favorite in these parts. How low does his manscaping go?

With a dirty new video making the rounds, maybe Nick Jonas finally gives a full-frontal glimpse at the goods, as he hinted at in all his gay-baiting of late.

Finally, after many fakes and false leads, perhaps Zac Efron is the mega-hunk who will pull down his Speedo and shake his money-maker (well, both of them) for the very first full-frontal Friday this blog has ever seen…

If I were a betting man, I’d put my money on Nick Jonas. He seems brave and cocky enough to do it.

Who do you think will be the first?

Scroll down to see…







Without much further ado, the very first man to go full-frontal on is…





A fool.


Happy April 1st!

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