Channing Tatum Gets Butt Naked

Much ado has been made of Channing Tatum’s new poster for the sequel to ‘Magic Mike’ ~ ‘Magic Mike XXL‘ ~ and its full-frontal ‘Coming’ tease, but it’s his ass that features here. (By the way, does one need to have seen the original to get much more out of the sequel? Am I the only one who’s only seen GIFs of the movie?) Anyway, this is Channing Tatum’s naked butt. It’s been on display here before (particularly in this booty-throwdown with fellow hunk Joe Manganiello), but I find such things deserve a second look, especially when it wiggles like that.

An alternate, but more succinct and powerful take on ‘Magic Mike XXL’ was given by my hero Louis Virtel, who had this to say:

“When the hell do we get what we deserve? When do we get the frontal nudity? It’s 2015, I’m watching a trailer for ‘Magic Mike XXL’ and I’m pretending to be scandalized by humping motions. I’ve got news for you: I see at least one penis every day of my life. Sometimes more! The idea that we’re about to watch another ‘Magic Mike’ movie that congratulates itself for being edgy without even offering up a well-lit frame of a single dick is stupid and annoying. Do the cool thing, Channing! Wink and whip it out. Done! You’re done! Just do it. The title ‘XXL’ is promising, but I’m hoping it’s a response to our very, very reasonable demand for an actual damn johnson in this lacquered-up smutfest. Amen and praise be.”

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