Hunk of the Day: Jack Mackenroth


Most readers of this blog are well-aware of Jack Mackenroth, our Hunk of the Day for Super Bowl Sunday – either for his stint on Project Runway, or his HIV activism. Personally, I was only peripherally aware of his modeling work. and the fact that he was a fashion designer. But upon doing a little research, there is much more substance and heart behind the pretty visage, and he’s one of those Renaissance gentlemen who dabbles in quite a bit, and does it all quite well. (He’s also one of the wittiest and most hilarious Tweeters out there – for today’s Super Bowl he wrote, “My brother is having a Super Bowl party with his straight buds so I plan to wink and say “tight end” as often as possible.” Past Tweets include this gem: “Hurling baking soda at Alicia Keys and screaming “This girl is on fire!” didn’t go over well.”)

On a deeper and more important level, he has lived his life openly as an HIV-positive man, challenging any stigmas and obliterating stereotypes. As he puts, it, ”Every time a person with HIV is open about his or her status it helps everyone who is living with the disease…. I am a living testament to what you can accomplish by letting go of shame and being your own advocate.” Congrats to Mr. Mackenroth on being our Hunk of the Day.

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