Snow-Capped Recap

As befits this year’s holiday card (wait for it!) the snow has been unleashed in upstate New York, and with somewhat of a fury at that. It’s a wee bit early, but Thanksgiving was all the prettier for it. No one seems to mind the first few snowfalls of the season (with the possible exception of those in Buffalo).

Handy man-cave-maker Jason Cameron led the charge of Hunks for the week, followed hot on the heels by Matthieu Charneau.

There was a party in my pants, and it went all the way back to the 90’s.

This floral trooper threw a party in its pot, and it was gorgeous.

How you want to pronounce his name is scandalously up to you, but Gregory Nalbone is a Hunk no matter how you say it.

Uncle Al wears leopard pajamas. Duh.

Divine Madness: Joan and Don at Christmas.

More Hunks: Tavi Castro and  Max Emerson.

New Madonna music leaked, and I kind of creamed my pants over it.

Finally, one of my favorite Hunks of All-time: Michael Breyette.

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