Orlando Bloom Goes Full-Frontally Naked

orlando bloom naked 0000

In what can only be a publicity move of bold proportions, Orlando Bloom just went paddle-boarding with Katy Perry… and without a stitch of clothing (save a hat, since he seems to be concerned with covering at least one head). A full-frontal shot of Orlando Bloom won’t find its uncensored way to this blog – sorry, folks – but here’s what we can show you, and it’s NSFW enough. Mr. Bloom has already busted out his naked butt in these parts, and to much acclaim, so he looks to recapture some of that nude glory today.

I do my fair-share of disrobing on this site, so I’m all for a little free-willy freedom, especially when water and sun is involved – and for a male celebrity to get so flagrantly naked in public I have only accolades and encouragement to give. “Nude male celebrities” is a trend that needs to happen more often. Bloom, baby, Bloom.

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