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Hunk of the Day Reprise: Joey McIntyre

It’s been almost four years since Joey McIntyre was last named Hunk of the Day. For that first crowning, there was a smattering of shirtless shots. For his second Hunk of the Day honor, here are a few more. As can be seen, Mr. McIntyre is aging more than gracefully. He gives me hope. 

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Olympic Hunk of the Day: Morgan Ciprès

French pairs skater Morgan Ciprès makes his Hunk of the Day debut just as he finishes up his Olympics experience. If his tight skating trousers weren’t enough to nudge him into Hunk status, a robust shirtless Instagram presence certainly is. 

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Olympic Spotlight: Chris Mazdzer

He was an Olympian in 2010, and he’s currently in South Korea doing it all over again. His sport is the luge and his name is Chris Mazdzer. As of this writing, he’s on the precipice of earning a medal, but anyone who makes it to multiple Olympic games is already a champion in these parts. Congrats to Mazdzer for always exhibiting Olympic spirit. (Especially when he takes his shirt off.)

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Ricky Martin’s Tush

With one deftly-tantalizing and titillating tease of his tush, Ricky Martin ignited all the interest this blog needs for the next installment of ‘American Crime Story’ – the Ryan Murphy anthology, which focuses on the murder of Gianni Versace and the summer-terrorizing reign of Andrew Cunanan (as portrayed by Darren Criss in that infamous Speedo). Mr. Martin portrays Versace’s lover of the time, but it was an interview he gave on ‘The Ellen Show’ in which he reveals that he shows off his tush that had gay blogs like this chomping at the bit. Surely it will grant Ricky Martin a second Hunk of the Day crowning as soon as the GIFs hit the web.

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The Michael Phelps Bulge

Somehow I missed that Michael Phelps had done an underwear ad for Under Armour. I’m not terribly upset missing this one, given that I abhor Under Armour, but Mr. Phelps has been an anchor of this site thanks to his Olympic greatness, so for that we offer this belated celebration of his basket and bulge. He’s had his stuff on display before, in posts like this and this, and some naked shots here and here. These should only add to his legacy. The Summer Olympics may be over for now, but the Winter Olympics are about to begin again. Stay tuned…

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Hunk of the Day: William Baldwin

By far the most handsome of the Baldwin brothers (and the fittest to be sure), Billy Baldwin made a splash as a dashing firefighter in ‘Backdraft’ and has been burning up screens ever since. I think one of my favorite performances of his may have been in the quirky ‘A Pyromaniac’s Love Story’ – but for fans of this blog, you may find more beauty in his booty-baring antics of ‘Sliver’ wherein he brings the only spark to the movie that mostly read as the sadder cousin of ‘Basic Instinct’. Mr. Baldwin has become my Twitter hero of late, calling out our jackass President for the loser he is, and unabashedly defending our great country in doing so. For that alone, he is our Hunk of the Day. More Hunks should be so valorous.


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Shirtless Santa: Pietro Boselli

Stunning math-teacher-turned-model Pietro Boselli is selling more goods without the Santa suit, and since we’re in the season of giving, here is a gift to anyone who appreciates some cheeky male beauty. Mr. Boselli was recently posing without a shred of stitches here, without a shirt here, and in his underwear here. All are worth a revisit.

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Hunk of the Day: Ricky Whittle

Cutting his modeling teeth with a Reebok stint, Ricky Whittle went on to acting, with memorable stints on ‘Hollyoaks‘ and ‘Strictly Come Dancing‘ before landing his current  role in ‘American Gods’. Today he nabs the coveted Hunk of the Day honor for the first time.


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A Little More Luke Evans

He made a big blue splash here in a Speedo by the ocean, and also won the coveted Hunk of the Day honor, so we’re bringing Luke Evans back with this quick Sunday post. A lull in your early Sunday afternoon is a reminder that there’s still a little more fun to be had before another weekend retires. 


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Hunk of the Day: Keo Motsepe

Another ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ alum, this is Keo Motsepe, the Hunk of the Day. Dancing has aways been one of the disciplines that keeps the body in shape, the heart light, and the head happy. Mr. Motsepe brings all of the above to this HOD feature. 

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A Super Man

It’s not easy to fill the stylized latex of Superman. It takes the kind of consistent workouts and dedication and diet that I will likely never be able to achieve. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the hard work and efforts of others, particularly when they’re as fine as Henry Cavill. As the big-screen’s reigning Man of Steel, Cavill has pumped up his body to a formidable presence and character of its own. But don’t take my word for it. Go ahead, see for yourself. 

He was shirtless and wet here

He was shirtless and working out here

He was shirtless and naked here (with apologies for the redundancy). 

He was shirtless and bulging here.

He was shirtless and hairy here.

He was almost shirtless and sweaty here.


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Hunk of the Day: Ed Speleers

On frigid almost-winter days like this, I miss the Abbey. Downton Abbey. Alas, that glorious series completed its run a couple of winters ago, but it lives on within DVD memories. That’s where I was introduced to Hunk of the Day Ed Speleers. Here he is in decidedly-non-Downton-like poses. 

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Hairy Harry Judd

On this blog we’ve always celebrated the hairy and hirsute, whether it be Ben Cohen or Matt Lister, or in this happy development Mr. Harry Judd himself. A recent ‘Full Monty‘ gig, and his ‘Get Fit, Get Happy’ project have provided fertile ground for photo shoots like this. A cold Monday morning deserves something hot. 

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Hunk of the Day: James McAvoy

Leave it to two straight guys to pick this Hunk of the Day, but such was the case when they pointed out James McAvoy and the Internet-shaking ‘thicc’ shots seen here. This is so much preferable to the time when Kim Kardashian’s oily ass broke the internet. Mr. McAvoy is currently shooting the follow-up to ‘Split’, hence this blockbuster body work. 

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An Early Holiday Recap

The calendar flips to its final page: December. The holiday season goes into full-swing. It’s all merry and bright and fa-la-la-la-blah… Before the elves start their maddening song, a look back at the week that saw us move from November into Merry Mayhem.

A fond farewell to the month of November

A piece of pink sky

Setting the Christmas season

Andy’s snowy kiss

A highball with Andy’s Mom

French toast made with love and, more importantly, egg nog. 

Madonna takes her time

Chicken soup.

Ricky Martin in a Speedo.

Hunks of the Day included James NicholsIgor Stepanov, Maluma, Casey Spooner, and Francis Mossman.

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