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The Definitive* Sexy Ben Cohen Post

ben cohen 099

* Definitive until Mr. Cohen deigns to take his shirt off and drop trousers again, which will hopefully be soon…*

Ben Cohen has proved fine fodder for the sort of sexy posts that populate this wayward blog, and if I’ve pushed him more than, say, David Beckham (whose turn will come tomorrow) it’s because Mr. Cohen is also a staunch straight ally, standing up for gay men and women the world over, and standing behind his anti-bullying efforts with hard work and dedication. His hirsute bearish looks certainly don’t hurt his cause, and that’s a good part of why he’s featured here as well.

Here are a few links wherein we featured the looks, and half-dressed sexiness, of Ben Cohen:

This may have been Ben’s first appearance here – way back in 2010.

It is said that he has an enormous hose.

He seems to enjoy boxer briefs.

And regular briefs, in blue.

He likes to strip to his underwear for video too.

It’s the hair, isn’t it?

Actually, it’s probably his butt.

Is he sexier than David Beckham?

He just may be.

Especially if he goes full-frontal first.

But shirtless Ben is more than just fine.

Especially when getting ready to dance.

The best part of Ben, however, may be his Attitude.

And the fact that he’d give you the shirt off his back.

Nah – it’s the way he fills out these white briefs.

With these gargantuan balls.

David Beckham returns the sexy volley tomorrow…

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Ben Cohen in Briefs, with Another Guy’s Head Between His Legs

ben cohen crotch 0

The title of the post says it all, and later today there’s going to be a big Ben Cohen feature here, so I’ll shut my trap and let you feast your eyes upon how far Mr. Cohen is willing to go for the perfect shot. What I wouldn’t give to be that Fanta Grape guy… and given that smile, he knows exactly how lucky he is.


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A Shirtless and Hairy Ben Cohen

ben cohen chest 1001

Because some Mondays are so tough you need a little man candy.

There is none sweeter than Ben Cohen.

Especially without a shirt.

And in his wet underwear.

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Ben Cohen and His Enormous Balls

ben cohen sexy

It’s a new year, and the perfect day for checking in with Ben Cohen, especially in the form of the video below, which finds him acting all sexy and shirtless at his ‘Attitude’ cover shoot. They should have panned down to his underwear, but instead you’ll have to be content with the following photo of Mr. Cohen and his big balls.


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The Amazing Bulge of Ben Cohen

Ben Cohen shirtless 101

Leave it to Attitude magazine to get Ben Cohen into his briefs again, but if he wants to continue enticing his fans, he’s going to have to go a little further next time. It’s a race between Mr. Cohen and David Beckham to who will show their bum first, I just feel it. If I had to bet, my money would be on Beckham’s behind seeing the photographer’s flashbulbs first. But Cohen’s proven pretty ballsy in the past too, so it might be closer than wildly anticipated. Before that kind of glory, however, let’s take a brief look back. Scroll down and click away…

This wet underwear post was one of the first to feature Mr. Cohen. You never forget your first time.

Then there was this trio of boxer-brief shots.

And this trio of classic Ben Cohen bulge shots.

He looks good in an underwear-clad video too.

Here was his first Hunk of the Day feature.

And here he is in a cowboy hat.

Holding a pipe, and on the beach.

Working out before a little dancing.

But he’s best in these tight briefs.


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Calendar Pin-up Ben Cohen


The 2014 Ben Cohen was just released, which is all the flimsy reason I need to post these making-of shots of a deliciously shirtless Ben Cohen. It’s doubtful that anyone will mind all that much, as Mr. Cohen is both easy on the eyes, and warming to the heart given his straight ally status. One day soon I’ll do the long-planned straight ally profile on him (get back to me with those interview questions, Ben!) Until then, this sort of shirtless fluff will have to suffice. Sometimes fluff is the stuff of brilliance.

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A Ben Cohen Shirtless & Workout Post

ben cohen chest 1

Continuing with the Straight Ally theme begun earlier today, here we have a bonus Ben Cohen shirtless post, for those who like to make their social messages a little (and a lot) sexier.

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Ben Cohen, Bulging in his Briefs

ben cohen briefs 1001

It’s been a good week of shirtless male celebrities here, despite my lack of interest in things of late. First we had a very naked Zac Efron, legit, and here we have Ben Cohen in his tighty-whities on the cover of ‘Attitude’. Talk about a bountiful harvest. While Zac Efron has been featured a number of times, (also in his tighty-whities) he still pales in comparison to the number of Ben Cohen underwear posts – the guy even has his own Category. His cover shoot is in well-deserved honor of his work as an ally. When you’re hot, you’re hot, but when you’re good you’re hotter.

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Ben Cohen: Hairy & Hunky

cohen shirtless 1

Ben Cohen is currently making news on the new series of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ across the pond. While I have to be entranced by dancing shows (gay gasp!) I would watch Mr. Cohen. (I still miss ‘Solid Gold’ – filling up your life with music. And Dionne.) Anyway, more shirtless Ben Cohen shots elsewhere on this site.

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Gratuitously Shirtless Good Guy Ben Cohen

ben cohen shirt1

One day soon I’ll write a Straight Ally piece on Ben Cohen for all the work he’s done for equality. Until then, you’ll just have to feast on these shots and the multitude of past posts (here, here, here, here, here, and here) where Mr. Cohen has appeared in equally glorious stages of undress (and underwear). The most appealing thing about him, as hard as it is to narrow it down, is his heart. He’s a true believer in his mission (the admirable Stand Up foundation) and he backs up his words with his actions. (He also Tweeted me a Happy Birthday, and if the guy can make that kind of effort for a nobody, he’s pretty damn amazing.)

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Shamelessly Shirtless Ben Cohen Pose


There is already extensive Ben Cohen coverage (and uncoverage) throughout the archives on this site. Not much more to be said… other than to get shirtless, and get searching.

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Gratuitous Ben Cohen Shots


Straight ally and StandUp founder Ben Cohen, then and now. I like him with a little length to his hair. All of it. Oh hell, with or without it, he’s just practically perfect. And it’s practically Friday.

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Ben Cohen: Shirtless, Furry, and with… Babies?



I don’t know what this photo shoot is for, but when Ben Cohen takes his shirt off you don’t ask questions. It’s a cuddly cute shot with the smile we’ve come to expect from such an admirable straight ally.


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Ben Cohen’s Leaked Full-Frontal Shots!

ben cohen full-frontal 1

Forget my full-frontal reveal, and check out Ben Cohen’s package below. If you want to talk about a major male nudity get, I think Mr. Cohen may come in second only to David Beckham. Second best or not, the battle of the bulge is hotter than ever. (Though I didn’t expect his balls to be so, well, dirty…)

Wait for it…

Two times in one day? I almost feel bad.


And really – did you think it would happen? There are two things you will never see on this site: my cock and Ben Cohen’s cock. David Beckham’s dick is still up in the air…


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Ben Cohen: Back with a Bang (And Shirtless)

Ben Cohen shirtless

Lest anyone think we’re favoring David Beckham over Ben Cohen, let me rectify that right now with this quick post. Someway, somehow, I’m going to get Mr. Cohen to be one of our Straight Ally profiles, even if I have to write it without his input. (Which, let’s be honest, is likely to be the way it goes.) With his ‘Stand Up’ foundation, he is one of the most prominent examples in the sports world of what it means to be a straight ally, and his work to stop bullying is admirable. If you happen to know Ben, tell him to get on the telly and call me. In the meantime, enjoy these fun, furry photos.

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