Recap: In Like A Lion, A Naked Lion

With this month just under way, and the old ‘In like a lion’ adage seemingly holding true, I’m doing a recap to encapsulate some highlights from all of February, for those lucky casual visitors who haven’t quite made this a daily-must-stop. (I don’t blame you in the least – on a good day I’m a lot to take. On a bad day, it’s simply too much.) Let’s get on with this wintry look back… so we can soon spring ahead. Despite swirling snow, I know it’s coming…

February was perhaps best-known, at least in these parts, for two seminal sporting events: the Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics. The former featured this supposedly-naked commercial for David Beckham, the latter featured these definitely-naked Olympians.

Along those Olympic lines (but not bound solely to winter), we featured the hunky likes of Blake Skjellerup, Greg Rutherford, Tom Daley, Matteo Guarise, Darren Criss, Andrew Christian, Christof Innerhofer, Jeremy Abbott, Louis Smith, & Gus Kenworthy.

The Gay Soiree was a smashing success, featuring a stellar atmosphere, some killer music, and the best crowd in Albany. My outfit was an intentionally over-the-top hot mess. And it showcased my ass.

Plagued by troubling dreams and meddlesome nightmares, this was not the easiest month in which to find sweet sleep, but protection was at hand, and family gatherings like this one brightened the dark days. Cooking was a comfort too, but it was the company that made the difference.

A Vietnamese dinner, half home-made (just don’t call me Sandra Lee unless you have a connection to her boyfriend, who still has yet to make equitable salary reparation to his Management Confidential employees – ahem.)

A low-key Valentine’s Day, lacking in the usual Dorothy Parker bitterness, but resonating on a deeper plane.

The adorable and amazing Kristin Chenoweth lit up Schenectady better than anything GE could ever produce.

You’ve got style, that’s what all the girls say…

A blast from the past, and the re-booting of a series that still doesn’t excite me.

Can we be brave?

All you really need to click: Dan Osborne Naked.

Wait, all you REALLY need to click: Dan Osborne & Tom Daley in Speedos.


Sucking too hard on a lollipop?

For some less-than-super-human hunks who had nothing to do with the Olympics, we showed off  David McintoshCole Horibe, Mark Wright, Marco Dapper, Pablo Hernandez, Josh Button, Ryan SteelePerez Hilton, Lucien LaviscountAlex PettyferJason Derulo, Nick Bateman, a naked Jake Gyllenhaal, a naked Stuart Reardon, a naked Tom Daley (!!!!) and the amazing Chris Salvatore bulging out of his own underwear line.

The meat and the motion, and a cool little side dish to quell the heat.

Cream… get on top!

Happy Birthday to my baby brother.

Why did my lover have to pick last night to get down?

Back to Boston, with more to come, home of the best scones ever.

A couple of recaps within a recap: some more gratuitously naked male celebrities, some ferociously hot (and bordering-on-obscene) bulges from these Hunks, and some ridiculously perfect male models. Plus, one hot naked ginger in delicious motion (the guy featured in the pics above).

And there’s always room for one more gratuitous Ben Cohen post.

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