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Not Just a Goodfellow, A Great Fellow

This is Daniel Goodfellow, a healthy dose of guy-candy for a mid-Monday moment. Mr. Goodfellow has already been named a Hunk of the Day, and if he keeps releasing photos like these he will likely be again. The Speedo has long been the official outfit of choice for, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. 

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Hunk of the Day: Renaud Lavillenie

French Olympic pole vaulter Renaud Lavillenie reaches new heights as the Hunk of the Day. It’s going to take all of my limited self-control to refrain from all the pole jokes that a pole vaulter automatically invites, so we’ll let the photos that accompany this spread do the work for me. Congrats to Mr. Lavillenie on this latest achievement.

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Hunk of the Day: Francois Imbeau Dulac

It hasn’t even been a year, and there are three more before the next one, but I’m already missing the summer Olympics. Last year’s Rio extravaganza was wonderful, so let’s have a new Speedo-clad Hunk of the Day to remind us of all that’s good in the world. This is Francois Imbeau Dulac, a Canadian diver who actually appeared in the 2012 Olympic Games – more than most of us will do in our lifetimes. Congrats to Mr. Dulac on this latest accomplishment.

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Hunk of the Day: Amini Fonua

He’s already been featured here during last summer’s Olympic games, and today Amini Fonua gets his proper Hunk of the Day crowning. Fonua is a Tongan swimmer (and, if you’ll recall, Tonga opened those Olympics in fine shirtless fashion). A proud member of the LGBT community, Fonua is a hero on a number of fronts. Congrats to him on this latest honor.

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Hunk of the Day: Romain Barras

French decathlete and Olympian Romain Barras nabs another prize as he gets the Hunk of the Day honor. It’s been a while since we’ve spoken about the Olympics, and it seems like the summer games happened a lifetime ago. This is a pleasant and pretty reminder of those all-too-brief weeks when we celebrated the fittest in the world. See the three-part Rio recap here: Part One, Part Two & Part Three.

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Summer Olympics Rio Recap – Part 3

At the close of the Summer Olympics in Rio, a final recap of the glory and the gorgeousness that comprised the games. Part One was here, and Part Two followed immediately afterward. Part Three offers more of the same: sun, skin, and sporty outfits.

Host country Brazil got the usual host-country boost, thanks to Hunks like Bruno Fratus.

Even if you can’t pronounce his name, you can enjoy the pictorial wonder of Eleftherios Petrounias.

Kristian Ipsen dove to acclaim and accolades.

In some ways (and judging from the featured photos) Rio was all about Tom Daley’s ass, and how to get it.

The sword work of Soren Thompson was impressive.

Spin, spin, sugar: Philippe Gagne.

Continuing his teenage dreamdom, this was Michael Hixon.

Thanks to a pair of silver medals, Danell Leyva finally earned an official Hunk of the Day post.

Water polo Speedo, as worn by Marc Minguell.

The amazing decathlon performance of Ashton Eaton, and runner-up Kevin Mayer.

Connecting us back to the last Summer Olympics was Epke Zonderland, more than worth a second look. 

Finally, my favorite person of all this year’s Olympics was this powerhouse of a woman.

Next up: Tokyo 2020.

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Hunk of the Day: Kyle Snyder

In the midst of this day recapping the Rio Summer Olympics, a surprise Hunk of the Day post in honor of the USA’s Kyle Snyder winning the gold medal in wrestling. This marks Mr. Snyder’s first Hunk of the Day feature, but based on his growing fanbase it will likely not be his last. Congrats to him on winning the gold, and the Hunkdom. (He’s a ginger to boot, so get the fainting couches ready… and swoon.)

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Summer Olympics Rio Recap – Part 2

Ahh, the Speedo. All but entirely lost from the swimming competitions, it still finds a happy bulging home amid the divers, and this goes out to them for keeping the grand tradition alive.

Steele Johnson must not have liked the Hunk of the Day honor that was bestowed upon him, as he blocked me on Twitter shortly thereafter. (Like it’s my fault he has a perfectly-porn-ready name!)

His partner David Boudia mostly ignored his Hunk of the Day feature (a wise decision, I admit).


British gymnast Brinn Bevan busted out his beautiful form.

Dan Goodfellow won a medal in diving, but his real gift may have been getting to partner with Tom Daley.

One of the openly-gay athletes, Amini Fonua, reminded us that some countries in the world still consider homosexuality a punishable offense.

Matt Anderson showed off his skills with a ball.

A trio of gingers: Christophe HartingGreg Rutherford and Shawn Barber.

Jack Laugher and Chris Mears gave the best hugs.

One of the only ones to beat Michael Phelps, this is Joseph Schooling.

The gymnastic genius of Kohei Uchimura earned him a gold medal.

The Comeback Kid: Anthony Ervin.

The break-out star diver had to be Michael Hixon, who continued to channel Zac Efron in the looks department, and is the stuff of teenage dreams.

Track & field has always been the dullest of the events for me, but even that left me enthralled thanks to gentlemen like LaShawn Merritt.

We dig Diego.

A little recap before the final installation of this Olympic look-back.

More to come…

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Summer Olympics Rio Recap – Part 1

This is the most I’ve ever watched of any Olympic Games, and it all comes to a close tonight. I’m not quite sure what I’ll do with my life until the Winter Games in 2018, but for now we have Rio – and what a wonderful trip it’s been. Things got off to a shiny, sculpted start thanks to the shirtless guy from Tonga.

The record-busting Michael Phelps went out with a gold-medal bang, adding to his compilation of 23 medals, but there were hungry sharks nipping at his heels, including his own country’s brethren.

Nathan Adrian was one of the break-out stars, thanks to his naked booty and extreme tan lines.

Jimmy Feigen was part of a medal-winning relay team (before he got detained).

Adam Peaty was a British gold-medal dream.

Ryan Lochte continued to entertain and charm vandalize and lie, with his light blue hair and indomitable bulge.

Ning Zetao swam for the Chinese team, all with a winning smile.

Chad Le Clos momentarily took on the role of villain as he shadow-boxed in front of a visibly riled Michael Phelps (don’t poke the bear!) before one of their match-ups.

One more swimmer named Ryan ~ Ryan Held.

A bear was on the loose in the form of Nicolai Ceban.

A sexy pair… and a cute pair.

The US Men’s Gymnastics team faltered a bit compared to previous successful outings, but they were no less hunky for it.

Germany had the perfectly-coiffed Marcel Nguyen.

The rest of the world had moves to make and muscles to flex, as seen in the forms of swimmer Marcelo Chierighini, diver Chen Aisen,

Running over the hurdles of sexiness was Devon Allen. (I’m not even sure what that means, just click it.)

A last highlight of this first part: the Zac Efron doppelgänger Michael Hixon, resplendent in a Speedo.

More to come…

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Hunk of the Day: Michael Hixon

Previously one of the “Olympic Spotlight” features, Michael Hixon now gets his official Hunk of the Day honor, having just stolen the hearts with another springboard performance that had everyone doing double-takes as to whether Zac Efron really was in the Olympic house. (He was, but as a spectator who had come to say hey to Simone Biles.) As for Mr. Hixon, he fills out a Speedo just as well as Mr. Efron could ever hope to do. Congrats to him on this latest achievement.

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Hunk of the Day: Epke Zonderland

The true test of an Olympian isn’t always whether they win a gold medal, but in how they pick themselves up after they falter. Case in point was Epke Zonderland who previously lit up the 2012 Olympic games with a gold-medal-winning performance.
During this year’s games in Rio, he took a brutal fall, face-planting hard after missing the high bar. He laid there a moment, a little stunned, and it looked like it had to hurt. Then he talked to his coach and jumped back on to finish out his routine perfectly. The fall cost him any chance at a medal, but the way he got back on that bar was the act of a real champion. Today he gets to be named a Hunk of the Day, an honor he should have been given in 2012, when he had to settle for the gold.

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Olympic Diver Spotlight: Philippe Gagné

The gentleman spinning wildly yet completely in control for these photos is Philippe Gagné, who was a Hunk of the Day a while back. Today, he’s a bit of eye-candy for the mid-day lull.

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The World’s Greatest Athlete: Ashton Eaton

The winner of the Olympic Decathlon is widely regarded as the world’s greatest athlete, and this year that honor goes to Gold Medal Decathlete Ashton Eaton. Though Kevin Mayer gave him a run (swim, throw, bike ride, etc.) for his money, Eaton accrued the most points in a record-breaking performance. One cannot help but marvel in awe at such athletic wonder, the years of effort and work and dedication required to reach such a plateau. And this is the second time Mr. Eaton has accomplished such a feat. Congrats to him on an amazing achievement.

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Olympic Decathlete Spotlight: Kevin Mayer

The Decathlon.

I mean, come on.

Ten freaking events. In two days.

Get the hell out of here.

I’ll let Kevin Mayer do this one. Go Kevin. Go France. Give me the fries.

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