Hottest Hunks of the Day: A Brief Collection

As we begin this final week of the final full month of winter (good-bye and good riddance, you frigid bastard), we take a sexy trip down memory lane with this linky, kinky retrospective of several Hunks that have kept things hot over the years. For this group, I’ve selected some guys who may have flown under your radar the first time around. There’s something special about second chances.

First up for this encore is Josh Wald, a gorgeously hairy skateboarder-turned-male-model. I love any guy who keeps it real, body hair-wise, and his tattoos actually don’t bug me as much as some usually do.

Second, we present another skateboarding hunk, Dean Geyer, best known for his work on ‘Glee’, and Keith Urban, better known as Mr. Nicole Kidman.

A few more lesser-renowned gentleman to have been crowned Hunk of the Day: Chris Zylka, Brandon Flowers, Eddie Redmayne, Reggie Bush, Tom Hardy, and Daniel Craig.

And some interesting also-Hunks ~ HGTV star Chip Wade, Speedo-clad diver Chris Mears (who wears even less here), Shakira-baby-Daddy Gerard Pique, and the quirky but hairy Mark Ruffalo.

Finally, one of the more obscene bulges to have ever been featured here belongs to that of Sandor Earl.

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