Digital for a Decade


For someone so enamored of photography, it may seem strange that I only received my first digital camera in 2004, relatively late in the digital world. However, checking today’s date, it looks like I’ve been digital for almost a decade, which makes my first shots practically vintage. A number of months (years?) ago I made a half-hearted attempt at doing a ‘Classic Shots’ series of posts on this site. We managed a few, but it sort of petered out. Marking a tenth anniversary is something different, though, and may signify a reinvigorated examination of what happened those many years ago. Here’s the first reboot of that series, a few photographs taken in 2004.

It’s a strange juxtaposition to have a few fall shots for a rebirth of a series, but stranger things have happened here. Besides, I’ve always considered fall as a chance to begin again. The cool nights, the snap of a frost, and the forests in flame all serve to jump-start inspiration.

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