The Great & The Gratuitous in Male Nudity

Shirtless and naked male celebrities get a lot of attention here, and this Saturday post, designed for my time in Boston, will do nothing to curb the sexy shirtless appeal for which many of you visit this site. It’s time for a brief look back at some classic guys who have garnered rave reviews whenever they doff their shirts. While no one is nude just yet (wait for it…) these guys are too hot not to feature again.

First up is David Beckham, who models the latest in his underwear line for H&M. While I’m not a huge fan of the clothing, I like the way he sells it. Far lesser stars would never have shown themselves in the briefs that Mr. Beckham braves, and far bigger stars wouldn’t have the balls either. Beckham beats both quite handily.

(On a side-note, one can’t mention Mr. Beckham without mentioning his only competition for sexiest underwear-shucker ~ Ben Cohen.

Or Mario Lopez.

Or Cristiano Ronaldo.

Or Rafael Nadal.

Another favorite shirtless male who’s not afraid to get a little naked now and then is Chris Evans. As the Captain of our country, Mr. Evans fights for truth and freedom and the right to take off his shorts and jump in Boston Harbor. (We may not utilize all of our rights, but I’m glad they’re there.)

More recently, Dan Osborne has been seen here in his altogether, in several breathtaking GIFs and also chumming it up with fellow Speedo-clad diver Tom Daley. (Whom you’ve seen here over and over again.) Mr. Osborne is no stranger to male nudity, and he seems to be the kind of 21st century guy who embraces the glances of men and women alike. Desire is desire, and flattery is flattery. And when you’ve got a body like that, well, you can embrace it all.

Last but most certainly not least is Joe Manganiello. He battled Channing Tatum for the best butt and the result was a virtual draw. (We need to see them again.) Some battles are better when there’s no Victor. Or Victor.

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