Butt What?


This is just a blatantly gratuitous grab-ass butt-focused post to ease us into this Monday holiday. I’ve shown my ass here numerous times (shall we count the ways? ~ one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, a big fat hen), but it’s not always as covered as it is here. So that’s refreshing, right? One shouldn’t be naked all the time. Well, maybe some should. But I’m not one of them. These photos were taken after a quick shower the last time I was in Boston. It’s much too cold for such nonsense – come back in July. Or at the earliest, June. The pool will be open by then. The weather will be warm. And the whole of summer will be in fullest bud.

Until then, hunker down and cozy up in a Henley and some twill or tweed. This winter is not yet done with us, and any glimpses of skin will be in short supply for the next few weeks. (At least, my skin.) The Hunks will continue to disrobe. The models will preen and pose. And the nude male celebrities that populate so many posts will still drop trou.

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