Hunk of the Day: Andrew Christian

andrew christian 1001

Andrew Christian is the designer behind the beautifully-covered behinds of a number of the Hunks of the Day here (and here, and here, and here.) His focus on sultry underwear has resulted in one of the most popular underwear brands on the market today, and his skill at sexy promotional videos and photo shoots is where commerce and art and sex and beauty intertwine. Mr. Christian is in the enviable position of rubbing bulges, err, elbows with some of the sexiest male models out there.

Yet above and beyond his talent as deigned and businessman, he is a Hunk in his own right, as proven time and time again in his workout and vacation selfies, offering a refreshingly candid look at one of fashion’s rising stars. I love when idols reveal their human side ~ especially when it’s so good-looking. (And if you’re looking for the sexiest underwear that is the next-best-thing to being naked, check out his website.)

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