Hunk of the Day: Gus Kenworthy

gus kenworthy 100

Just as I was beginning to go sour on these Olympic Games, the freestyle skiing event – new this year – came on and transformed my apathy to active interest. The way they managed to skirt metal, flip and spin and turn while flying through the air, and land on their feet at the end of it was awe-inspiring. The US also managed a medal sweep, taking the gold, silver, and bronze – and seeing the medal ceremony with three American flags and the National Anthem playing was moving. (I will often tear up at the playing of the National Anthem, no matter where or when or how it happens. Well, with the possible exception of Roseanne Barr’s rendition, which certainly dates me more accurately than carbon.)

Today we have freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy, the silver medalist, as our Hunk of the Day. Not many Olympians get naked, but Mr. Kenworthy obliged – and we’re glad he did. The Olympics are back on.

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