The Great Male Model Retrospective

Male models, given far less credit (and money) than their female super-counterparts, have always been appreciated on this blog. More than lust or desire or frenzied acclaim, they are an inspiration. They help me put down that second danish, or walk by the bowl of M&M’s, or take the one flight of stairs instead of the elevator. Granted, none of that is turning me into a male model anytime soon, but if such inspiration is a starting point, why knock it? And why keep them hidden? Here, then, is a brief collection of those shirtless men who keep some of us on our toes. One of the greatest gifts that another person can give is inspiration; these hunks have proven most generous in that respect.

Let’s begin on a personal note, with a model whom I first met when he was just five years old. Who knew at the time that the thin, rambunctious cousin of my then-girlfriend would grow into such an admirable young man? Meet Calvin.

Someone I haven’t met (but if anyone can manage an introduction, please hook a guy up) is Noah Mills.

Two words: David Gandy. And since you can never get enough, another naked glimpse.

Two more words: Tyson Beckford.

In case you haven’t heard a bazillion times before, I prefer my male models not too closely-shaven. In fact, when it comes to chest hair, less depilatory action is more. As proven in these shirtless and nude shots of Josh Wald, Jared Allman (and he is all man), and Daniel Garofali (who just manages to keep enough on, and I don’t mean clothing).

Before he went all Fifty Shades of Sexy, Jamie Dornan was just another Hunk of the Day.

Cult favorite Benjamin Godfre always seemed a tad too edgy to ever be mainstream model material, and I love him all the more for it.

In addition to flaunting his nakedness in front of the camera, Todd Sanfield also produced a line of his own underwear, that he models better anyone else.

He may have been better-known as Madonna’s sexy boyfriend at one time, but Jesus Luz got some modeling gigs out of it, and with good reason.

Theres nothing better than a male model who can rock a colorful bow tie (and colorful square cut), such as Victor Ross does so winningly.

Calvin Klein has introduced a number of remarkable specimens over the years, a knack that continued with a nude Garrett Neff and an equally-naked David Agbodji.

Asia has unfortunately never been tapped as a great supplier of male models, but gentlemen like Choi Ho Jin should go some way toward correcting that. And Godfrey Gao has made his own sexy efforts as well.

Tom Ford, however, has been tapping male models for years, as richly evidenced by Juan Betancourt.

Brazil has also never been lacking when it comes to male models. See Caio Cesar take it all off.

Nobody pulls off fringed leather chaps like Rob Evans.

Nathan Owens brings us the shirtless and pants-less Days of Our Lives.

Dolce & Gabbana were largely responsible for putting Tyson Ballou on the male model map, and cartographers around the world should be ever grateful.

Finally, a man of fine ink, David Mcintosh, because an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

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