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The Great & Gratuitous Ginger Post

ginger 100

In honor of this Irish-themed day, here we have a collection of red-heads to get your ginger groove going. Gingers have long been a favorite feature here, with the likes of Prince Harry, Sean Patrick Davey, Greg Rutherford, and Ricky Schroeder.

In a new photo exhibition by Thomas Knights, ‘Red Hot,’ the ginger takes pride of place as an object of affection and desire. These photos more than prove that. Happy Ginger Ogling!

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Hunk of the Day: Paddy O’Brian

paddy obrian 1401

A pre-St. Patrick’s Day treat for all you Irish-lovers out there: this is Hunk of the Day Paddy O’Brian. I’m guessing it’s a stage name for this male model and adult industry performer/ gay porn star, but he can call himself anything he likes if he looks like that in real life. This blog has tried to give equal Hunk opportunities to all, including the sometimes-shunned gay porn industry (and straight porn industry for that matter.) To that end, we’ve featured the scintillating likes of Colby KellerBrent Corrigan, Tomas BrandQuinn Jaxon, and Charlie Harding.

(By the way, scroll down to see how to wear a scarf, and nothing else, the right way.)

Why do jockstraps and color photography always read as gay porn, while black-and-white and naked reads as artistic?

It makes no difference if you’re in black-and-white

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The Ass Menagerie

christian bale shirtless

If you’ve been coming here for any length of time, you’ve have noticed that there is never any full-frontal male nudity on this site. Mainly because I don’t want this to turn into a porny free-for-all, and full-frontal shots can be found any other number of places. As compensation, however, I have offered ample ass shots – my own and others. For some reason rear nudity is not as frowned-upon as cock shots. It’s a fine line. Very fine. And we each have to draw it where we feel most comfortable. In my own life, I’m pretty free-for-all. For public consumption, however, I put the penis away.

To that end, we focus on the other end. The tight end. The perky end. The happy end. Notable butts featured here have included the following:

Christian Bale and his bounteous maximus on shower display in ‘American Psycho.’ If it takes turning into a psychotic to get a body like that, I don’t ever want to be sane.

Ryan Phillippe, who has come a long way from his ‘Studio 54′ days, and I’d say his butt has markedly improved.

Another Ryan – Ryan Reynolds – just edges out Mr. Phillippe in the hot ass department.

Working it out better than anyone’s back end, see Scott Herman.

A whole slew of bottoms stripping in ‘Magic Mike’ – and this beautiful Battle of the Butts. (I’m still partial to Matt Bomer’s epic ass work in that Oscar-robbed film.)

The magnificent backside of Nick Youngquest in all its glory.

The cheeky Ass-List shenanigans of Austin Armacost.

Rhymes with man-candy, male model David Gandy.

Wearing his own underwear, but taking just enough off to model his own ass, Todd Sanfield knows how to thrill.

Royalty, okay? Prince Harry’s fine ass.

Kellan Lutz in some sort of sexy planking.

And bringing up the rear of this end-heavy post, not-so-wee Will Wikle.

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Hunk of the Presidential Day: Pablo Hernandez

pablo hernandez 001

One of those criminally-sexy Andrew Christian models (where does he get such wonderful toys?), the Hunk of this Holiday is Pablo Hernandez. He knows how to fill out those pecs, and that underwear, and just about anything else you can probably think of. It’s certainly a body to aspire to, if not covet outright. To achieve it, however, I’m afraid I’d have to stop eating for three months, work out for five, and be in plastic-surgery recovery for a year.

While I’m not a fan of most selfies (my own included), this is the sort of person who should be filling Instagram and Twitter with nothing but naked selfies.

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Hunk of the Day: Daniel Garofali

Daniel Garofali 099

Every now and then, Twitter will recommend that I follow someone worthy of being followed (for some reason the Twitter Powers-That-Be assume that I want to follow every gay porn star that lives and screws – which is not really the case). When Daniel Garofali came up as a suggested person, I went to his website and decided to make him a Hunk of the Day instead. He has some amazing photographs up on his site, and he’s worked with a number of talented photographers, so on a purely artistic level, it’s well worth visiting. On a more gratuitous level, he’s just plain hot.

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Hunk of the Day: Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick 1

NFL player Colin Kaepernick, of the San Francisco 49ers, is the Hunk of the Day. He shows up at a fitting moment, as we are immersed in the heart of football season. Not that it has anything to do with me. I haven’t been big on the football thing since the year Madonna performed at the Super Bowl. That doesn’t look likely to change much this year, if Bruno Mars is the half-time performer as has been reported. It’s going to take more than Mr. Kaepernick to get me to tune in, and until the players themselves regularly start having wardrobe malfunctions, I’m not interested.

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Hunk of the Day: Ivan Scannell

Ivan Scannell 100

Ivan the Great, indeed. Fitness guru and modeling maverick Ivan Scannell is the Hunk of the Day. If this is what fitness and working out results in, sign me up. I’ll put down the fried chicken for just a minute if he would trade me just one of his washboard abs for a drumstick. It amazes me the commitment and hard work involved in achieving a body like this – I haven’t quite found that ambition yet, but I’ll work on it this year. Mr. Scannell is nothing if not an inspiration for that.

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Hunk of the Day: Paul Chiara

Paul Chiara 102

Let’s keep things simple here for a Monday. The Hunk of the Day is male underwear model Paul Chiara. As most of us know, the best way to sell underwear is to step out of them. Mr. Chiara does that better than most in these shots.

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Hunk of the Day: Brent Corrigan

brent corrigan 1

A number of years ago, shortly after I started this website, somehow got entered into a gay blog contest, pitted against the far more popular website of Brent Corrigan. This fledgling site didn’t stand a chance, but Mr. Corrigan was nice enough to do a post wherein he gave me cordial props for being a contender. Of course, I got eliminated after the first round, but his kindness was something I never forgot. It would also turn out to be in short supply with all the bitchiness and anonymous trolls that would soon defile the internet. Mr. Corrigan was a prime example of a person whom, no matter how popular he was (and no matter how attractive), could still treat people with respect and compassion. I’d since lost track of him in the ensuing years, but I recently saw that he started a new website, and of course it’s already much more popular than this one. The pictures included here should be more than enough explanation as to why.

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Gratuitous Male Nudity For All The Christmas Misfits

nude male celebs 101

For those of us without family or friends on this day, and for those of us who’d rather be away from family and friends on this day, here is a post to distract and take you away from all of that, Calgon bath-style. The anti-climax of Christmas is quick and ruthless, often arriving on the day itself. I remember coming back after Christmas dinner at Suzie’s house as a kid, feeling disappointment that the build-up and lead-in was done in a few short hours, calmed and quieted only by some new toys and gadgets, and the stretch of vacation days ahead, but still bothered that it was all over already. It’s why I’ve come to appreciate the journey rather than the destination, and why, for me, anticipation usually trumps any happy ending. But this is not the time for heavy ruminations like that, I promised a distraction – and an empty and vapid one at that. (What I do best…)

Before next week’s three-part Year in Review, let’s look back at some of the shamelessly salacious skin posts, the ones that featured all that dirty and gratuitous male nudity, the gleefully naked male celebrities, and the shy but shirtless guys as well. What better day for man candy than Christmas?

This post was a Greatest Collection of sorts, Immaculate in its own naked way.

In this one, a look back at one of the greatest battles of the butts of all time.

The great and the gratuitous are on almost full-frontal display here, even if the backdoor is the preferred mode of entry.

Here is an Erection Collection, not so much in the literal sense as a jumping off point of inspiration.

A more recent post chronicled some favorite nude dudes.

And this one is a bunch of nude male celebrities masquerading as something more (but don’t worry, it’s not).

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Hunk of the Day: Brian Shimansky

shirtless brian shimansky 1

Naked male models just make the day better. Maybe it’s the vacant stares, maybe it’s the impeccable skin, or maybe it’s just the bodies perfect. Whatever the case, a little bit of beauty works wonders as a balm on the frenzied soul. This is Brian Shimansky, our Hunk of the Day, and if all he ever accomplishes in this world is looking like this, he’s done far greater service than me. As for those who like criticizing male models, well, consider the source, then compare and contrast. Bitterness often comes disguised as witty criticism. I should know.

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Nude Male Celebrities: A Collection

naked male 101

For a Friday, some man candy. The nude male celebrities always get proper notice, as most naked males do here, so let’s take it easy and let the guys take it off. In the following links, you can have a look-see at some of the men who have disrobed on this site, whether in their movies, or racy photo shoots, or in the assumed privacy of their hotel balconies.

First up is the sometimes-frightening intensity of Christian Bale, in his wickedly wonderful turn as Patrick Bateman in ‘American Psycho’. That’s one high maintenance male, and one equally high butt.

Second is Mr. Ryan Reynolds. Enough said.

Royalty, okay? In the fine ginger form of one Prince Harry.

A couple of Olympic athletes went starkers, and there’s something pretty Greek-God-like about Danell Leyva, Epke Zonderland, Evan Lysacek, and Chris Mears.

Athletes were represented in the altogether, and understandably so, as it’s their job to keep physically fit. The impossibly-perfect physiques of Rob Gronkowski, Gareth Thomas, Stuart Reardon, and Matt Harvey.

Currently winning raves for his performance in the ‘Dallas Buyers Club’, Matthew McConaughey looks way better here.


Male models win their place here mostly by default (as posing nude is part of their job), but that doesn’t mean they don’t work for it. Well, whatever, as long as they keep taking their clothes off, like David GandyBenjamin GodfreAlex MinskyNick Beyeler, and Garrett Neff

The amazing Ronnie Kroell actually made Playgirl artistic with shots like these.

I wonder if Jamie Dornan will get this naked in his part in ’50 Shades of Grey’.

And… Chris Evans.

The End.

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A Very Naked Nick Youngquest


Nick Youngquest has already been featured as a Hunk of the Day, not to mention in a previous naked post (nothing gets more notice than a naked male celebrity, unless it’s a naked male sports star). For this post, I tried to top those prior outings, as Mr. Youngquest is no stranger to getting nude for photographs. A man after my own heart. (No, there’s no full frontal male nudity here, but with a bulge like that in underwear that tight, there’s not much left to the imagination, no matter how active.)

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Hunk of the Day: Reichen Lehmkuhl

Reichen Lehmkuhl 01

Long before yesterday’s Hunk of the Day Rodiney Santiago came into the public eye, I was made aware of his former boyfriend Reichen Lehmkuhl through a cover shoot the latter did for Instinct Magazine (one of the first national magazines that published my written work). He’s already been featured on this website once before, so I felt it was Mr. Santiago’s turn, which is why Reichen gets the last-but-certainly-not-least nod now. Besides, it’s not who gets noticed first, but who gets mentioned last that is remembered. In either case, the honors go to Mr. Lehmkuhl.

Bonus points for showing off his ass far more than Mr. Santiago ever has. Take note, future wannabes…


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The Hunky Hunk Hunk Post – 2


Continuing on with our sexy-ass filler of Hunks from the past, let’s waste no time with silly, frilly intros and just get to the heart and meat of the matter, starting with the daringly provocative lace-up leather pants of Adam Lambert. It’s always something extraordinary when sexiness is matched by talent and sheer vocal prowess and power.

One of the almost-obscene sets of photos ever posted here, by a sports star no less, comes courtesy of Sandor Earl, who posed in the shower. In his underwear, yes, but they were very wet and thin underwear, and left little to nothing to the imagination.

Broadway triple-threat-treader Nick Adams filled out his own underwear quite nicely, proving he is the perfect package.

Keeping things in the family is Chris Salvatore, another good guy who proves you don’t have to be a dick to be a star.

It’s not enough to look good, you have to smell good too, and with his new cologne 8.5, Matthew Camp does both, and quite impressively.

When this site gets called out for being nothing more than gay porn, it’s probably because of sights like Todd Sanfield in this sort of undress.

Finally, male model Benjamin Godfre, in still photos and naked motion, and you can decided which you like best.

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