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Back to Basics: David Beckham

There hasn’t been a proper David Beckham post here in quite some time. In the last year or so he’s remained relatively low-key. He hasn’t done a major underwear shoot, or put out his own line of clothing, or returned to the ball game that originally brought his such fame and glory. I imagine that being Mr. Posh has its own workload, and raising all those kids is very much a full-time job, but I still miss seeing him shimmy down to his skivvies on occasion. He’s overdue for a racy photo shoot or fashion splash, so this serves as a reminder of all that he can do, even when he’s not trying. This is a brief collection of GIFs that show Mr. Beckham off in his greatest role: shirtless icon. Here’s hoping he returns to shameless form this year. In the meantime, there’s always Ben Cohen.

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David Beckham: Sexiest Man Alive

People Magazine has never been the most cutting edge publication – it’s way too mainstream to be that edgy – and their choice of David Beckham as Sexiest Man Alive for 2015 is about as mainstream as they come, save for the fact that Mr. Beckham is 40 years old. (Not that there’s anything wrong with being 40… ahem.) It’s striking, however, as they usually err on the side of youth, so it’s nice to see someone of my generation still making headlines for being sexy and desirable. As for Beckham, this is long overdue.

{For those who admire the man as much as People does, check out this almost-definitive post of his assets and bulges.}

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David Beckham’s Bum

While not solely devoted to David Beckham’s backside, this post does have several fine examples of said bottom. I’m not going to waste your time, and mine, by espousing rhapsodically on Mr. Beckham’s remarkable assets – too many words have been spent drooling over his attributes, and I’m growing tired of all these mixed metaphors. On with the David Beckham ass show for a Friday.

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A Tale of Two Shirtless Selfies

No stranger to shirtlessness, David Beckham opened his Instagram account with a shirtless selfie from his boudoir. Clearly, he understands the importance of beginning things with a bang. James Franco, in a similar vein, has been taking shirtless selfies for years, as seen below. The differences are interesting: Beckham’s is studied, poised, and polished. A lot of thought went into it, surely a good amount of calculation, all with the intended result of producing a benign, if still sexy, introduction to the world of Instagram.

Franco’s is more raw, more off-the-cuff, more honest, even if his gaze doesn’t directly confront or engage with the viewer. It’s a more telling shot, more revealing in every way. Slightly out of focus and less perfectly composed, it still manages to have a truer ring to it.

I’m not sure which one I like better. How about you?

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David Beckham Selected These Pants for Me

While Beckham may have selected these items for me, it’s my prerogative to not wear or purchase them, and I am exercising said prerogative. In his current ad campaign for H&M, Mr. Beckham stands behind the truthful tag line “Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham” in a rare moment where he’s not pretending to have designed the collection. I’ll bet Victoria Beckham had a hand in that, because Posh knows a thing or two about designing versus standing around looking hot in your skivvies.

I browsed the wares that Mr. Beckham supposedly selected, and though they were serviceable, they were nothing too spectacular. I need something with a little more pep in this spring season, especially when the winter has been so long and bleak. Now is not the time for subtlety. David Beckham knows better. Personally, I feel he should stick with what he knows best: underwear.

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David Beckham & Glimpses of Skin

Some of these shots are more revealing than others, but here is a brief collection of David Beckham showing off his greatest assets. There’s been some heated debate over whether that’s his butt or his bulge, so here’s a few views of both to let you make your own decisions. I won’t go crazy with the David Beckham links, because all you need to know is found in this very graphic post. But in case you wanted a little more, here you go.

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Beckham Shirtless

It’s been at least a couple of weeks since a shirtless David Beckham post, so let’s rectify that immediately with this preview of his latest H&M Bodywear promo series. After this epic post, there’s no need to recap Mr. Beckham’s previous appearances here, so just click here and have fun perusing the past. My eyes are on other things…

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Bonus David Beckham Underwear Pics

Since there were just a few too many photographs of David Beckham for the previous post, he spills over into this bonus round. Most of these are from the ad campaign for his Bodywear line for H&M – a few are just shirtless beach ball poses. Bend it like Beckham indeed.

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The Almost-Definitive* David Beckham Shirtless Post

As is the case with Ben Cohen, putting a ‘definitive’ label on anything to do with David Beckham is as limiting as a Madonna Greatest Hits album: there’s always more to come. Mr. Beckham actually paved the gay-friendly way for Mr. Cohen, presenting himself as a straight ally more through his flaunting of a metrosexual style, pin-up caliber poses, and calendar and photo shoots that were aimed strategically at the groins of most gay men. He scored, we swooned; he disrobed, we gasped; he started an underwear line, we ate it up. Since the start of this website, David Beckham has been a constant source of eye candy and inspiration.

Here is an almost-comprehensive list of Mr. Beckham’s past posts. There are a lot, but I haven’t heard anyone complain about their prolific nature given the specimen on display.

It all began (at least post-website-revamp) with his Butt and his Bulge.

A decent way to start, things soon got interesting, if questionably exciting.

The evolution of Beckham’s package.

Forget Justin Trousersnake, Beckham’s got the real deal.

The basic boxer brief showed off Beckham’s best assets.

Bodywear by Beckham.

Oddly enough, he didn’t receive his first Hunk of the Day crowning until 2012.

Nobody does a promotional video better.

Always a top contender for a Greatest Hunks collection

And a mainstay for the decade of this website.

The battle of the century: Ben Cohen vs. David Beckham. Who’s sexier?

The 2nd battle of the century: David Beckham vs. Mario Lopez.

David & Daley.

The best David Beckham posts are those that are purely gratuitous.

Ever wonder what he smells like?

Forget the subway tile, it’s the underwear.

That age-old dilemma: bulge or butt?

The pre-cursor to this post, in brief.

David Beckham and a tease of nudity

More nudity, and less.

Beckham and his budgie smugglers.

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David Beckham In His Budgie Smugglers

Quite frankly, I’m not sure what took David Beckham so long to offer his own version of the Speedo, or Budgie Smuggler, but here it is, as part of his H&M line of swimwear. My first reaction, even at the sight of his bulge in white shiny brief-like swimsuit, is largely lackluster. Like his H&M underwear line, the style, the color, and the fit are all unimpressive. In fact, the last style, with the dull color-blocking mishap, is dismal at best. I much prefer Beckham’s work with Emporio Armani – it was classic but daring, elegant but edgy, and much sexier than anything H&M has produced thus far.

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David Beckham, Naked?

I am so glad I did not sit through any of that football game for this. David Beckham’s supposedly-naked Super Bowl ad, teased and highly-touted here, showed no more than the teaser did. Where was all the promised bulging? Where were the skimpy briefs? He was more naked here, and he had pants on. Oh well, it’s not a bad holding pattern to be caught in boxer briefs.

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Who Wants to see David Beckham Naked?

David Beckham, long a favorite here, has a commercial for his new commercial (as only David Beckham would do). In it, he asks us to vote on whether his new SuperBowl commercial should be ‘#Covered‘ or ‘#Uncovered‘. Like we don’t know which one will win out. But just in case, if you don’t vote, you’re gonna get a spanky. [Cut.]

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David Beckham, In Brief

Whilst I’m in travel status, a revisiting of some past David Beckham posts, to see how good he looks almost all of the time.

David looks splendid changing out of his shorts in the middle of a soccer game.

David looks amazing when he dons a simple pair of white briefs.

David looks intriguing when putting his snake out for all the world to see.

David looks amazing when caught on video in his underwear (and battling Mario Lopez.)

David looks better in pants than Tom Daley does out of them.

David looks decent in retirement.

David looks striking in nothing but his cologne.

David looks sporty in this locker room.

David looks best going back to front, or front to back.

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Beckham’s Best Side: Bulge or Butt?

It’s been far too long (almost a week!) since the last gratuitous David Beckham post, so let’s work to rectify that right now. The question of the day is whether you prefer David’s front or back ~ bulge or backside? I think I’m slightly partial to the latter. Butt boy all the way.

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A New David Beckham Underwear Post

It’s been a while since we last saw David Beckham in his self-monikered skivvies, so let’s rectify that sorrowful bit of a lapse with these new shots for his fall underwear line at H&M. As you may or may not remember, I’m not the biggest fan of Mr. Beckham’s brand of intimates. The cut is wrong, the fit is snug (and not just because I may have gained an inch or two where I don’t quite want it), and the colors and designs were bland and too utilitarian. Underwear from David Beckham should be so much more. But when he wears it, it looks a lot better. So here you have it.

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