The Almost-Definitive* David Beckham Shirtless Post

As is the case with Ben Cohen, putting a ‘definitive’ label on anything to do with David Beckham is as limiting as a Madonna Greatest Hits album: there’s always more to come. Mr. Beckham actually paved the gay-friendly way for Mr. Cohen, presenting himself as a straight ally more through his flaunting of a metrosexual style, pin-up caliber poses, and calendar and photo shoots that were aimed strategically at the groins of most gay men. He scored, we swooned; he disrobed, we gasped; he started an underwear line, we ate it up. Since the start of this website, David Beckham has been a constant source of eye candy and inspiration.

Here is an almost-comprehensive list of Mr. Beckham’s past posts. There are a lot, but I haven’t heard anyone complain about their prolific nature given the specimen on display.

It all began (at least post-website-revamp) with his Butt and his Bulge.

A decent way to start, things soon got interesting, if questionably exciting.

The evolution of Beckham’s package.

Forget Justin Trousersnake, Beckham’s got the real deal.

The basic boxer brief showed off Beckham’s best assets.

Bodywear by Beckham.

Oddly enough, he didn’t receive his first Hunk of the Day crowning until 2012.

Nobody does a promotional video better.

Always a top contender for a Greatest Hunks collection

And a mainstay for the decade of this website.

The battle of the century: Ben Cohen vs. David Beckham. Who’s sexier?

The 2nd battle of the century: David Beckham vs. Mario Lopez.

David & Daley.

The best David Beckham posts are those that are purely gratuitous.

Ever wonder what he smells like?

Forget the subway tile, it’s the underwear.

That age-old dilemma: bulge or butt?

The pre-cursor to this post, in brief.

David Beckham and a tease of nudity

More nudity, and less.

Beckham and his budgie smugglers.

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