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Naked Male Celebrities: The Erection Collection


In my absence, a gratuitous collection of past ‘Hunk of the Day’ posts – actually just a long, long list that you can click or dismiss as you deem fit. These guys have inspired, stimulated, and erected a fuss whenever they’ve doffed their clothing, so here’s to them (and the crass title of this post). Just to raise it slightly out of the sleaze, however, a few choice quotes from some favorite books. There’s no reason we shouldn’t educate through erotica.

We’ll begin with a few instant classics:

Casper Van Dien

Chris Evans

Harry Judd

Shemar Moore

Matthew McConaughey

David Beckham

Channing Tatum

A few gay super heroes:

Mike Ruiz

Eliad Cohen

Matt Bomer

Brad Goreski

Matthew Mitcham

Ronnie Kroell

Cheyenne Jackson


And a few belovedly off-beat favorites:

James Franco

David Duchovny

Will Wikle

Kevin Jonas

Ashton Kutcher

And last, but certainly not least, the male models (including porn):

Quinn Jaxon

Benjamin Godfre

Tyson Beckford

Josh Wald

David Gandy

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Hunk of the Day: Jake Shears


It shook my musical world when the Scissor Sisters recently announced that they were going on a hiatus. That rarely bodes well for a band, at least not unless you can fast forward to the reunion tour, and even then it’s never quite as good as you remember it. (“You can never do the same thing twice, no matter how fierce.”) But until then there is the music they’ve already created, and their front man Jake Shears is still doing his thing, appearing the other night and performing at the GLAAD Awards. It was a reminder that he had (egregiously) never been an official Hunk of the Day. That all changes now, as we bestow this ultimate honor on Mr. Shears in the name of man-skin and former go-go dancers everywhere. Now if he would only consider a solo record…

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The Birthday Suit Post


This Happy Birthday post is for you. Yes, you – you who have taken the time to click away from wherever you were to come here, wherever here is, and see me don my birthday suit in honor of your special day. This is the Birthday Suit Post for all birthdays. Now assume the position for your lucky birthday spanking…

When you think about it, I’ve been honoring you in my birthday suit for years, through dozens of posts, countless gratuitously-shameless promo shots designed to titillate and disturb, like here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here… But this is about you, and your birthday. So have a happy one.

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A Hunk and a Photographer: Eddy Barrena & Hans Fahrmeyer


I’ve been soliciting requests for the Hunk of the Day feature, and every now and then someone will mention whom they want to see. This, however, is the first time a photographer has submitted one of his models, as well as photos, and it’s a rather refreshing motion. The photographer is Hans Fahrmeyer, and the model is Eddy Barrena. Mr. Barrena is a performer and model who has an album out now, “GlitterNation”. Previously he performed as back-up dancer for Cazwell. Many thanks to Hans for the recommendation and the photos. Be sure to visit his site at WWW.HANSFAHRMEYER.COM.

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Hunk of the Day: Kellan Lutz, Naked (For Real)

13kellan lutz1

In all honesty, I don’t know who he is or what he was in. But this is Kellan Lutz naked, and I’m told he is not completely naked often, so there you go. Your Hunk of the Day, midnight-style. He surely is shirtless quite a bit, given the plethora of shirtless shots on the internet, and the lack of a need to re-post them here. But perhaps you, like me, have been without the benefit of seeing his naked butt, which is the main point of this post (scroll down). There is no other reason. Love it or leave it. Good night. And give me back that hour.


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Hunk of the Day: James Franco


While he has never been my type (I don’t go for the unwashed or the unkempt), James Franco is quite popular with just about everyone else. I posed the question on FaceBook and someone said it was because he exuded an everyday-guy realness that was missing from most of Hollywood perfection. I can see that, but he’s still not doing it for me.

The thing about Mr. Franco that bothers me the most is that I still can’t determine whether he’s a yet-to-be-understood masterful genius, or just full of complete and utter bullshit. I’ve oscillated between each stance over the years, and he has given me no indication which one is real. And so we wait. And watch. Even tripe like ‘Oz – The Great and Powerful.’

For the Hunk of the Day post, I’ve found a smattering of photos from Mr. Franco’s career – starting with a few shots of his recent Gucci cologne campaign (not an unfortunate fragrance in the least) and finishing with these nudes from some movie whose name escapes me at the moment. The latest thing I’ve read about his next move is something to do with gay porn. So I may turn into a fan after all. We shall see. Meet you back here after the screen-caps come out.

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Hunk of the Day: Matt Carr


Leave it to the Albany area to make it into Lifetime Television via the upcoming dramatization of ‘Romeo Killer: The Chris Porco Story’. And leave it to me to find the one salvageable thing in the whole sordid affair by bringing you the Hunk of the Day: the star of the movie, Matt Carr. I won’t be watching; there is no way in hell I’m sitting through a Lifetime movie that doesn’t involve the morbid fascination of a train wreck like Lindsay Lohan (her portrayal of Liz Taylor was practically grotesque – and I couldn’t turn away.) It’s enough to gaze upon Mr. Carr here, and in this fashion: silent, unmoving, and unwreckable. And I’ve always loved a guy with a long and floppy… hairstyle.

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Hunk of the Day: Todd Sanfield

todd sanfield1001

After making such a splash in other designers’ underwear, it’s only right that Todd Sanfield started a line of his own. Though he doesn’t have the recognition of a name like David Beckham, or even Mario Lopez, he’s got, in my not-so-humble opinion, a better frame on which to hang his drawers. His line is also slightly better-cut than Mr. Beckham’s or Mr. Lopez’s, at least judging from the online photos. (I’ll have to try them out in person one day to be completely certain…) Congrats to our Hunk of the Day, Todd Sanfield.

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Dreaming of Skinnydipping


Because at the technical tail-end of Winter, you do what you gotta do to survive – in this case, re-living summer glory, remembering sunny days, and re-visiting shameless shots. Bare with me until this season closes its doors. (I’m told we’re getting snow.)

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Hunk of the Day: Scott Caan, Furry & Naked

Scott Caan shirtless

Joining the pantheon of furry friends who have already been christened as Hunk of the Day, this is Scott Caan, one of the furriest (as exhibited below). Other notables in the hairy harem include Eliad Cohen, Novak Djokovic,  Ben Cohen, Josh Wald, Chris Evans, & Sacha Harding.

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Hunk of the Day: Eliad Cohen


This is, according to that often unreliable Wikipedia, “Israeli producer, actor, model, entrepreneur, co-founder of Gay-ville, and producer of the internationally renowned PAPA Party” Eliad Cohen – our Hunk of the Day. Mr. Cohen was unknown to me before this moment, but he will certainly be remembered forever after. He was a recent cover model for the ‘Spartacus International Gay Guide’, so his image has gained international acclaim, and as seen here, with very good reason. Bonus Points for keeping it mostly natural too. We need more fur!

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The Magic Mann


Morality? It interests you does it? All right – it seems to us that one ought not to search for morality in virtue, which is to say in reason, in discipline, in good behavior, in respectability – but in just the opposite, I would say: in sin, in abandoning oneself to danger, to whatever can harm us, destroy us. It seems to us that it is more moral to lose oneself and let oneself be ruined than to save oneself. The great moralists have never been especially virtuous, but rather adventurers in evil, in vice, great sinners who teach us as Christians how to stoop to misery. You must find that all very repugnant. ~ Thomas Mann, ‘The Magic Mountain’

The wicked dance in which you are caught up will last many a little sinful year yet, and we would not wager much that you will come out whole. To be honest, we are not really bothered about leaving the question open. Adventures in the flesh and spirit, which enhanced and heightened your ordinariness, allowed you to survive in the spirit what you probably will not survive in the flesh. There were moments when, as you “played king,” you saw the intimation of a dream of love rising out of death and this carnal body. And out of this worldwide festival of death, this ugly rutting fever that inflames the rainy evening sky all around – will love someday rise up out of this, too? ~ Thomas Mann, ‘The Magic Mountain’

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Hunk of the Day: Stuart Reardon, Naked on Louis Vuitton Luggage

13stuart reardon101

I don’t know what  gets me hotter in this series of photos – our Hunk of the Day, Mr. Stuart Reardon and his impeccable rear, or the Louis Vuitton on which he rests his backside in one of the last photos. It’s always a toss up as to what gets one off – hot male flesh or hot luggage. I am equally torn, but if pressed I’ll just say that luggage lasts longer, and is a much safer investment than a hot rugby player. Of course, that may be because I only have a piece of Louis luggage in the house and not a rugby player. It’s easier that way, and far less inconvenient on the grocery bill, or so I’m told.

This is a slightly-larger-than-normal spread for the Hunk of the Day, but Mr. Reardon definitely  deserves it. I many not be a fan of the ink, but I can honor a well-honed physique, and this is surely one for all-time inspiration. It may even inspire me to get off my lazy Winter ass and start working on a Spring tune-up. Just in the dick… err, nick… of time.

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Bon Jovi, Madonna, Peter, Paul & Mary, and Lots of Male Skin Shots


Last week’s weekly recap got away from me, so this collection recollects the past two weeks – something fitting for the final week of February – and good freaking riddance. I am over this Winter already, but I think we’re about to turn the corner. The song of a robin was heard this morning, the stuff falling from the sky is wet instead of frozen, and the scent of Spring is just starting to carry on the wings of the wind.

To that end, and the first hint of the coming season, it was time to update our home-away-from-home, so I made a trip to Boston to receive a new bed. And propose a Marimekko make-over.

It should come as no surprise that I got into my skivvies (and out of them) for part of this ants-in-the-pants month – such as here, here, here, and here.

The musical memories of the moment came not only from Madonna, but Bon Jovi’s ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ and Peter, Paul and Mary’s ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’.

There was also ample evidence of gratuitous male nudity, in the fine physical forms of Gareth ThomasAndrew Cooper, Shayne WardJason Statham, Tom ColleyWil Sabin, Sacha Harding (who sits on the bountiful buttocks seen below), and a special nude appearance by Tom Ford.

The subtle continuation of a new project went largely unhyped and unheralded which is the way I’d like this one to go.

The Oscars, and my bitchy commentary on a show I thought largely sucked.

And it’s not a real recap without a shout-out to Louis Vuitton and his new collection of robes and bags, or a reference to David Beckham and his underwear line.

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Naked Flight

We’re so hard, aren’t we, on people who are given everything? If you’d been given everything, you mightn’t have wandered very far from the pool deck, though perhaps you wouldn’t have spent quite so much time in the direct sun. It’s as if, when someone has it all, we demand that he be tormented by some pointless ambition for more. Here he is, rich and handsome, beating off women with a stick, and he’s supposed to go have adventures, try himself somehow, scour the earth for some unhappiness. ~ Mark Merlis, An Arrow’s Flight

Maybe they really were lovers, maybe this at last was what the word meant: your lover was the one you had to shelter from the worst things you knew about yourself. Yes, this had to be it, the hot shame and, somewhere beneath it, a strange, hopeless sort of jubilation. ~ Mark Merlis, An Arrow’s Flight

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