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Hunk of the Day: Oguchi Onyewu, The Naked Soccer Player

Oguchi Onyewu1

Meet American soccer player Oguchi Onyewu, our Hunk of the Day for all the reasons seen here. ESPN Magazine saw fit to remove his clothes for this photo shoot, and for once I can’t blame ESPN. As can be gleaned from what’s on display, soccer does a body good.

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Hunk of the Day: Pavel Petel

pavel petel 1

The Hunk of the Day comes courtesy of a recommendation. He is Pavel Petel, a DJ and performance artist from Moscow. Seek out his Tumblr account for far more racier (and full-frontal) fare. He’s man enough to rock a pink wig and high heels, and one must respect that.

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Bare-assed in the Bedroom


It’s been a while since I’ve dropped trou here (I challenge you to scroll back to find it – it will take a while), so here’s something to appease the two people who have been asking. Say what you will, gratuitous male nudity makes this site go around.

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Hunk of the Day: Ricky Schroeder

ricky schroeder 1

This feisty red-headed Broadway hoofer and singer is Ricky Schroeder, our Hunk of the Day, currently raising funds in his Strip-A-Thon for Broadway Bares. His day job (well, night job) is being part of the ‘Naked Boys Singing!‘ company. He also appears on the recent cover of Next, as shot by photographer Kevin Thomas Garcia. It’s always nice when someone cute fronts a good cause, and on this site everybody loves a ginger!

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A Shirtless, Smutty (And Naked) Saturday ~ Part 2

gratuitous male nudity

Forget the shirtless – let’s just take off all their clothes. Here is a brief (or brief-less) collection of some of the guys who have deigned to remove their sartorial armor and get all buck naked (and in most of these cases buff naked). There’s no ailment a little gratuitous male nudity can’t instantly fix, or at least soothe. So without further ado or pesky clothes, here are some of those naked men.

It begins, fittingly, with the royal tush of Prince Harry, baring his bottom whilst gaming it up in Las Vegas.

Though he is technically naked here, you may not be happy with the hands of Adam Levine’s girlfriend, covering up his junk in annoying jungle red.

Things get a little Biblical with a man named Jesus (Luz), who once dated the real Dude’s mother’s namesake, Madonna.

Feel free to play ball with Patriot Rob Gronkowski and don’t bother wearing a cup because he didn’t.

Though he was already featured earlier today, he wasn’t naked. But Nick Youngquest is naked now.

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Hunk of the Day: Henry Cavill, The Naked Superman

henry cavill naked 1

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your next Superman – Hunk of the Day Henry Cavill. He’ll be slipping into that unforgiving suit sometime this summer, but in case you can’t wait to see what that skin-tight ensemble will disguise, here he is shirtless and, finally, naked. It should go without saying at this point that I much prefer him with some fur on his chest. Like Chris Evans, he can do both, but I hope he eases up on the razor. We each have our peccadilloes.

Along with former Hunk of the Day Mr. Evans, a few other furry men have graced these pages in the past, and perhaps we should link them here for your male eye candy enjoyment: Jon HammBen Cohen, Mark RuffaloDylan McDermottLance Parker, Andy Cohen, Shayne WardJosh Wald, Colby Keller, Brett GleasonEric AlánSacha Harding, David ShillingtonEliad Cohen, Jason Statham, and Scott Caan.

But before you click away on those guys, finish scrolling down. Henry Cavill and his naked ass are the kind of happy ending you don’t want to miss.

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Hunk of the Day: Grant Kother, The Naked Zookeeper

grant kother naked1

The title says almost all. This is Grant Kother, one of the zookeepers at the London Zoo. In an effort to gain attention for the diminishing population of Sumatran tigers in the world, and an upcoming naked run at the London Zoo (appropriately titled a “Streak for Tigers”), Mr. Kother has posed for these photos, showing his very naked physique going about his zoo duties. Not sure how safe this sort of thing was around the snapping turtles, but that tiger certainly looks entranced. Or hungry. Either way, this grants Mr. Kother the highest zoological award this site can muster – the Hunk of the Day. We’re all just animals here anyway.


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A Week of Gardening, Gays, & Guys

trevor donovan shirtless

This past week has seen a drastic transformation of the gardens, thanks as much to Mother Nature as to my mother-fucking muscle. My back is on strike, my feet simply quit, and my hands couldn’t pull the trigger on a pair of pruning shears to save my life. But the work got did, the yard got cleaned, and the beds and borders have not looked this good in a long time. After a few years of wild, over-grown and unchecked wilderness, this was the time I took it back. It was a time to be ruthless, and I was. I’m paying for it a bit now in callouses and back-aches, but it was worth it. Onto the previous week’s recap:

It begins, fitting with a few gardening posts, both practical and philosophical, (and just plain pretty) inspired by a great book on gardening and life, ‘The Backyard Parables’ by Margaret Roach.

There was music by Muse, both mad and divine.

I don’t know what is going on with the restaurant bars in Downtown Albany, but they seem to be losing their way. Case in point, this martini at La Serre.

The Hunk of the Day returned with a shirtless vengeance, featuring the easy-on-the-eyes likenesses of Nate Berkus, Trevor Donovan, Jon Bon Jovi, Terry Miller, Alex Pettyfer, and Marques Houston. (And I threw in some Tom Daley in a Speedo for good measure.)

The Lenten Rose wept as honey poured forth from Madonna’s gash… oh wait, I’m mixing up gardening and the ‘Sex’ book again…

As you may have guessed, I saw no reason to include any corresponding shots other than Trevor Donovan naked and in his underwear. Sue me.

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Hunk of the Day: Marques Houston – Naked

marques houston 1

‘Naked’ singer Marques Houston is the Hunk of the Day, and the video below is more than enough reason why. Known mostly for his music, Mr. Houston has also acted, in such not-so-notable flicks as ‘House Party 3′ (I didn’t want to see it, having missed the first two) and ‘Battlefield America’, which was described as a “kids hop hop dance battle film” which, needless to say, I missed as well. I prefer him singing and stripping in videos.

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Shirtless Saturday – Post #3


For your Saturday Night Delight, a little gratuitous male nudity, because when you start the day with shirtlessness, it’s got to build up to something.

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Shirtless Saturday – Post #2


There was something about the anonymous models of the International Male/Undergear catalogs that was always more real and relatable than the celebrity pecs so perfectly poised in magazines. (Forgive the IM/Undergear reference – it dates me more accurately than the Andrew Christian/C-IN2/2-xist reference I could have made to mask the fact that I came of age between the 80’s and the 90’s.) Anyway, here are some old and new bulges from the men’s underwear world.

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Hunk of the Day: Colby Keller, Porn Star (And Then Some)

colby keller 101

Porn stars often get a bad rap. Okay, some of them are exactly what they are made out to be, but some of them are so much more. Case of the latter: Colby Keller, our Hunk of the Day. Mr. Keller has put in his sexy time in a number of porn films (Videos? Downloads? What is the proper term these days?) But far more than that, he seems to be an intelligent, witty, and thoughtful blogger, who has some amazing posts on his deliciously NSFW site Big Shoe Diaries. (Forewarned is fairwarned: he sees penis everywhere.)

I love it when people turn such pre-conceived notions as ‘porn star’ on their heads, forcing a confrontation with long-held beliefs and narrow-minded labels. It’s good for the brain to be so jolted. And Mr. Keller can most certainly deliver a jolt.

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Instagram My Ass


A number of people have asked me why I don’t start an Instagram account, citing all the pics I post. To be honest, that’s the entire reason in itself: I already post enough photos – why do I want another outlet and time-burner for that? Besides, Madonna was already warned about her Instagram photos – it would be just a matter of time before my account got shut down by the powers-that-be. No, for now you’ll have to come here to get a bum-rush like the one you see here today. This is basically what my Instagram shots would look like – and I think I’ve suffered enough em-bare-ass-ment for one day.

Having said all that, I’ll probably join a few years from now, when it’s starting to subside, like I did with Twitter. I’m a Virgo. It takes me a while to embrace the change. Of course, if you want to make the world a better place, take a look at your ass and make a change. (Sorry, I’m on some serious sleep-deprivation…)

ADDENDUM: I’m now on Instagram under ‘alanilagan’. I had to let it happen… I had to change…

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Hunk of the Day: Male Model Tyler Lough (With Nudity)


There are only a few male models that I’ve featured on this site, mostly because I find male models too perfect (See David Gandy, Noah Mills, Tyson Beckford, etc.) Not that there’s anything wrong in perfection, it simply gets tiresome after a while. Give me a less-than-perfect edge and I’m all yours. For Tyler Lough, the Hunk of the Day, however, I’ll make an exception. Sometimes perfection is simply… perfect. So get a gander at Mr. Lough – and be grateful that most male models get naked at some point, and have it documented for posterior, err, posterity.

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My Full-Frontal Shot, At Long Fully-Naked Last


You’ve asked for it for years. I’ve teased and toyed, hemmed and hawed, held it and hesitated. The longest bout of edging is drawing to its inevitable close, and today is the day. We have come to the Full-frontal male nudity final frontier of this site. Are you ready to rock out with your cock out? Hang on… and scroll down. Way down… because an event of this magnitude requires a little teasing before the pleasing…

The day you knew would arrive is here – you’ll survive…

Oh come on.

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