The Sexy Sillage of Tom Ford


It was the fragrance I wore when I put on that plaid suit, and since that time it has signified October and the height of Fall. Tom Ford‘s ‘Amber Absolute’ – one of his Private Blends – is my scent for this month. With its smoky amber base, and hints of incense and patchouli, it perfectly embodies this time of the year, when fragrance can afford to be a bit heavier, like our coats and sweaters. This one is a warm one indeed – it smolders and crackles – it practically smokes, but it maintains a grounded earthiness. Best of all it lasts for literally days. Forget the ethereal wisps of summer, this bad boy is here for the duration.

Sadly, and incomprehensibly, ‘Amber Absolute’ was discontinued a few months ago (Andy got me the last bottle at the Boston Saks Fifth Avenue for my birthday) but can still be found on eBay and in some stores, so get it while the getting is good.

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