Hunk of the Day: Stuart Reardon, Naked on Louis Vuitton Luggage

13stuart reardon101

I don’t know what  gets me hotter in this series of photos – our Hunk of the Day, Mr. Stuart Reardon and his impeccable rear, or the Louis Vuitton on which he rests his backside in one of the last photos. It’s always a toss up as to what gets one off – hot male flesh or hot luggage. I am equally torn, but if pressed I’ll just say that luggage lasts longer, and is a much safer investment than a hot rugby player. Of course, that may be because I only have a piece of Louis luggage in the house and not a rugby player. It’s easier that way, and far less inconvenient on the grocery bill, or so I’m told.

This is a slightly-larger-than-normal spread for the Hunk of the Day, but Mr. Reardon definitely  deserves it. I many not be a fan of the ink, but I can honor a well-honed physique, and this is surely one for all-time inspiration. It may even inspire me to get off my lazy Winter ass and start working on a Spring tune-up. Just in the dick… err, nick… of time.

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