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Hunk of the Day Redux: Alexander Ludwig

alexander ludwig 101

Thanks to his new photo spread in ‘Flaunt’, Alexander Ludwig gets his second crowning as Hunk of the Day. Mr. Ludwig sets black-and-white on fire in this photo shoot, more than demonstrating his worthiness as one of the elite two-time Hunks now in the running for three. (If you want to see him in living shirtless color, check out his first time around.)

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Hunk of the Day: Darius Ferdynand

Darius Ferdynand 101

I don’t know what it requires to be named ‘Britain’s Best Bottom‘ but I’m almost certain I wouldn’t have what it takes. Apparently Darius Ferdynand does, and he is being named the Hunk of the Day. As ‘Britain’s Best Bottom’ he’s got a lot to live up to, but that smile goes a long way toward fitting the billing.

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Hunk of the Day: Luke Casey ~ One More Time

luke casey 5000

From one hot Casey to another, this is Luke Casey’s second time at bat as Hunk of the Day. Coming rather quickly after his first, it’s mostly due to high demand and the insistence that Mr. Casey be crowned again, and I’m in no position to argue. his attributes remain just as fine as the first time around, so here’s hoping he produces a few more photo shoots to cement his run at number three.

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Hunk of the Day: Casey Lee Ross

casey lee ross 101

Actor-dancer-model Casey Lee Ross has all the hyphenates that matter, and then some. He was one of the highlights of this year’s 25th anniversary of Broadway Bares, as reported in this epic recap over at Boy Culture. (Thank you Matthew Rettenmund!) As for being honored as Hunk of the Day, if he asked me to call him Mr. Ross, I most certainly would.

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Hunk of the Day: Kyle Brincefield

kyle brincefield 0151

Kyle Brincefield is the personification of the fabulousness that is New York City. Edgy, electric, erotic, eclectic – he encapsulates the gritty sparkle that icons like Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Stephen Sprouse and Patricia Field brought to life in the 80′s, and well beyond. With his STUDmuffin NYC fashion line, Brincefield is bringing a little of that glory back. Celebrities like Adam Lambert, Missy Elliott, Miley Cyrus, and Emma Watson have each worn pieces by Brincefield, and his work has appeared in Vogue, Paper, Nylon and the New York Times.

PS – He’s also just a genuinely nice guy, and that goes a long way toward cementing one’s Hunk of the Day status. He recently gave me the low-down on who designed that deliciously-studded pink jacket that Madonna wears in her ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’ video. I still want it bad.


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Hunk of the Day: Jon Kortajarena

Jon Kortajarena 0010

Spanish model Jon Kortajarena is the Hunk of the Day, and in timely fashion, having just appeared in Madonna’s whimsical new video. (He’s the guy she kisses and gives a shot, I believe. Lucky fuck. Her, I mean. Well, him too, despite what Drake would have you believe.) Mr. Kortajarena has landed advertising campaigns for Just CavalliVersace, Armani, Bally, Etro, Trussardi, Diesel, Lagerfeld, and Pepe Jeans, as well as heavy hitters H&M, Zara, Guess and, wait for it, Tom Ford in a butt-baring advert for glasses.

An openly gay male model is, strangely enough, not the norm outside of Andrew Christian’s borders, despite the in-roads and stellar examples of Ronnie Kroell and JP Calderon. Mr. Kortajarena is making headway in that arena simply by not making a big deal about it. That’s the sort of shrug I like to see.

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Hunk of the Day: Chris Botti

chris botti 101

Ever since my days in the Empire State Youth Orchestra, I’ve had a soft spot for those dedicated talents who have made a career as professional musicians. I’m not talking the rock stars or pop singers that frequently populate this portion of the site thanks largely to their looks or appearance, but the classical musicians who work so hard to perfect a craft in which it is very difficult to find glory. Sometimes, those worlds collide, such as in such classically trained gents as Josh Groban or current Hunk of the Day Chris Botti. In a couple of days Mr. Botti will be performing at the Egg, and having recently seen a few excerpts from one of his live performances, it’s going to be a treat for those who like to listen, and look.

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Hunk of the Day: Bradford Shane Shellhammer

Bradford Shane Shellhammer 101

“The up and down of entrepreneurship is really remarkable. It’s joyous, sometimes lonely, exhilarating, frustrating, terrifying, and calming all in one. Some days, like today, you experience all these emotions within hours of one another. And your only choice is to give in to it all and embrace it all and smile knowing you’re building something and trying to move the world forward somehow. And moving forward requires work, imagination, positivity, and mostly it requires belief. I hope everyone I know and love gets the chance to build something in their lives. It’s intoxicating and grounding.” ~ Bradford Shane Shellhammer

It’s rare that someone other than a male model or actor or sports specimen gets to be Hunk of the Day, and even rarer when that person turns out to be an entrepreneur, but Bradford Shane Shellhammer has busted through labels and limitations for his entire life. Having recently been named one of the “100 Most Creative People in Business” by Fast Company, he has also been christened the “King of Quirk” by no less than Forbes magazine. His rise to fame was in large part due to his vision and execution as Founder and Chief Design Officer for

While that put him squarely on the cultural border where artistic creativity meets business, it was actually his personal life – and one very fabulous wedding – that kept him on my radar. He continues to enthrall, further expanding the cutting edge of fashion, design, creativity, and all aspects of the arts. Such a forward-thinking gentleman is destined to do well in any arena, and Shellhamer deftly straddles the line between the fashionable and the financial – a designing dandy with a duo of degrees and a dynamic drive to keep him ahead of the game.

Oh, and he’s pretty to look at, which comprises at least 75% of what makes up a Hunk of the Day.

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Hunk of the Day: Luke Casey

luke casey 101

Australian rugby player Luke Casey is the Hunk of the Day. While not yet old enough to drink in America, this Aussie package already has a plan for a life beyond rugby: he wants to open a physical rehabilitation office. Finally, some rehab I can truly get behind. And speaking of behinds, search out his Instagram account. His butt does the talking – well, dancing actually – and it’s more than worth a look/listen.

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Hunk of the Day: Harry Louis

harry louis 101

Before his assumedly-lucrative personal alliance with Marc Jacobs, Harry Louis had apparently made a name for himself, and everything attached to it, with a number of adult films (read: gay porn). There are much worse ways to make a living (my five-year stint in retail and two-week run as a bus-boy come to mind) and there’s an undeniable bit of dark glamour and seedy sparkle that accompanies the work of a porn star, so I’ll never degrade the vocation. And if it takes a toll (and history is riddled with depressing examples of how often it does) Mr. Louis has thus far eluded the dim extinguishing of so many others who have gone before. I’m definitely rooting for him (not that he needs it – look at these photos!)

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Hunk of the Day: Jacob Ford

jacob ford 101

Another Andrew Christian underwear model who will be appearing in our own Albany Pride Festival, Jacob Ford is the Hunk of the Day. Mr. Christian’s wares provide fertile stomping/stuffing ground for the best bodies in the business, and Mr. Ford is no exception, filling out his fancy briefs and giving a stunning back-view show. Along with Jimmy Fanz, he is scheduled to close out Pride week in Albany at Waterworks in a few short days.


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Hunk of the Day: Jimmy Fanz

jimmy fanz 099

Jimmy Jimmy, oh Jimmy Jimmy… Second-rate Madonna-filler aside, Jimmy Fanz is the Hunk of the Day. Fittingly so, as in a few weeks he’ll be showing up for Albany’s Gay Pride Festival, representing Andrew Christian underwear. Mr. Christian and his handiwork are no strangers to this blog, having been featured a number of times, including posts spotlighting fellow Hunks Colby Melvin, Brent Corrigan, Diego Sans, Murray Swanby and Andrew Christian himself. I’m told he’ll be appearing at Waterworks at the closing Pride party, so if you want an audience with him, get in line; we all do.

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Hunk of the Day: Justice Joslin

justice joslin 101

Thanks be to God that there is some justice left in the world, especially when it’s Justice Joslin. This Hunk of the Day heralds all that is beautiful and pretty in the universe. A male model of almost impossible perfection, Mr. Joslin boldly, and admirably, maintains his chest hair in the face of all the shaving and plucking that is ruining today’s portrayal of male beauty. Here’s to the natural guys who keep it real.

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Hunk of the Day: Jeff Tomsik

jeff tomsik 101

This Ohio guy is a male model who started off as a garbage man. Garbage collector? I don’t know the PC term and I don’t care. After an ad campaign for Hollister, he was picked up for an Abercrombie catalog by Bruce Weber. Mr. Weber’s eye rarely fails, and thus Jeff Tomsik was the next big thing. Now, he’s a Hunk of the Day, but it hasn’t gone to his head. In fact, he seems to have maintained a sense of where he came from, and there’s nothing more American than a small town in Ohio.

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Hunk of the Day: Brody Jenner

brody jenner 101

While Caitlyn Jenner is busy breaking the Internet with that fabulous ‘Vanity Fair‘ cover story, her son Brody gets this momentary spotlight for a day, as in the Hunk of the Day. By far the hottest member of the clan, the younger Jenner has a mischievous glint and bad-boy history to make him just beyond reach as marriage material, but damn if the girls aren’t trying. (And guys too if he’d let us.) At any rate, this Jenner doesn’t need a fancy frock or Annie Leibowitz to look super-fine.

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