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Hunk of the Day: Ronnie Cash

ronnie cash 101

Los Angeles model and actor Ronnie Cash is making waves of beauty in the pool of entertainment, with a little enlightenment thrown in for good measure. Here he is in his debut as Hunk of the Day, as much for the perfect form of his physique, as for the uniquely penetrating gaze of his eyes. Get lost in them below.

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Hunk of the Day: Luca Lampis

luca lampis 101

The Summer Olympics have only been done for a few days, and I’m already in withdrawal. This is French wrestler Luca Lampis, giving a fit spin to the Hunk of the Day and recalling those heady Olympic days of beautiful bodies and athletic prowess. Mr. Lampis certainly exemplifies both. Congrats to him on this first Hunk of the Day honor.


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Hunk of the Day: Lewis Bloor

lewis bloor 1000

British television star Lewis Bloor, lately of ‘The Only Way is Essex’ and ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, is the Hunk of the Day. His exhibitionist streaks and full-frontal nude peeks have put him front and center of the Twitterverse and FaceBook Kingdom. His naked ass is below, just keep scrolling.

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Hunk of the Day: Kyle Snyder


In the midst of this day recapping the Rio Summer Olympics, a surprise Hunk of the Day post in honor of the USA’s Kyle Snyder winning the gold medal in wrestling. This marks Mr. Snyder’s first Hunk of the Day feature, but based on his growing fanbase it will likely not be his last. Congrats to him on winning the gold, and the Hunkdom. (He’s a ginger to boot, so get the fainting couches ready… and swoon.)

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Hunk of the Day: Michael Hixon

hixon 001

Previously one of the “Olympic Spotlight” features, Michael Hixon now gets his official Hunk of the Day honor, having just stolen the hearts with another springboard performance that had everyone doing double-takes as to whether Zac Efron really was in the Olympic house. (He was, but as a spectator who had come to say hey to Simone Biles.) As for Mr. Hixon, he fills out a Speedo just as well as Mr. Efron could ever hope to do. Congrats to him on this latest achievement.

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Hunk of the Day: Epke Zonderland

Epke Zonderland

The true test of an Olympian isn’t always whether they win a gold medal, but in how they pick themselves up after they falter. Case in point was Epke Zonderland who previously lit up the 2012 Olympic games with a gold-medal-winning performance.
During this year’s games in Rio, he took a brutal fall, face-planting hard after missing the high bar. He laid there a moment, a little stunned, and it looked like it had to hurt. Then he talked to his coach and jumped back on to finish out his routine perfectly. The fall cost him any chance at a medal, but the way he got back on that bar was the act of a real champion. Today he gets to be named a Hunk of the Day, an honor he should have been given in 2012, when he had to settle for the gold.

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Hunk of the Day: Danell Leyva

danell leyva 1000

After a disappointing performance in the team competition, Danell Leyva came back in the individual endeavors, claiming the silver medal for both of his events. He’s been featured here before, and in the nude no less, so a naked Danell Leyva is not exactly a new thing, but it’s still much-appreciated. This is his first official Hunk of the Day honor, however, so let’s give the man some respect for a title that shines almost as brightly as his silver.

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Hunk of the Day: Shawn Barber

shawn barber 101

Behold the Pole Vaulter.

As someone who knows his way around a pole, I tip my hat to the Hunk of the Day, Shawn Barber, for vaulting so high and giving us some additional ginger inspiration at this year’s Olympic Games. Mr. Barber hails from Canada, where they just seem to do things sexier than anywhere else in the world. Gingers do it better.

(And who knew freckles could be so hot?)

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Hunk of the Day: Soren Thompson

Soren Thompson 1

At 6’3″, Soren Thompson is one tall and imposing glass of water. Stick a sword in his hand and he’s even more formidable. A fencer who represented the USA in 2004 and 2012, though he’s not part of this summer’s games, he is our Hunk of the Day. We’ve only had one other fencer featured here before, Race Imboden, so this is an especially rare addition – and here at we honor accomplishments both past and present.

PS – Who wants a six-pack?

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Hunk of the Day: Bruno Fratus

Bruno Fratus

Representing the host country Brazil at the Rio Olympic Games, our Hunk of the Day is swimmer Bruno Fratus. He may not have won a medal, but he’s got a few other things going for him, not the least of which is a winning smile. So much (too much?) focus gets placed on the medal winners, that sometimes some of us forget that simply making it to the Olympic Games is not a simple thing at all. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime accomplishment that most of us will never realize, so anyone who is there has done more than you or I will ever do. Kudos to Mr. Fratus for making it.

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Hunk of the Day: LaShawn Merritt

LaShawn Merritt 101

US sprinter LaShawn Merritt is the Hunk of the Day, a testament to one of the classic events that signifies the Summer Olympics. The bodies of the swimmers may get all the glory here, and the Speedos of the divers may get all the notice, the Track & Field events are what formed the base of the Olympics all those years ago. Today, Mr. Merritt is a reminder of that glory, and a testament to what they have become.

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Hunk of the Day: Kohei Uchimura

Kohei Uchimura 101

It came down to a nail-biting difference of a fraction of a point, but Kohei Uchimura pulled off a Gold Medal performance in Men’s Gymnastics, solidifying a legacy that goes back a number of years. His high bar performance was simply amazing, and he fought hard for the win. The grit and determination required to so excel is a constant source of awe and admiration. Congrats on Mr. Uchimura for gaining the gold, and especially for being named a Hunk of the Day.

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Hunk of the Day: Dan Goodfellow

dan goodfellow 101

When you’re the diving partner of Tom Daley, it’s not always easy to find your own light. Daley’s shadow looms large (almost as large as the shadow of Orlando Bloom’s… well, you get the idea) and it takes a certain magic and magnificence to equal his star power. Rather than rival it, Hunk of the Day Dan Goodfellow takes the opposite route: blending quietly into the background, he draws the viewer in, rather than insisting on being noticed. As such, our interest is piqued, and Mr. Goodfellow manages to steal the spotlight for this hunky honor.


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Hunk of the Day: Ryan Murphy

ryan murphy swim 101

Prior to this Olympic Games, the only Ryan Murphy I knew was the guy behind ‘American Horror Story‘ and plenty of other entertainment eye-openers. After last night’s swimming competition, in which swimmer Ryan Murphy won a medal, there’s a whole new Mr. Murphy on the scene, and he’s the Hunk of the Day. 

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Hunk of the Day: Chen Aisen

chen aisen 101

The indomitable Chinese men’s diving team just won their preordained gold medal at the Rio Olympics, and here is one half of that incomparable pair, Chen Aisen, making his debut as Hunk of the Day. Such excellence may be expected, but that doesn’t make it any less amazing to witness. Seeing them dive in perfect tandem, flawlessly matching every twist and turn, is a sight to behold. Congrats to Mr. Aisen, along with his team-mate Yue Lim. Though they may have beaten America’s golden pair of David Boudia and Steele Johnson, respect must be given where it is deserved.

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