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Hunk of the Day: Leo Sabato

Leo Sabato 01

Based on modern standards, Hunk of the Day Leo Sabato would likely be considered less than ideal, which is a shame, and a sad indictment of today’s impossibly perfect male model image. Ultra-thin, ultra-hairless, and ultra-dull, today’s mainstream idea of male beauty has left much to be desired. Hopefully hunks like Mr. Sabato, a Spanish model who makes the most of his natural state, will go some way towards changing that. Beauty’s where you find it, and today you’ll find it right here.

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Hunk of the Day: Jeff Grant

jeff grant 100

Fitness model and personal trainer Jeff Grant has worked his ass off (or on, as the case may be) and he has what is the most chiseled set of abs this site has seen in quite a long time. That sort of definition takes years of discipline in diet, exercise, and work-outs. The proof is in the pudding, which Grant apparently never eats, and it suits him finely, hence this Hunk of the Day honor. There is inspiration following all the perspiration, and some aspiration too. I need that kind of kick in the ass.

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Hunk of the Day: Mike Manning

mike manning 101

At this late stage of the Hunk of the Day feature, it’s hard to believe we’ve never featured a bisexual gentleman up until now, but to my knowledge this is the first. Congratulations to Mike Manning on breaking our bisexual cherry, and officially being named one of our Hunks. Mr. Manning is an actor, producer and activist, who first came to public attention with his stint on ‘The Real World’ and has since kept himself busy on both sides of the camera.

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Hunk of the Day: Jacek Jelonek

Jacek Jelonek 01

This is one of the more interesting self-descriptions of a Hunk of the Day we’ve had in a  while, and as such I love it: model, traveller, globetrotter, producer, and landscape architect Jacek Jelonek is the chosen hunk. His impressive body of modeling work is on exhibit here, but his other hyphenates are of equally-compelling interest to me. Landscape architect! Globetrotter! There’s nothing better than a well-rounded Hunk.

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Hunk of the Day: Jack Mason

jack mason 100

Having defended pornstars before (check the archives) I’m not going to go off on another judgmental ‘lets-not-be-so-judgmental’ diatribe. Rather, I implore you to simply enjoy the rugged good looks of the Hunk of the Day, Jack Mason, whose career sounds a whole lot more exciting than mine (even though I’d wager mine lasts longer). Everyone deserves the chance to reinvent themselves, and if I had his kind of body, who knows what money-making mischief I’d get into. Happy Friday Fantasies.

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Hunk of the Day: Nico Tortorella

nico tortella

The Hunk of the Day feature has been absent for a few days, while my Seattle sojourn has taken center stage. It returns today, in a thrilling way, as Nico Tortorella brings back the male skin. Best known for his role in ‘Scream 4′ he has also done some television work. (Don’t ask me what, you can IMDb him as well as I can.) At any rate, the Hunks have come back for the fall season, and that should make some of you very happy.

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Hunk of the Day: Kyle MacLachlan

kyle maclachlan 01

In the midst of our Seattle Chronicles, the Hunk of the Day is a tribute to ‘Twin Peaks’ and my sojourn to Snowqualmie Falls. It’s Dale Cooper himself, Mr. Kyle MacLachlan. For some reason the quirky actor has avoided being named Hunk of the Day, and I’m not sure why. His bodacious butt has made appearances in ‘Blue Velvet’, ‘Sex and the City’, and most bubbly of all, ‘Showgirls’ – in which he memorably paraded nude before a neon-lit pool and bonked the wet bejesus out of Elizabeth Berkeley’s Nomi. I’ve long admired MacLachlan’s work, and hope to see him back in the Peaks one day.

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Hunk of the Day: Luca Agra


This site does not contain full frontal male nudity, so the nude photos of Luca Agra will not be seen here. (Google it, lazy mofos.) I have nothing against the full monty, but you can find that anywhere. We try to be different here. As Hunk of the Day, Mr. Agra shows ample assets that more than merit the honor, so here he is in most of his glory. We’ve gotten close to the whole she-bang in the past, but you’ll have to do your own Archive diving for that. (Scroll down and search for those dirty terms and be prepared for all the excavated g-string gems and family jewels.)

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Hunk of the Day: Cody Calafiore

Cody-Calafiore 00

Go ahead and add ‘Big Brother’ to the long list of hit television shows of which I’ve not watched one entire episode. (That shameful list includes ‘Survivor’, ‘Seinfeld’, ‘Frasier’, ‘Lost’, ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘Big Bang Theory’, ‘Dancing With The Stars’, and ‘The Simpsons’.) That means I missed out on the main bridge Hunk of the Day Cody Calafiore took to popular public notice. It matters not, as I’d be more interested in the subsequent modeling work anyway, which is what brings us to this point. Congrats to Mr. Calafiore on being named today’s Hunk.

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Hunk of the Day: Jordan Levine

jordan levine 101

Porny adult actor Jordan Levine is an ink-lover’s dream guy, with some intricate body artwork that accentuates the sculpted form of his muscle-bound canvas. Right now, he’s also the Hunk of the Day, where his body can properly be appreciated as a work of art unto itself. Clearly, he’s put a lot of work into it, and that kind of dedication and drive is a thing of beauty, and a monument to the rigors of refining the physical form. The fruits of such labor have not gone unnoticed.

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Hunk of the Day: Eddie Eduardo

Eddie Eduardo

The name may be a bit redundant, but there’s nothing redundant about the man behind it. Eddie Eduardo is the Hunk of the Day. Billing himself as an “LA Based Go-Go Dancer/Sagittarius/Ginger/Red Hot Model/Brazilian” he also claims that he, “physically can’t calm down.” His body appears to live up to that. As you may be aware, some readers have a certain fondness for gingers, so this is another red notch on the flaming ladder of hotness. Gingers rule. Congrats and thanks to Mr. Eduardo for bringing back the fire.

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Hunk of the Day: Jessie Godderz – Mr. PEC-tacular

Jessie Godderz101

How can someone who christens himself ‘Mr. PEC-tacularNOT be named a Hunk of the Day? This is Jessie Godderz, and if anyone was made for the title of Hunk, it was him. A multi-talented super-hyphenate, Mr. P is a Bodybuilder-Wrestler-Big-Brother-star-Actor-Social-media-ambassador, and only looks to add to that long list. Congratulations to Jessie Godderz on this latest honor. Spectacular indeed.

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Hunk of the Day: Timmy Thok

timmy thok 101

Born in Thailand, Timmy Thok is a Cambodian and Thai model who recently added Andrew Christian to his roster. His family came to America – to my beloved Boston no less – to escape war, and this country has been a little cuter ever since. His work with Mr. Christian involves public appearances, so be sure to watch out for him at a hot event where the preferable wardrobe is nothing but a pair of underwear.

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Hunk of the Day: Justin Willman

justin willman 100

With the possible exception of David Blaine, there’s something sexy about most magicians. They can put a spell on people, and there’s an intrinsic hint of the dangerous and exciting about that, even if it’s all make-believe and smoke and mirrors in the end. (And especially if it’s not.) Case in point is comedian/magician/Cupcake Wars-host, and now Hunk of the Day, Justin Willman, whose wedding dance video is the stuff of legend. Watch it below for a magical climax. Mr. Willman manages to be as entertaining as he is easy on the eyes – a lethal combination that casts its own spell.

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Hunk of the Day: Ruben Baars

Ruben Baars 101

Today’s fitter-than-fit Hunk of the Day hails from Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands. Ruben Baars has been working out since he was 17, which should come as no surprise. To be honest, I thought he came out of the va-jay-jay with a barbell in hand, so honed to perfection is his physique. He’s been modeling since 2008, which makes him a veteran of the smoldering gaze exemplified here.

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