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Hunk of the Day: Douglas Williams

douglas williams 001

Any time that I can incorporate a local angle into the Hunk of the Day is a fun one. Case in point is today’s Hunk Douglas Williams, who will be performing with the Albany Symphony Orchestra this month at the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall. (I actually performed with the Albany Symphony Orchestra once, alongside my private teacher. Clearly they were desperate for oboes, otherwise my ass never would have made it onto the Palace stage.) In the case of Mr. Williams, his hotness matches his talent (as exhibited in most of these photos by Kevin McDermott.) Mr. Williams is a bass-baritone with a booming voice, but before I embarrass myself trying to recall musical terms, let’s allow his website to explore his talents more accurately:

Douglas Williams has received international acclaim for his expressivity, outstanding stage presence, and generous vocal tone. In opera, concert, chamber music, and musical theater he is recognized for his versatility and range both vocally and dramatically, and this has brought him into collaboration with some of the great artists, composers, and directors of our time. His repertoire reaches over four centuries, being a sought-after interpreter of Monteverdi, Handel, Bach, and Mozart, in addition to the romantic and modern eras.

In concert Douglas Williams has appeared with several notable orchestras including the Detroit Symphony, the Houston Symphony, the New Haven Symphony, the Alabama Symphony, and the Albany Symphony. Likewise he has concertized with the baroque period orchestras Tafelmusik, les Talens Lyriques, Philharmonia Baroque, the Carmel Bach Festival, the Boston Early Music Festival Orchestra, Freiburger Barockorchester, and Seattle Baroque. In contemporary chamber music he has sung with the Biava Quartet, Ensemble Signal, Sound Icon, and the Southwest Chamber Music Society.

Douglas Williams trained at the New England Conservatory with Edward Zambara and the Yale School of Music with James Taylor. He has been a Fellow of the Tanglewood Music Center, the Carmel Bach Festival, and a post-graduate Fellow of the Yale School of Music. His interest in theater lead him to train in Shakespeare & Company’s noted Monthlong Intensive in Lenox, Massachusetts, with Tina Packer and Dennis Krausnick.

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Hunk of the Day: Stephen Amell

stephen amell 100

A request and a promise fulfilled, this is Stephen Amell, the Hunk of the Day. Mr. Amell’s cousin Robbie was recently featured as a Hunk here, so it’s only fair that Stephen be given his due. In fact, Stephen has the edge when it comes to onscreen male nudity, but I hate to pit family against each other (unless it’s the Jonas brothers - and we all now that Nick left them all in the dust with these photos). In the meantime, check out Mr. Amell’s offerings.

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Hunk of the Day: Levi Stocke

levi stocke 100

Behold the beard, and I’m not talking about the kind that Aaron Schock and Kevin Spacey are looking to sport these days. I’m talking about the thick thatch of fur upon the handsome face of Hunk of the Day Levi Stocke. Coupled with a healthy mane, Mr. Stocke’s strongest suit may be the one created by his hair. The generous spattering of ink is an addendum that some will love and some could leave. I’m on the fence about this one – it serves his look well, I think. We’ll check back in twenty years and see if we still agree.

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Hunk of the Day: Jay Khan

jay khan 101

Singer/songwriter Jay Khan is the Hunk of the Day, mostly for his willingness to get “nackt” – or naked - particularly in videos like the one below. There’s a powerful message in there as well, but since I don’t speak German I have no idea what it might be. The images speak for themselves.

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Hunk of the Day: Ronnie Kroell ~ A Trifecta

ronnie k 301

The very first triple-time crowning of Hunk of the Day goes fittingly to Ronnie Kroell, whom readers chose as their favorite from a quick Survey Monkey poll. I have to admit, I voted for him too, but my vote doesn’t count any more than anyone else’s, so Mr. Kroell won it fairly and of his own merit (and a rather wide margin). The greatest Hunks aren’t just those with physical gifts and attributes – they contribute to society or lead stellar lives in ways other than the superficial. Beauty certainly counts for something, but it’s not everything, and that’s why Mr. Kroell deserves this honor.

He just made a stunning, sweet, and sexy appearance as the Tin Man in Kenyth Morgan’s fantastical ‘Unlock Your Heart’ video – and it’s a perfect melding of character and charm for the original King of Heart.

Kroell has long championed artists and charitable causes, often blurring the line between beauty and charity in the most hopeful of ways. His Friend Movement is testament to this. Offering “a multi-media arts company that celebrates friendship, builds confidence, and prevents bullying,” the Friend Movement is based on these core values: Forgiveness, Respect, Inspiration, Education, Nurturing, Dreaming.

Ronnie Kroell had been individually working on creating a grassroots movement that would aim to celebrate our diversity and prevent bullying, but more importantly it would focus on the things we all share in common. He merged his ideas and worked with his friends to conceive Friend Movement.

Today Friend Movement offers a wide variety of services not limited to, but including: Motivational Speakers, Consulting Services, and The New F Word Photo Campaign.  Ronnie Kroell continues to nurture and cultivate relationships with a wide array of organizations along with an impressive catalogue of celebrity support.  Friend Movement continues to pursue its founding values and ideas as it advances into the future with the support and dedication of an incredible team of creative individuals and the unconditional support of countless individuals worldwide that keep the momentum going.

We are living in a time where social networking has become a part of daily life; integrated into all aspects of what we do as human beings.   Friend Movement’s constant evolution on how we view media and the needs of society, coupled with our core values and our mission statement, gives us incredible opportunities to be innovative, creative, and playful with our art and ideas. ~ FRIEND MOVEMENT

He recently posted the following poem on his website, and it offers a peek into the psyche and vulnerability of what’s behind the pretty face:


By Ronnie Kroell 

We’re born naked and awake,

But slowly our eyes are coaxed shut.

Fear and limitation created for power’s sake,

Not a mystery why we fall in a rut.


We’re not all that different you and I,

But in our mind we draw the lines.

I fit here, you fit there, but do we ever ask WHY?

We dare not step outside the confines.


Life is about living our truth,

Embracing the light and dark.

We strive daily to grasp the magic of our youth,

Working diligently to leave our mark.


The secret is to let go and simply “BE”;

Nothing in life is black and white.

So, let us take a lesson from a tree,

Standing still and embracing its might!


We are all connected under the sun,

But before we can know PEACE —

An inner battle must be won.

Gratitude must prevail and ego must cease.


Ready, set, GO!

This is your day to truly shine.

Don’t let their no be your no;

Work hard and trust the stars will align!






Congratulations to Ronnie on this triple achievement! It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy – and for once I can say that without a bit of snark or sarcasm. Good guys bring that out in me – and everyone else. For more information on Ronnie and his Friend Movement, check out his website here.

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Hunk of the Day: Serge Ibaka

serge ibaka 100

I love a Hunk of the Day who comes with his own awesome narrative. Such is the case of Serge Ibaka, and his website provided the following synopsis of a legendary career in-the-making:

Serge Ibaka was born in Brazzaville, the capital of the Republic of Congo, on September 18th, 1989, in a family with strong ties to sports and basketball. Serge is the son of two basketball players; his mom, Amadou Djonga, played with the national team of the Democratic Republic of Congo and his dad, Desiree Ibaka, played professionally and with the national team of the Republic of Congo. Basketball is almost in his genes. Serge started to play with a basketball from a very early age, spontaneously, trying to emulate his parent’s and his older friend’s skills. Childhood in a civil war affected country was not easy but Serge, who had to overcome difficult moments such as his mom’s passing and war related conflicts, always kept his basketball passion alive, and from a very young age dreamed of becoming a professional player and of being able to help his huge family: 17 brothers and sisters.

Serge had become one of the best prospects in Africa but never stopped thinking about getting better, progressing and playing at the highest possible level. And he did. Hand in hand with You First Sports Africa and after a long bureaucratic period, he headed to Spain. On March 19, 2007, Serge arrived at Hospitalet (Barcelona) and joined the junior team of the city club. His impact was immediate, and the team won the state junior Championship of Catalunya and classified for the Spanish tournament. From that moment on he wasn’t a secret outside of Africa anymore.

That summer he was invited to the adidas Nations basketball camp in New Orleans as part of the African team. It was his first trip to the USA and he took advantage of it: he was the best player on his team and one of the best in the whole camp, which gathers the best young players in the world. After a summer of hard work and dedication, Serge joined the senior team of C.B.Hospitalet that competed in the second Spanish division, the LEB Gold. Being the youngest foreign player in the league at 18 years old he finished the season with averages of 11,8 points, 8,3 rebounds and 3,1 blocks per game (best in the league in blocks).

During the season many NBA scouts visited him and saw him live and in April he took part in the prestigious Hoop Summit in Portland, an under 19 game, playing for the international team that played against the USA (he had 8 points and 8 rebounds in the game). In June, he attended the Eurocamp in Treviso, where he convinced everyone of his potential and was named MVP. His name was already on almost every NBA team’s agenda, so he decided to make himself eligible for the NBA Draft. On June 24th, 2008, he was chosen with the 24th pick by the Seattle Sonics.

In his second season in the NBA (2010-2011), he earned a spot in the Thunder’s starting five in mid season. He finished the regular season with 9,9 points, 7,6 rebounds and 2,4 blocks per game and a total of 198 blocks, more tan any other player in the league. In the playoffs, he helped the Thunder to arrive to the Conference Finals for the first time in their history, with averages of 9,8 points, 7,3 rebounds and 3,1 blocks. On that same season, Serge participated in the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest at the NBA All Star Weekend in Los Angeles, another childhood dream come true.

In the 2012-2013 season, he established himself as a key figure in the Thunder alongside Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook and he achieved career highs in points and rebounds, with 13,2 and 7,7 per game respectively. He also averaged 3 blocks per game, good enough to be the best shot blocker in the NBA for the third consecutive season and to be elected as part of the best defensive team for the second straight season. In the playoffs, the Thunder lost in the second round. So the current 2013-2014 is a new opportunity for Serge Ibaka to prove his constant ascending value in the league and to try once again to win the championship ring with the Thunder.

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Hunk of the Day: Calvin Harris

calvin harris 101

DJ and now-underwear-model Calvin Harris lays down some sick beats, and shows off his sick body in the latest Armani underwear campaign. Who knew Mr. Harris was packing? So much so that he is the Hunk of the Day. I like the straight-forward simplicity of these shots. When you have someone like Mr. Harris to feature, you don’t need to show off fancy sets or avant-garde photo trickery. (The rest of us need those frills.)

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Hunk of the Day: Bryce Eilenberg

bryce eilenberg 103

A day without a ginger is like a day without sunshine. We’ve had far too many of those lately, so here’s a ray of orange light to drive away all your sorrows. Meet Bryce Eilenberg, the new Hunk of the Day, and member of the RuPaul’s Drag Race pit crew. I haven’t seen Miss R’s race in a few years, so I’m not sure if the pit crew does anything more than stand around in their underwear, and quite frankly that’s more than enough to bring out the teenage girl in me. Mr. Eilenberg can teach me the alphabet any way he wants, and if that means in a series of shirtless GIFs then so be it. I was always a good student.

This post will hopefully make up for the fact that I totally neglected to feature anything on ‘Kiss A Ginger Day‘ (which apparently happens on January 12). To that end, check out these other adorable gingers to brighten your day. (Start your engines!)

Seth Fornea

Ricky Schroeder

Prince Harry

Sean Patrick Davey

Greg Rutherford

Kevin Selby

Christian Kruse

Niklas Edin


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Hunk of the Day: Hudson Taylor


Any good man can be a Hunk of the Day, but only a great one can be a straight ally. Hudson Taylor is amazing enough to be both, and this officially crowns him as the former. Being honored as a Hunk of the Day may bring a blush to his chiseled cheeks, and he will no doubt find this rather silly and superficial, but Mr. Taylor is being selected not only for good looks and charm, but for his unfailing support for equality. His ‘Athlete Ally‘ is an organization that strives to foster inclusion and equality in sports, a realm that has historically gone to great lengths to hide and shame any gay men or women in its ranks. Taylor’s consistently dedicated work for his organization deserves something fun once in a while, so let this be a little pat on his sexy back for the legacy he’s creating – a legacy that will be golden thanks to his fervent fight for all of us.

PS – Bonus points for his No Pants Subway ride ensemble. Cowboy boots + briefs = HOT.

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Hunk of the Day: Cole Monahan

Cole Monahan 101

The song may have said that long-haired freaky people need not apply, but that’s certainly not the case for Cole Monahan, the Hunk of the Day. His lengthy locks are a vital component of his appeal, and while long hair has never been my thing (move along, Fabio) this site is not just for me. Mr. Monahan has something to do with hockey, I believe, but you shouldn’t take my word for it. Out of all the sports I know nothing about (which is basically all the sports) hockey is the one about which I know the least.  (I mean, I know more about curling than I do about hockey.) But if Monahan wants to sign me up for some lessons, I’d be more than happy to triple salchow for his ass. After all, what would Brian Boitano do?

UPDATE: It turns out Monahan has nothing to do with professional hockey, he just posed for a hockey-themed spread. He’s actually a professional male model. This is something that makes much more sense to me. Terra firma, not hockey ice.

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Hunk of the Day: Robbie Amell

robbie amell 100

The truth is that I don’t watch much television these days – outside of ‘Downton Abbey’ and ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.’ (That pretty much sums up my mindset in one fell crazy-ass swoop.) So I don’t get to see such fine specimens as our Hunk of the Day, Robbie Amell, who has an extensive television resume, and a burgeoning film career as well. No matter, the internet provides more than enough news-worthy items, among which Mr. Amell’s finely-tuned pecs recently popped up. (See GIF below.)

Robbie has a cousin, Stephen Amell, whom I thought was already named a Hunk of the Day, but it turns out I was mistaken. Perhaps you’re next, Stephen. In the meantime, it’s all about Robbie.

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Hunk of the Day: Neil Perez, Mister International

neil perez 101

This past weekend, the Philippines and Lebanon squared off as finalist in the Mister International competition. This male version of Miss Universe has apparently been going on for nine years, but I’ve only caught one or two. I’m happy to report that the representative from my ancestral homeland was crowned the winner, and so Neil Perez gets crowned Hunk of the Day. A police officer in the Philippines, Mr. Perez had the support of his very vocal country and walked away with the top prize. (I’m guessing it was not a tiara, which is why I never bothered entering.) Congratulations!


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Hunk of the Day: William Levy

William Levy

If thou haven’t seen the Hunk who melts your heart here, then by all means send me a request or a recommendation. I have never turned anyone down (unless they’ve already appeared, in which case I’ll send you the link, or grant them a second Hunk of the Day crowning). In the case of William Levy, it was my friend JoAnn (an upcoming Guest Blogger) who alerted me to the fact that he had not yet been a Hunk of the Day. (I thought for sure he had, so that’s where my memory is at. Run and tell that.) To make up for such misfortune, here is Mr. Levy in his first Hunk of the Day feature. (There will likely be a second… and maybe even a third…)

If you don’t follow the telenovelas, Mr. Levy may be new to you too. His main claim to fame seems to be a stint on ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ a show that I have never seen, which puts into doubt all my gay credibility. Tell me when he’s on ‘Downton Abbey‘ and I won’t miss him. (Boom, it’s back.) And speaking of back, which is better: his backside or his front loader? Your answers may affect what you see in his next crowning.

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Who will be the first Triple Hunk of the Day? Vote Here!

triple hunk 101

There are a a few gentlemen who have earned the distinct honor of being named Hunk of the Day not just once, but twice. This is an elite group of individuals who possess something a little deeper than beauty. To be doubly-honored requires substance underneath all that style. Some of these guys are fighters for gay equality, some are artists fighting for a better world, and some are simply doing their own thing no matter what the world throws their way. Sometimes that takes more guts than anything else. Of course, each is also fit and fine as fuck, which is the superficial first requirement for a Hunk of the Day honor.

For our first Triple Hunk of the Day crowning, I am putting it in the capable hands and eyes of you, the viewer. Let’s do a little Survey Monkey action and see if we can’t winnow this field of six into one winner who will be featured as the first-ever Triple Hunk of the Day. Here are the nominees:

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First up, by the alphabetical order of last name, is Nick Adams.

The First Crowning of Nick Adams

And the Second Crowning of Nick Adams.

Next up is Harry Judd.

The First Crowning of Harry Judd

And the Second Crowning of Harry Judd.

Next up is Ronnie Kroell.

The First Crowning of Ronnie Kroell

And the Second Crowning of Ronnie Kroell.

Next up is Chris Salvatore.

The First Crowning of Chris Salvatore

And the Second Crowning of Chris Salvatore.

Next up is Todd Sanfield.

The First Crowning of Todd Sanfield

And the Second Crowning of Todd Sanfield.

The final contender is Casper Van Dien.

The First Crowning of Casper Van Dien

And the Second Crowning of Casper Van Dien.

Did you vote for your favorite? If not, scroll back up and take the poll! (Not a pull.)

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Hunk of the Day: Travis Van Winkle

travis van winkle 100

No word yet on whether our Hunk of the Day shares a blood-line with Rip Van Winkle (or Vanilla Ice for that matter) but Travis Van Winkle stands on his own regardless. He’s got the California Guy thing down pat, and there’s a twinkle in this Winkle that secures his hunky status, especially when stripping off for shirtless romps like ‘Meet the Spartans’ or sweaty jaunts like whatever is happening in the last pic below.

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