Thanksgiving Nakedness

In a blatant bit of pandering to those who loyally return here day after day (and have asked for it), here are some bonus skin shots from my recent trip to NY and The Out. It seems slightly less tasteless to post these now than, say, Christmas or Easter. Not that I’d have a problem with either (and I believe the latter did provide the backdrop for some latex and lace fiasco one year…)

“Do you know how sometimes you see a man, and you’re not sure if you want to get in his pants or if you want to cry? Not because you can’t have him; maybe you can. But you see right away something in him beyond having. You can’t screw your way into it, any more than you can get at the golden egg by slitting the goose. So you want to cry, not like a child, but like an exile who is reminded of his homeland.” ~ Mark Merlis

Hope you have enjoyed our Thanksgiving Parade of nudity. Now stuff it. (The turkey, of course.)

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