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Hunk of the Day: Jay Cutler

We are in the final wild throes of football season, and though I know little to nothing of what’s going on (the Patriots are in it again, right?) here is a football player who may or may not have anything to do with the Super Bowl. This is Hunk of the Day Jay Cutler, to whose wife we owe a great debt for the last photo you see here. Cutler plays for the Miami Dolphins, which were my favorite teams as a boy. I just liked the aqua and orange combo, and I’ve always loved a dolphin

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The Michael Phelps Bulge

Somehow I missed that Michael Phelps had done an underwear ad for Under Armour. I’m not terribly upset missing this one, given that I abhor Under Armour, but Mr. Phelps has been an anchor of this site thanks to his Olympic greatness, so for that we offer this belated celebration of his basket and bulge. He’s had his stuff on display before, in posts like this and this, and some naked shots here and here. These should only add to his legacy. The Summer Olympics may be over for now, but the Winter Olympics are about to begin again. Stay tuned…

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Hunk of the Day: Aron Baynes

This Hunk of the Day is a true chameleon, and most people know that we love chameleons in these parts. He changes looks like he changes basketball jerseys. Currently playing for the Boston Celtics, Aron Baynes is an Australian b-ball player who, according to certain salacious commentators, is more than a tall glass of water. As much as I love Boston, I’ve never quite gotten into the Celtics. This may be the starting point. Check out his chameleonic moves below, where he transforms with some serious hair-shifts. (Further proof that a beard is a wondrous thing.)

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Hunk of the Day: Vernon Davis

We are either in or about to be in football season, so let’s kick things off with Vernon Davis in his first turn as Hunk of the Day. Mr. Davis is a tight end for the Washington Redskins. Turns out that’s an actual position, not just a description. Some of us have been practicing for years. Congrats to Davis on this cheeky way to start off the season. 

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Julian Edelman Naked Again

A few more shots from the ESPN Body Issue, this time of the ever-naked Julian Edelman. A nude Edelman is something that must be seen to be believed, so here he is in the altogether again.

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Hunk of the Day: Javier Báez

Baseball player Javier Báez is the latest in the line-up of nude athletes showcased in the 2017 ESPN Body Issue, where he joins the clothing-free likes of Julian Edelman and Gus Kenworthy. Mr. Báez makes his debut as Hunk of the Day thanks to his naked efforts and expert manipulation of a bat and ball.


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More Edelman Nude GIFs

Julian Edelman naked is one thing.

Julian Edelman naked and in motion is another.

Here are a few more GIFs from Edelman’s nude shoot with ESPN magazine.

(In case the nude cover wasn’t enough.)

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Baring the Athletic Body: Julian Edelman Nude

It’s once again time for the only thing ESPN has ever been good for: the Body Issue, in which various athletes disrobe and pose for pics in the buff. Past glories and goodies have been revealed by Rob Gronkowski, Michael Phelps, Matt Harvey, Dannell Leyva, Evan Lysacek, Oguchi Onyewu, Kevin Love, Nathan Adrian, Ryan Dungey, Tyler SeguinTomáš Berdych, Jake Arrieta, and Giancarlo Stanton. This year’s crop may bring the hottest of them all, in the form of Julian Edelman, from the New England Patriots. The mere notion of a naked Julian Edelman sends shivers down the spine. Here he is in a few teasers of the nude Edelman photo shoot.

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Gratuitous Friday: Shirtless Gus Kenworthy

Out and proud Olympic athlete Gus Kenworthy has graced these pages before, in his first Hunk of the Day post as well as this gratuitous entry where he bares his well-toned butt. Here he is in some fun and funky underwear, and the shots are practically wholesome (especially when compared to some of the smut we peddle here). There’s something to be said for restraint. And shirtless athletes in their polka-dotted underwear. How refreshing to see that they aren’t mutually exclusive.



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Hunk of the Day: Fabio Fognini

A backwards-baseball hat tip to Kenneth in the (212) for bringing Italian tennis player Fabio Fognini onto my radar, resulting in this Hunk of the Day honor. Mr. Fognini has been doing quite well of late, but to be honest I lost track of all the numbers involved in a series of tennis matches. Love Ass Too? No clue. Anyway, congrats to Fognini on this little honor.

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Super Bowl Jock Parade

It’s Super Bowl Sunday! I’ll be too busy hosting a brunch for family and friends this morning, so I’m not going to be getting up into any jockstrap antics – we’ll leave that to these gentlemen. This is the one day in the entire year when I make that Buffalo chicken dip and drink a beer. (And, to be fair, that only happens when I’m excited about the half-time show, which really only occurred once before: the epic 2012 Madonna episode.) This year I’ll watch to see Lady Gaga’s performance, because she knows how to put on a good show as well.

Even though the Patriots are in this one, I’ve not paid any attention to this year’s festivities and the games leading up to them. Is Julian Edelman in it? How about Danny Amendola? A naked Rob Gronkowski? I’ve gone a bit sour on Tom Brady, but he’ll be there. Anyway, if it’s your thing, you probably aren’t reading this now, and if you’re just waiting for Lady Gaga, like me, let’s regroup tomorrow and have a kiki.

Until then, here’s a revisiting of some jockstrap posts.

Maybe I’ll get into one for baseball season.

But more than likely I’ll leave it up to guys like this.

And when the jockstraps come off, there’s only this left.

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Hunk of the Day: Tyler Seguin

Many thanks to Kenneth in the (212) for bringing hockey player Tyler Seguin into our lexicon of Hunks. As the Hunk of the Day, Mr. Seguin upholds the banner of beauty in p(l)ucky fashion. (Hockey, get it? Nevermind.) More thanks to the ESPN Body Issue for disrobing yet another athlete for the world’s enjoyment. [See also Ryan Dungey, Jake Arrieta, Nathan Adrian, Kevin Love, Rob Gronkowski, Michael Phelps & Matt Harvey.]

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Hunk of the Day: Ryan Dungey

The ESPN Body Issue is a gift that just keeps on giving, as evidenced by these photos of Ryan Dungey, who is the Hunk of the Day. I don’t think we’ve ever had a Motocross champion as an HOD until now, so this is a long-overdue honor for Mr. Dungey. He clearly knows how to handle any hog, and that’s a boon this blog has not seen in some time. Congrats to Dungey on this honor.

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Hunk of the Day: J.J. Watt

Football season is upon us, and though the only year I was ever really truly into the game was the year that Madonna played the Superbowl Half-time show, I’ve come around to the pigskin mostly through online osmosis. In honor of that, this is Hunk of the Day J.J. Watt, whose beefed up physique barrels onto the blog in the grand tradition of Rob Gronkowski. Here’s hoping that Mr. Watt gets as naked as The Gronk very soon.

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Hunk of the Day: Jake Arrieta (Again)

All praise and glory to the ESPN Body Issue, which once again featured one of the hottest current baseball luminaries on the cover of its naked-ass issue. This is Jake Arrieta, a Chicago Cub who is right now as we speak embroiled in a World Series, taking his second bow as Hunk of the Day. His first featured a sneak-peek of this nude cover, and some of his underwear modeling work. I’m not sure which is more inspiring. Readers/voyeurs?

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