The Baseball Jockstrap Shot


A word on the jockstrap: never has there been a more functional piece of sports paraphernalia that also plays into the gay man’s idealized notion of what looks good on a guy. As far as form and function go, this may be one of the best examples of the two combining for a combustible homoerotic home-run. The way it gives support, while simultaneously framing the butt – I defy you to find something that speaks to so many on such different levels. While it’s not quite the turn-on for me that it is for others (they run perilously close to looking as ridiculous as a thong), I do like the support and freedom afforded during a workout or a run (with a baggy pair of gym shorts on top of them).

“Bullpen conversations cover the gambit of male bull sessions.  Sex, religion, politics, sex.  Full circle.  Occasionally, the game–or business–of baseball intrudes.” ~ Jim Brosnan

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