Hunk of the Day: Scott Herman, Butt Naked


It’s always a bonus when the Hunk of the Day turns out to be slightly more than beautiful on the outside – in this case we have straight ally and fitness guru Scott Herman. He won me over at ‘straight ally’, and cemented the deal at ‘fitness guru’ – read: hunk. I believe Mr. Herman came to public prominence a few years ago on one of the Real World series. (Is that thing still on? I can still recall the very first season back in 92′… Shit, could I feasibly be old enough to be Scott Herman’s father? We’ll go with youthful Uncle and call is a crazy day.) At any rate, here he is, trying on (and off) some underwear.

This bitch is both a pleasant, and somewhat unpleasant, reminder that I need to get back in shape. Though I’ll probably wait until the New Year to start that uphill battle. No sense in starting something that will only get derailed by the holidays.

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