Summer of ’16 Recap – Part 1

Charles Dickens could not have written a better opening line for ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ than that oft-quoted chestnut which perfectly encapsulates this past summer. Best and worst of times in one deliriously-winding roller-coaster of a sunny season, it was equal parts fun and fright. The weather was glorious, and we’ve been spoiled when it comes to sunny weekends, but beneath the pretty veneer darker happenings marred the months that were supposed to be so carefree.

Things began, as they always do, in June.

Tom Hiddleston got mired in the mess that is Taylor Swift.

A night of ‘Fun’ theater, because we’re only human.

Summer shoes.

Summer read.

Summer blooms.

Summer monsters.

Summer skinny dipping.

naked Olympic hero.

June Hunks included a preview of Olympic hotties: David BoudiaAlex NaddourSteele JohnsonJohn OrozcoJake Dalton & Sam Mikulak.

By the time July arrived, we were deep in the madness, but there were glimmers of hope.

At least it smelled pretty.

The Delusional Grandeur Tour continued with Samsara, Healing, and Water.

Madonna’s most summery album, ‘True Blue’, turned 30 years old.

Summer playground.

Adam Lambert put on a sexy shirtless show.

(Naked) Ode on a Grecian Urn.

Olympic preview.

Naked Body Issue.

A Tom Daley treat.

Summer man-candy.

Summer Special Guest Blog: Colin MacArthur.

This Messiah came in the summer.

Taking my Mom to a gay bar.

Buck it.

Summer sunflower.

Nathan Adrian naked.

Spring thaw in summer…

Salvation in summer.

Shirtless Joe Jonas.

Summer baseball.

Summer sidewalks.

Double Hunks of the Day.

Other July hunks included John Cena, Conor Dwyer, Connor Jaeger, Matthew Josa, Nathan Adrian, Seth Rollins, Adam Gumula, Adam KenworthyRobert Sepúlveda Jr., Arthur Nory, Ji Wallace, Jesus Luz & Alex Bowen.

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