Solstice of Summer

The first day of summer has at long last arrived, and though that means the days are only going to get shorter from here on out, we’ve got a full-run of the blissful season ahead of us. I’m going to do my best to enjoy the moment and live each day like I envisioned during the long cold stretch of winter. The Delusional Grandeur Tour has several upcoming stops to see us through the hopefully-sunny days, including my very first trip to Rehoboth Beach. Until then, a look back at the summer days that have come and gone.

Last summer… and again

A semi-secret summer escape.

Nearer the end

Even if I prefer the height of the highs

Summer sunflowers.

Summer drama.

Summer hotness.

Summer sun.

Summer scent.

Summer booty.

Summer past… and further past.

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