The DG Tour: Samsara Healing Water – Part 3

I would advise you to be happy rather than well-dressed.

It’s better to be happy. – Iris Apfel

It’s a strange position for me to support, yet somehow it’s always been that way. No one I ever tried to impress with my sartorial choices was ever really won over. They looked and gawked and reluctantly gave up a few compliments, but dressing well doesn’t win lasting or real affection. Often, it doesn’t even get you in the door.

At this critical junction of The Delusional Grandeur Tour: Last Stand of a Rock Star, we look into what constitutes true grandeur, and what happens when the delusions are removed.

We don’t usually realize how important and vital our delusions are, how deeply embedded and impossibly ingrained they become after years of practice and abuse. They are not necessarily bad things, our delusions, so long as we understand them to be no more than what they are. To attribute any authentic power or substance to them – therein lies the danger.

If we are wise, we reconcile them to the fanciful phantoms they mostly are, an offset of our illusions, a playground of confusion, mere wisps of aspiration.

If we can get our heads around that concept, then let them be grand. Let them be greater than grand. Let our delusions be divine…

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