Special Guest Blog: Colin MacArthur

{It’s been a while since someone has deigned to grace this blog with their writing, so I’m especially thrilled to give today’s post to my online pal Colin MacArthur. I’ll allow him to make the introductions below, but having read his piece it gives me great pleasure to see there are others who defy gay stereotypes, while still managing to embrace them. I’m guilty of at least half of the references (ok, 75% if you want to get technical). The good thing is, there’s room for all of us. And now, without further ado, I give you Mr. MacArthur.}


My name is Colin MacArthur, 45 year old gay man living in Sydney, originally from the UK. I am a dad to twin boys and hope that they grow up feeling surrounded by love.

It is hard work being gay (well by that I mean being what people think it is to be gay)

You have to maintain a 32-inch waist no matter how old and lazy you get (which I am becoming more and more). You have to have a gym membership even if the heaviest thing you want to lift is the post off the doormat. You have to have an assumed knowledge about all things to do with women’s fashion even if you don’t have a single fashionable female friend (if you are reading this you know who you are). You have to know the words to every song ever performed by Kylie, Madonna and Bananarama and at least 3 other 80’s pop stars (I have to admit this does come in handy at trivia nights). You have to know what all the ‘in’ bars and restaurants are, even if you have lived like a hermit for years (or want to live like one). You have to wear clothes that are in fashion, but not look like mutton dressed as lamb if you are an aging gay (note to self). You have to pretend NOT to fancy the hot straight guy in the office (this one I find hard). You have to look at least ten years younger than you are, and make it look effortless. On that note, you have to have immaculate hair even if you have just got out of bed after 12 hours of sleep (I hate product so struggle with this one too). You have to know someone that your straight friends can buy pills from, and I am not talking about headache pills, even if you have never even so much as puffed on a joint your entire life (ok maybe I did, but I did not inhale). And finally you have to be happy in the face of adversity, there is a reason you are called gay, now go face that firing squad with a skip and a hop and a great big smile on your face…

Of course, you can just be yourself and not live up to the stereotype, which trust me will bring you much more happiness and fulfillment.

{Featured photo is of author and his children.}

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