The DG Tour: Flower Bomb Balm ~ Part 6

What holds dominion on this ever-evolving planet of ours: land or sea? For sheer size, might, and fury, I give the edge to our oceans. The egocentric plight of mankind wants to think that we control the water on all our borders, but we are really just on one big island. (And no, islands don’t float.) The sea holds the power, and all the battles are waged and raged on the shore. The crux of water and stone. The space of magnificent meeting. The interface of nature and humanity.

Long have I felt the pull of the water, and long have I wanted to heed its call. I’m drawn to the edge, but not compelled much further. The immensity of the thing frightens me. The thought of how far it goes, and how deep. If you’ve ever stood on a beach looking out over the ocean and trying to fathom how small you are in this universe, you know what a humbling and terrifying notion it can be. As it laps at your feet, and you feel yourself sinking into its pull, you understand what little impact we truly have. If given the chance – and if we so dare to defy its omnipotence – it would have its way with us.

Yet its beauty it unmatched. On tranquil days of sun and surf, it is a balm of supreme calm and contemplation. The cadence of its waves, the ballad of receding water, even the wind its temperature conjures from above – they sound the notes of a song of peace, of inevitability. Grace resides here, along with Redemption. Hand in hand, they walk along the shore. Let us walk with them.

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