Follow My Naked Ass

With the drama of FaceBook and the Trump Trolls of Twitter, my interest and allegiance is slowly but deliberately shifting to Instagram for a social media fix. It’s a relatively drama-free space, and I’ve kept it as such by limiting those I follow to the ones who bring me joy and happiness in what they post. (If I wasn’t me, I’d probably not be following my account because I’m annoying as fuck. But, sigh, I am me and there’s no way out of it now.) As you can see from the “Best Nine” compilations from the last two years, my most popular posts are when I turn around and expose my naked ass. Hey, give ’em what they want. And then in between my ass I sneak in food and flower shots. (Well, not literally as that would get too messy, butt I digress…)

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions for the most part, and certainly nothing very concrete, but I do hope to spend less time on FaceBook and Twitter, and more on Instagram in 2017. You should too. It’s just more fun, and we need more fun this year.

@alanilagan ~ Instagram

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