The Red Thread of Rhubarb


It was originally a summer fragrance for me. With its fruity rhubarb brightness and underlying white musk, Eau De Rhubarbe Ecarlate by Hermès was a surprise addition to my fragrance cabinet during the last fair season, yet it sort of got lost in the summer shuffle. When I was putting together an outfit for the first day of spring, and red was the chosen color of pants and tie, I recalled the red bottle of this gorgeous scent, and resurrected it a little early. Crafted by Christine Nagel, it’s a slight departure from the Jardin series that Jean-Claude Ellena left as his Hermès legacy, but it retains the elegance and sophistication of the house.

I’ve been out of the Hermès loop for a bit, so I’m not sure what they have on offer for this spring. I do know there is a new Tom Ford Private Blend coming out – Sole di Positano for the Portofino line – and another Oud, thrillingly titled Oceanus – so I’ll practice patience and see which one speaks to me the loudest. For now, we have rhubarb dreams and summer memories.

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